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9 Best Skateboard Forums You Must Join!

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A forum is a meeting place or medium where ideas and experiences on a particular issue are shared among the members.

The Skateboard Forum is the same.

They allow the members to share skating ideas, views, experiences among themselves. Specially, Beginners can get much benefit out of these gatherings. They can learn tips on how to start skating from the pro members of the group and how to develop skating gradually. The interesting part is the videos shared by the experienced guys. The newbies can learn so many tricks and tips out of it.

Well, what are some famous skateboard forums? Here, I’ve discussed some names that are popular around the globe.

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Best Skateboarding Forums

  1. Skateboard City
  2. UK Skate Forum
  3. Slap Magazine
  4. Skateboarding Reddit
  5. Electric Skateboard Builders
  6. Evolve Forums
  7. BD Skateboarders Community
  8. Skateboard Collectors
  9. Skate One

Skateboard City

Skateboard City talks about anything related to skateboarding. You find

  • Cool skate clips and amazing videos
  • News and rumors in the industry
  • Tricks, trick ideas and how to learn and develop
  • Skate related products

Around 170 fans like this page so far. If you want to get involved with new and pro skaters, join them today!

FB page:

Skate Forum

Another UK based forum is UK Skate Forum. It’s a place for skateboarders to discuss skate news, spots, riders, video parts and everything else. 

FB Page:

Slap Magazine

Slap Magazine is more popular than Skate Forum Uk. It has around 37000 followers on their facebook page. It shares different videos on skateboarding and also shares recent news (good or bad) of skateboarders like Neal Hendrix’s this one.

FB Page:

E-Skateboard Builders

It can be termed a good forum for electric skateboarders. In the group, you can find builders, riders, hackers, engineers, designers, innovators, and skateboarders.

For instance, if you click and check this post, you find someone asking about how to pair one VX2 with two receivers? In reply, other members of the group are trying to answer or provide the solution.

This way, this group has become so helpful for the skateboarders. 

Almost 1.1k people, around the world, like this page to be connected with electric skateboarding and develop their skateboarding performance.

FB Page:

Skateboarding Reddit

We know Reddit is a great place for discussion. Same way, the skateboarding page of Reddit has come out very much helpful for the skaters. Check out, you would not be a loser!

Evolve Forums

Another good forum for electric skateboarders is Evolve. Around 600 people follow this page on Facebook. 

Following this forum, you get news about any new skateboard or equipment that comes out in the market and the reviews. It also has got the answers of some important “How To” type questions about skateboarding. 

In 2017, it arranged a Photo Competition among the skateboarders to encourage the skaters.

FB Page:


If you ask which is the most growing forum related to skateboarding, I should mention Bangladesh Skateboarders Community. 3.8K is the total members of this group right now on Facebook. 

I think, especially for the beginners, this is a great place to learn the basics from the member posts, comments and videos. 

Here, the members talk about the best skateboard for beginners. Some members share images of different tricks like Ollie. Check below image.

You get funny videos too in this group like this one. 

FB Page:

Skateboard Collectors

This forum is famous for collecting images of new and old skateboards. When fans buy a new skateboard, just post the image in the group. So, you can get ideas about what new skateboards have come out in the market and make a decision of buying one for you.

22.6K members are grooming in this group so far. So, enter the image world of skateboarding right now and get amazed!

FB Page:


Finally, our suggestion is, if you are truly passionate about skateboarding, go join the forums of skateboarding. Other than the reasons stated above, you can build up a good community among the skaters. Eventually, it will help you become successful in life. You know,Networking is an investment in your business”

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