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13 Best Gifts For Roller Skaters [Along with Top Features!]

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As a skate junkie, what is the best gift you expect from your dearest one? Or what are roller skating gift ideas you can think of?

A roller skate? Definitely yes. 

How about having a helmet, a pair of socks, or a knee pad? Yes, you can think about various gifts related to roller skate too.

Stick around readers. Buying gifts for roller skaters won’t be a big challenge for you. On the next occasion, you can strengthen the bonding with your nearest one by giving away an exclusive gift from our list below.

Top Roller Skate Gifts

  1. LED Rechargeable Kids Roller Skate Shoe (Best For Kids)
  2. The Book: Roller Girl (Best For Book Lovers)
  3. GEQID Youth/Kids Knee Pads (Must For Serious Skaters)
  4. Derby Lace (Best Tight & Touchy Laces)
  5. Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skate (Standard Gift For Women)
  6. Gelante Women Knee High Sock (Best Budget-Friendly Gift)
  7. FerDIM Kids Helmet (Best Gift For Head Safety)
  8. Chicago Men’s Classic Roller Skates (Best Gift For a Man)
  9. SULIFEEL Rainbow Adjustable Kids Roller Skates (Top Gift For Kids)
  10. Rollerex Wheel Bearings (Budget Gift)
  11. RollerBones Recreational Wheels (Crucial Gift)
  12. Reflex Utility-Tool (Most Important Gift)
  13. Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag (Nice Looking)

Before moving into detail review, let’s check out a video and see how it can help to find out the right skate gift.

Roller Skating Gifts Review With Table

Before starting out with gifts reviews, you can check out skateboard gift ideas if you are interested in skateboarding too besides roller skating.

Anyway, let’s jump in with the reviews:

LED Rechargeable Kids Roller Skate Shoe

LED Kids Roller Skate Shoe gift

2-in-1! A great combination of shoe and skate altogether support it to become the perfect kid’s gift item for the New Year’s Day.

Just a push of a button under the Velcro and a roller is about to pop up under the sole. And you will suddenly find your sports shoe transforms to roller skate shoes.

Korean Company SDSPEED is the manufacturer of this shoe. Tries really hard to satisfy customer demand with competitive price and excellent quality.

Having sleek style, this single-wheeled skate shoe lights up automatically on your every step. It comes with a total of 7 colors and an amazing 11 modes of the LED light. Change the light color by pressing the switch button. Push the button for 3 seconds to switch off the light.

Adjustable Velcro makes the thing a comfortable fit for the user. Use a USB cable to recharge this skate shoe. This recharge interface is just behind the Velcro.

What makes the rechargeable kids skate so popular?

Total color7
Number of color mode11
Rechargeable interfaceUSB Cable
Manufacturing countryKorea
The Best PartLED lights

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The Book: Roller Girl

Roller Girl: A Book Gift

This book is one of the best roller derby gift ideas out there. Read below:

What a brilliant punch!

Victoria Jamieson effortlessly portrayed her brilliant read for any girl “Roller Girl”. This piece of work has rightfully awarded the Newberry Honor. It is truly worth buying a birthday gift for your little champ who can easily connect to the story.

This is a story of a twelve-year-old middle school girl, Astrid. Nicole, the best friend of Astrid, falls apart when Astrid decides to sign up for her passion roller derby. 

She joins in the derby camp leaving her best friend Nicole who also decides to join dance camp. 

The struggle begins for Astrid when the new environment forces her to meet the unwanted challenge. How would she react to a new relationship? Gets knocked over and eventually gets up again with courage, aspiration and self-motivation.

I like the message the author wanted to spread to the grown-ups.

How does “Roller Girl” become the New York Time’s bestseller book?

Age range 9 – 12 years
Different formats Kindle, hardcover, paperback
Shipping weight1.1 pounds 
LearningDealing the twists and turns of life
The Best PartGraphic novel work 

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GEQID Youth/Kids Knee Pads 

GEQID Kids Knee Pad

Next time you skate, enjoy rolling with your protective gear on. The knee is the major area of concern during extreme sports like roller skating. Wearing knee pads would be a smart choice to safeguard your legs.

GEQID is the brand name that is regarded as the best in the business to protect your future.

The material composition of PE Shell and soft EVA inner lining helps to make a unique and protective knee pad.

Out of two common ways, elastic band ties are the easiest one to wear. It is comfortable too. Another way of wearing is sleeve wear which does not go down during persistent physical exercise. 

The top and bottom velcro straps are easily adjustable to make a good fit around the knee area. Mesh fabric makes the thing breathable.

Please your grandson on the next Christmas Eve with this gift item.

Why does GEQID Knee Pad become widespread as the Unisex model?

AgeYouth/ children/ kids
ColorBlack, pink, blue
SizeSmall and medium 
Suitable forProfessional/amateur athlete
The Best PartDurable PE plastic, EVA gasket material

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Derby Lace

Derby Lace- easy gift

Touch the surface. It feels awesome. Isn’t it great!

With precision wax, the surface of the derby laces stays tied and tight too at the time of skating. This performance enhances the durability of the lace. The amount of wax used in the lace is very crucial here.

Being the Registered Trademark of Best Laces, LLC., Derby laces are popular among the skate community.

Tri-fold tip is the special feature of the molded lace material. Any kind of plastic or metal thing is not there in the laces. As a result, no chance of breaking. 

The tip of the lace is durable enough to have long-lasting use. If any damage happens try to repair the tip in the flame.

High tenacity, traction friendly fibers are weaved altogether in the creation of remarkably soft, abrasion-resistant lace. The composite battles against the moisture too. The strength sounds exceptionally good.

The variety of colors and designs make it a common gift item among the skate community.

Why is the Derby place irresistible?

Width10 mm
Product dimensions5 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches
The Best PartPerfect amount of performance wax

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Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skate

Chicago Women's Roller Skate- Standard Gift

Pink wheels! Surely a top pick for any of your friend’s birthdays.

Featured with long-lasting vinyl is the main material used to make the skate. Hence, a durable, solid skate is about to roll around.

The classic boot with a high top profile rink pattern is the signature style of Chicago. Manufacturing durable skates is a passion for Chicago. Chicago takes pride in its cutting edge technology and styling at a very attractive price.

From the rink to the streets, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor wear. The 60mm urethane spoke core wheels backs up very well for its multipurpose usage. Smooth-rolling with 608Z semi-precision bearings will be an utter surprise for you.

For a comfortable fit, the eyelets and speed hooks work together with speed laces.

Twist and turn with full control is not even a concern for you with a thriving jump bar and 5/8″ adjustable toe stopper. Enjoy smooth stopping whenever you desire.

What makes Chicago Skate comfortable?

Wheel60mm urethane
Bearings608Z semi-precision bearings
Toe stopper5/8”
BaseplateAluminum structure
The Best PartThe adjustable duo- truck and chassis

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Gelante Women Knee High Sock

Gelante Knee High Socks

My word, the range of colors dear! So many of those with various colors and patterns. 

A packet of 12-pair knee-high sock comes with a cotton-spandex blend which is extremely wonderful to impress you. The pretty thin embroidery quality is undoubtedly world-class. Great value for money indeed.

The socks stay up perfectly all day long. Not so tight, soft, and comfortable too. The edges of the sock are so fine that you hardly find an excess string at the sock-end.

After laundering you will find them as before with no shrinkage, stretching and color fade. A perfect sock for women to wear. 

However, the color feature, thin material, stitching quality are perfect enough for a woman who usually looks for these.

Spot on! A perfect gift for your granddaughter on her next birthday. She will love it, I guarantee.

Why do the Gelante women socks so appealing?

Fabrication80 % Cotton / 15% Spandex / 5% Elastic
Color and patternsVarious 
Packaging12 pairs per pack
The Best PartEmbroidery quality

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FerDIM Kids Helmet

Ferdim Helmet for Kids Gift

Think of your kid falling on the ground at the time of rolling. Thanks to God! The helmet was on. Nevertheless, FerDIM helmet has the impact-resistant shell to protect your dearest one from this kind of hazard.

Solid material composition of ABS plastic shell and EPS inner foam liner gives birth to the FerDIM helmet. The foam liner works as a vibration absorbing tool to prevent any unwanted shock.

Keeping your head cool is the priority of this helmet during hours of usage. Using this helmet for a longer period is not an issue due to a proper ventilation system. The 11 big sized vent openings do the job here.

The adjustable straps assist your kid to have a secure and customize fit. The plastic buckle attached to the straps provides support to the easy release of the helmet quickly. However, it is very easy to rinse away the inner lining

Why does the FerDIM Helmet have a great value for money?

CertificationCertified CPSC safety standards
Number of vent openings11
Available colorsWhite, pink, red, silver, blue, yellow, black
The Best PartShock-absorbing EPS foam liner

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Chicago Men’s Classic Roller Skates

Chicago Men's Roller Skate

A signature model of social skating is about to reintroduce here in Chicago Skate. A great way to stay energized and entertained with your family.

The athletic look of this skate is meant for maximum support. Around the collar area, an extra cushioning calls for maximizing comfort. The conventional high top design is truly breathtaking.

The base plate is made of tough aluminum. To meet the need of the user the two adjustable trucks are heavily engined under the base. Every turning of your way through the indoor and outdoor skating, the command over the skate is quite evident.

Featuring with a large braking system at the very front of the skate is coordinated wonderfully with the overall skate structure.

To minimize the consistent shock at the time of rolling, the classic urethane wheels work exceptionally well. Traction and control are unparalleled to others. The user-friendly speed hook lacing system provides maximum protection and safety.

What gives the Chicago Men’s skate a classic look:

TypeBoth indoor and outdoor rinks 
Bearings608Z semi-precision 
Wheels60mm blue spoke-hub urethane
Chassis Aluminum
The Best PartHigh top profile

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SULIFEEL Rainbow Adjustable Kids Roller Skates

Sunlife Kids Roller Skate

Are you thinking of a Christmas roller skate gift ideas for your kids? Do you find any? The Sulifeel Rainbow roller skate will be the right choice. An ideal one for your growing kids.

Glitters in the daytime and lights up at night- that’s how the self-generating 8 power wheels of Sulifeel Rainbow illuminates when necessary. 

Unbreakable aluminum frame, PU wheels and ABEC-7 category speed bearings make this skate durable enough to have premium performance. The comfortable and solid build of the shoe protects the ankles from any potential injury.

You may be worried about adjusting the skate for your growing kid. No worry. Just a push of a button makes the size adjustable feature kick in. Easy and handy as well. Save the money for buying another pair of skates. 

The shining upper, sparkling beauty and stylish kiddy design make you believe it to be the perfect pair for your young one.

A wonderful pair of gifts for skaters, that you will be happy to show your admiration to your kids.

How does Sulifeel make your kid delight?

Bearings qualityABEC-7 speed bearings
Frame classAluminum
ColorRainbow color matching in the upper
The Best PartThe glitter and LED Light up Wheels

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Rollerex Wheel Bearings

Rollerex Wheel Bearings

Skate with confidence- that’s what Rollerex’s high-grade wheel bearing is all about.

A performing roller skate calls for high quality, lubricated bearings. Rollerex is ready to meet the customer desire by providing this. It also heavily works beyond your expectation.

Lubricated 608ZZ ABEC-5 steel is the prime feature of these bearings that attracts your eye at the very first sight. Quality at its best. 

Without quality and durable bearings, you can’t afford to ride with your style. Your skating style should match the bearings you are using.

You will gonna find the purity at the peak. The ideal usage of lubrication ensures fine performance. The structural aspect of this bearing is not limited to carbon only. Another version of chrome steel-made bearing is also available.

Quality is guaranteed here in Rollerex. Don’t waste your time browsing for the birthday gift for your son. Wish his next birthday with a gift of Rollerex wheel bearings and let him have a safe ride on the street.

To what extent high-quality measures in Rollerex?

Bearings qualityCarbon steel bearings
Bearings size608ZZ ABEC-5
The Best PartPremium lubrication

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RollerBones Recreational Wheels

RollerBones Recreational Wheels

A fantastic grip on the rink! Price truly matches the quality. 

Durable, medium-hard design and high rebound indoor wheel call for recreational skating through the skating rink. These skates are formulated for competition standards. Hence, these durable wheels are the pro players’ first choice.

Santa Barbara, a small location of California, is the place where high-quality Roller Bones products are manufactured. 

Using state-of-the-art advanced technology the best quality durable wheels get the breakthrough. Here the competitive advantages over other competitors are at their best.

You can have a perfect ride on these wheels around the skating rink. The shape of the wheel is just accurate.

Smooth-rolling on the rink with excellent grip capability makes it the best in the business. By the way, check out the details of this product and it will be your next gift item for the coming New Year.

Why does the Roller Bones wheel distinct from others?

Type of skatingRecreational and artistic skating
Product Dimensions5.1 x 4.8 x 2.4 inches
Weight1.55 pounds
The Best PartHigh rebound

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Reflex Utility-Tool 

Reflex Utility-Tool

The composite of resilient ABS plastic and heavy-duty steel contributes toward a perfect Reflex utility tool.

Allen wrenches of having different measurements assist in handling the heads of the bolts. The detachable “T” piece also gives the same service with a 1/8 allen, 7/32 allen.

Do you want to use the Phillips screwdriver? The “T” piece also includes this too. The cross-shaped Phillips head screwdriver fits neatly into the cross slots of a Phillips screw.

Featuring a combination of 8 essential tools in one reflex utility tool is undoubtedly a high-quality build. Axle re-threader is the only characteristic that apart Reflex Utility tool from other multi-tools.  

Does your axel thread get worn down? No worry. Use the 5/16″ axle re-threader and you will find the truck axels just like before.

This multipurpose tool is certainly of a great need for any skate junkie. Go for gifting this utility tool to your beloved grandchild who loves to use this.

What makes the Reflex Utility Tool multipurpose?

Socket variety9/16″,  1/2″, 3/8″
Allen wrench7/32″, 1/8″
The Best PartThe main tool includes Socket, axel rethreader and bearing press/remover

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Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag

Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag

Hey! I’ve found a very handy gift for your beloved. The real taste of a lifestyle skate bag that a skate-freak’s desire of all time. Athletico comes up with this newly developed bag.

Ice skates, roller skates, or inline skates- whatever the skate you want to carry, the Athletico’s skate bag is ready to serve you. It accommodates almost all types of skates.

The fabric quality appropriately matches what the bag demands. 600 denier polyester fabric is the best in the business. The water-resistant feature is an added advantage too.

This lightweight compact unisex model comes with a spacious compartment like the large center pocket. After a day’s play, you may have a chance to change your clothes, socks, and wet knee pads. But where to keep those? Athletico’s large center pocket holds those.

Small outside pocket holds phone, wallet, and keys. Mesh pocket slot is accessible for a water bottle for your urgent reach. Adjustable shoulder straps are made of premium quality metal.

What makes the Athletico bag popular?

FabricTough polyester
Color optionsFive
The Best PartMultiple compartments to meet various needs

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Roller Skate Shirts

Skate shirts is great option as skate gift. Roller skaters are passionate about wearing pretty and comfortable shirts, t-shirts and other clothing accessories.

Roller Skate T-Shirt 70s Retro Shirt Gift

roller skate shirt

This shirt is awesome for its style, dress material and look. Some of the feature of this shirts are:

  • 100% cotton material
  • Solid color T-Shirt
  • Retro design shirt that brings back the 70s, 80s, 90s.
  • Lightweight shirt
  • Classic Fit
  • Double needle sleeve and bottom hem.

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Skate Gifts in Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to check out how many different types of roller skate gifts are available out there. You will be amazed at the images and that will also help you to pick the best gifts for you. Have a look at the gifts.

However, Redbubble has some beautiful roller derby gifts ideas that you can check out here.

Accessories as Skate gift:

If you are in budget and looking for skate accessories as gifts, the items that Roller Skate nation suggests will be just perfect for you. You can find different types of bag, backpacks, skate hoodie that can be used in winter season, cap, tank tops, roller skate trainer etc. (Check out here)

Gifts for Rollerbladers

Rollerbladers can choose almost the same gifts as I have already mentioned above. To be more specific, you can choose one of the top class rollerblades for your nearest or dearest one.

Have A Blast

I guess the list should end up here to give you a breathing space now. Let’s pick the right gifts for roller skaters around you. Make them cheerful.

This is our honest attempt towards guiding you the way. Wish you to find the best gift item from the list. Our success lies in it.

Finally, don’t miss out on some of the best skate gifts that etsy offers.

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