Zetrablade vs Macroblade [Top Picks Included!]

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We have already learned about different inline skate brands. The history, pros and cons, and many more. Among those, Zetrablade and Macroblade are two of the most popular skates in the market. Many skaters often get confused about ‘which one to choose?’ To get a reasonable answer, stick with us.

So, which one is better?

Top Pick: Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Men’s Inline Skate

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best Zetrablade skates out there in the market having some best features.

Top Pick: Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Fitness Inline Skate

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best Macroblade skates out there in the market having some best features.

Well, as you have to choose one, I would suggest you choose Macroblade over Zetrablade. You can install comparatively larger wheels in Macroblade if you need to. But simply put, both Macroblade and Zetrablade are pretty good skates for all levels of skaters.

Let’s discuss the features in detail so that you can choose the perfect one between these two.

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Comparison Table Between Zetrablade & Macroblade

FeaturesZetrabladeMacroblade 80
Targeted audienceBeginnerBeginner
Wheel80mm wheels and this is the maximum size you can install.80 mm. You can modify your boot’s wheel and can install wheels up to 84 mm. So, an extra degree of flexibility is present.
StructureMade with monolith composite plastic.Made with Aluminium.
StabilityA low center of gravity provides better stability.It is also stable and has a low center of gravity.
DurabilityQuite durable but may face cracks if high impact is applied.More durable than Zetrablade because of the Aluminium frame.
PurposeBetter for those who skate to enjoy their leisure.If you want to proceed further in the world of skating or want to do skating for fitness purpose, Macroblade is here for you.
More Check PriceCheck Price

Birth of Zetrablade and Macroblade

Both Zetrablade and Macroblade 80 are born from the same mother brand, Rollerblade. 

Rollerblade is a famous brand of inline skating. It was founded in 1982. They manufacture various types of skates for various purposes like recreational skating, aggressive skating, etc. 

For skating in parks or on streets, Rollerblade is really outstanding. 

Why Rollerblade?

Well, though the name of the game is inline skating, it is popular among peoples as Rollerblading. A brand has surpassed the main sports name and people know this game by the name of that brand. This is enough to convince someone how good that brand is and how popular that brand is.

or skaters who like to do speedskating, or likes to perform several tricks, Rollerblade is an optimized inline skate manufacturing brand for skaters who like to do speed skating or like to perform several tricks.

This brand develops various innovative inline skates. The amazing part is, all of them are tested under tough conditions so that the skater can rely upon their products in any situation.

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Zetrablade vs Macroblade

Both of them are superb inline skates with eye catchy designs and amazing features. But there exist some little differences between them as well. You have to know about them to know which one is better for you. Time to compare the Zetrablade with the Macroblade 80.

  • Both of them are made for novice skaters. Though the targeted audience is the same, there are some differences as well. If you do inline skating just for fun, then Zetrablade is here for you. On the other hand, if you want to do inline skating for fitness or you have any plan to switch into professional skating in the future, then Macroblade suits you better.
  • You have flexibility in the size of wheels if you go for the Macroblade. 80 mm wheels are the biggest ones that you can install in your Zetrablade skates. Whereas Macroblade has different members in their family like the 80, 84, etc. These numbers tell you the wheel size.

For a comparison with the Zetrablade, Macroblade 80 is the best option. You can install wheels up to 84 mm in a Macroblade 80. Different wheel size means different performance. So you have more options here with a Macroblade.

  • The Macoblade comes with a Twinblade Aluminium frame. The durable low profile design ensures extra balance along with stability. On the other hand, the Zetrablade comes in the market with a Monocoque frame that reduces the center of gravity. 

In comparison, the Monolith frame of Zetrablade is less durable than the Aluminium frame of the Macroblade. Any big impact on the boot may break the plastic frame of the Zetrablade. Or at least a crack spot may appear on the face of it. This is a disadvantage of Zetrablade.

It will be much better to see a single chart that will clarify the whole similarities and dissimilarities between the Zetrablade and the Macroblade.

How Much It Would Cost?

We have checked the price from the official website of rollerblade. Under this pandemic situation, it is not feasible to go to the local market to buy one of them. You can order them from renowned websites.

The Zetrablade will cost $99.99 whereas you have to spend $149.99 for a Macroblade 80. For other submodels of Macroblade, the price may vary a little. As we have said earlier, the best option from Macroblade that can be compared with Zetrablade is the Macroblade 80. So, we have mentioned the price of Macroblade 80.

There is a big price difference between these two. You have to choose the perfect one for you that suits your purpose as well as your budget.


  1. Can I remove the rear brake of Zetrablade?

-Yes, you can. The brakes are adjustable as well.

  1. Can I have a mixture of quad and inline skate in the Macroblade 80?

-No. That is not available for Macroblade 80.

  1. Can I reinstall wheels of size bigger than 80 mm in Zetrablade?

-No, this is unavailable for Zetrablade. If you buy a Macroblade, then you can enjoy that flexibility.

  1. Does the Zetrablade have Metal made structure?

-No. The structure is not metal made.


Zetrablade and Macroblade are quite similar to each other. Pointing the differences out is really a tough job and choosing one is even harder. You have to have a clear concept of your expertise level, your aim of skating, etc. We have discussed every single detail about both of them. Now the rest is up to you. Choose the right one and roll. Good day!

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