Roller Skating vs Ice Skating

Roller Skating vs Ice Skating [Which One is Good?]

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Many people think roller skating and ice skating are the same. But the truth is there are many differences. If you are new to skating you may be unsure of which kind of skating you should start. Or you may wonder if you can do both. Which one is easier and which one is more fun.

So, today we will compare both types of skating along with the basic idea of both roller skates and ice skates. Let’s see what comes next and let’s have an overall view of roller skating vs ice skating.

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Introduction To Roller Skating And Ice Skating

First, you need to know what roller skating and ice skating are? 

  • Roller skating: Roller skating is traveling on a smooth or plain surface with the help of a pair of special shoes that have wheels. Get more roller skating facts here.
  • Ice skating: Ice skating is skating on an icy plain surface with the help of a pair of shoes that have metal blades attached to it.

So, the answer to the question “is ice skating like roller skating?” is that they differ in skating surfaces and the making of the boots. You can ice skate on the plain ice with the skates made with metal blade. On the other hand, you can enjoy roller skating anywhere on a plain surface with the skate made of four wheels.

Ice Skates vs Roller Skates

Let’s know what is the difference between Ice skates and roller skates: 

  • Ice Skates: Ice skates are made to travel easily on ice. They have metal blades attached to them. These skates have an age-old history behind.
  • Roller Skates: These skates are shoes that have wheels. Generally, a roller skate has four wheels with it. Roller skates were first used in 1743.

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Watch out a video on How Roller Skating helps in Ice Skating:

Ice Skating or Roller Skating: Which One Is Easier?

To be honest Ice skating is much harder than roller skating. The blades of Ice skates are made in such a way so that they can avoid falling on ice. So, they are really thin. It makes the ice-skating tough for the beginners. Maintaining balance is the most difficult part here.

But, in the case of roller skating, you will skate on the road. Roads have greater friction than ice. Moreover, roller skates have 4 wheels that make balancing much easier than ice skates.

Stopping In Ice skating vs Stopping In Roller Skating

In any kind of skating, stopping is very important. Let’s see how stopping is different in ice skating and roller skating.

  • In rollerblading, there is a built-in brake on the heel. But, ice skates don’t have any built-in brakes.
  • It is also possible to stop by dragging your back foot in roller skating with the help of your body weight.
  • Ice skating requires you to maintain your body weight in the middle parts of your skates and this way increase the friction with ice nicely and finally stop.

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 The surface of Roller Skating vs Surface of Ice Skating

You can roller skate in many places. The roads in front of your home or your parking lot can be your suitable place to skate. But to ice skate, you have to find ice rinks. In winter you may find many suitable places to ice skate.

If you think about danger, roads or sidewalks may have many potential dangers. You may have an accident with a vehicle or there may be some holes that can be really very dangerous. On the other hand, ice surfaces are cleaned regularly to maintain good conditions for skating. 

Popularity Of Ice Skating vs Popularity of Roller Skating.

You may want to start skating and want to choose the most popular type of skating. Actually, the popularity depends on places and times. Suppose, in the countries where there is no snowfall around the year, ice skating can’t be done. But roller skating is a type that can be done anywhere in any place. So roller skating is popular all over the world. In 2000 almost 22 million Americans reported that they skate at least once a year. On the other hand, 10 million Americans report to ice skate.

Health Benefits of Ice Skating vs Health Benefits of Roller Skating  

The Health benefits of ice skating and roller skating are almost the same.  Some of the benefits are:

  1. Both types of skating help to improve balance. But Ice skating helps more.
  2. Ice skating helps a lot to warm up your body during the winter. 
  3. Any type of skating is a good cardio exercise. 
  4. All types of skating help to grow muscles, especially, arms and legs.
  5. Ice skating and roller skating are the best exercises to burn fat.

Roller Skating vs Ice Skating: Which One is More Dangerous?

Actually, it’s hard to tell which one is more dangerous. Ice skating is really hard and the hardest part is to maintain balance. If you can’t maintain balance, ice skating may become dangerous. But in the case of roller skating danger may come in a different way.

Any type of obstacle or holes in the street can even be fatal. some times while skating in the street. People fall in accidents with vehicles on the road. So, you see, both types of accidents can be dangerous if you are not conscious or careful about your safety.

To stay on a safer side, you must cover some parts of your body in both types of skating. In addition, choose the most flexible and cozy wear for your roller skating ride.

Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey 

Ice hockey and roller hockey are very much similar to each other. But there are some differences too. 

  • Usually, Ice hockey is played in three periods, where every period is 20 minutes lengthy. On the other hand, Roller hockey is played in two halves, each of the halves are 20 minutes long. 
  • The major difference is ice hockey is played on the icy surface where roller hockey is played on the plastic floor. 
  • Another difference is ice hockey has 5 players with 1 goalie, but roller hockey has 4 players with 1 goalie.
  • There is no rule for icing in roller hockey which enables the player to throw the puck from one end to another.

If you want to know 8 major differences (between roller and ice skating) in a more brief, here is the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

You still may have some questions in your mind. Let us review some frequently asked questions.

  • Is ice skating hard if you have experience with roller skating?

Actually, even though both types of sports are skating, you should not expect that skill of one type of skating can let you enjoy full benefits in other types of skating. Ice skating skills are very much different than roller skating skills. You may have some advantages if you know how to roller skate earlier.

But you still will need to start ice skating from the basics. Balancing and stopping are the major concern for anyone who learns ice skating and roller skating. ANd both of the skills are different in these two types. So, you must learn balancing and stopping with patience.

  • Is It Easier for a child to learn to roller skate than ice skate?

Yes, and also safer. You can let your child roller skate or ice skate as soon as they learn to walk properly and comfortably. Both types of skating are appropriate. But I think you should let them start with roller skate as roller skating is easier. And make sure they pick a branded roller skate for starting their skating journey. You can even start with a pair of budget skates, but no one can gurantee you about its overall durability and performance.

Don’t forget to teach your kid safety issues. You can also let them ice skate if they like it. In that case, before going to ice rinks, make sure you check out top ice skate brands and also your child has taken enough precautions to not catch a cold.

  • Which is better roller skating or ice skating?

In my opinion, both types of skating are fun and amazing for your health and mind. So, both are amazing for anyone who loves skating. 

  • Why are ice skates so uncomfortable?

Many people think ice skate is uncomfortable. Ice skates are stiff to protect you. They completely cover your ankle so that you don’t feel cold. And the stiffness makes you able to avoid fractures in your ankles during accidents.

Last Words

So, now you have an overall idea about roller skating vs ice skating. This can help you to choose one type for you. Remember you have to choose the one that makes you feel better.

Or you may choose both. Any type of skating is a great source of fun and a good way to exercise with fun. So, don’t be late. Start with one type and then another. Happy skating!

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