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Can You Do Tricks on A Cruiser? [All Tricks Inside]

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There are several types of boards you can find in the market namely longboards, skateboards, and cruisers. At the first glance, one may think that all of them are the same but actually, they are not. They are made with different structures and serve different purposes.

Now, can you do tricks on a cruiser? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ simultaneously. You can do many tricks with a cruiser but as they are not made for performing tricks, you can not perform all the tricks with them that you can do with a normal skateboard.

So for those who are not used to riding a regular skateboard yet, the answer is ‘no’. and for others, the answer is ‘yes’.

Probably my words are confusing you a bit. Stick to the article to understand this in detail.

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What Is The Key Difference Between A Cruiser Board And Other Boards?

If someone is to give the answer in just one line, then the answer is based upon ‘why various boards are built.

If you want to perform different tricks with ease, you have to have a skateboard. Want to have long rides? Go for a longboard. And for shorter distance communications, cruiser boards are the best choice. Cruisers require better balancing capability than others.

Is It Really Possible to Perform Tricks with A Cruiser Board?

Though cruisers are not made for performing tricks, still you can do some basic tricks with them. It is not easy to perform tricks with a cruiser because their architecture is not suitable for tricks. They are quite heavy so it is harder to get the board off the street. The deck structure is also different from a skateboard so you can not perform tricks with ease.

Many of the cruisers have kicktail. Though not all of them have this advantage. A kicktail allows you to perform several tricks like an ollie, pressure flip, pressure hill, etc. But the cruisers will respond slowly because of its’ extra weight while you try to pop it. This extra weight gives less time to stay on the air to perform complex tricks.

Which Tricks Can Be Performed with A Cruiser Board?

different cruiser skate tricks

You can do various tricks with a cruiser board. Though it is not an easy task at all, the list of tricks is not too small as well. Let’s see seven tricks you can perform with a cruiser board.

Flip On

This can be done by almost anyone who can ride a skateboard. It can be done with a cruiser board also. Here, you have to keep your feet on the wheels and have to land on the side of your cruisers’ deck. You may not even count this as a trick but, for beginners, it is really an easy one to start with. 

Fakie Kickturn

This is quite an easy trick to perform. You need to ride back and then have to place your back foot near the kicktail. This will allow you to perform this trick with ease. You can perform fakie kickturn with quite any type of cruiser board.

Staple Gun

You have to have a small bank or curb in order to perform this. An elevated ramp that is not elevated too high, is suitable for a staple gun. You have to pull your board back with the front leg of you, so the trick is not as easy as the previous one. This is a trick with medium difficulty for someone who is trying to perform it with a cruiser board.

Nose Revert

Many of the cruisers do not have a nose that is found in almost all regular skateboards. Still, it is possible to do a nose revert. 

You have to turn the upper side of your body at a hundred and eighty degrees and the bottom part of your body close to a hundred and eight degrees. This is also a trick with an easy difficulty level.

Power Slide

In this trick, you have to turn your board sideways during your ride to stop your wheels. To perform a power slide, you must know about regular braking thoroughly.

As cruiser boards are heavier than regular skateboards and the wheels are heavier as well, you may get this as an advantage while doing power slide with a cruiser board. By the way, this is not an easy one to do. The difficulty level for the power slide is hard.

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Ollie Pick Up

Performing this several times will let you be used to popping your deck. Ride forward and then you have to pop the tail of your cruiser little bit. Then you will get the perfect stance to do it.

Cruiser boards are not so fast while you are going downhills. Performing ollie pick up at the time of riding downhills is easier than doing it with a regular and usual skateboard.

Hippie Jump

I should have talked over this before the ollie. Try to get used to hippie jump before performing an ollie. This lets you feel how does it feel to jump from the board even without popping the board. It is a really easy and beginner level trick and anyone can practice it.

When you get comfortable with jumping from the board, try to perform this on tracks that have obstacles. For instance, you can look for a rail. Go towards the rail, let the cruiser board pass the rail under, and then let yourself pass by jumping over the rail. Performing this trick will increase your confidence and will make you ready for learning ollie with ease.

Board Slide

Probably this is one of the most difficult tricks among the ones I have discussed here in this essay. If you can do this trick with your cruiser board, then you can perform almost any tricks that one can do with a regular skateboard.

It is really hard to keep balance on the board when you are performing board slide. Slipping may cause severe injuries. So be very careful during perforoming board slide. For boards having less length than usual ones, performing board slides is even beyond the ‘hard’ difficulty level.

Heavy cruiser boards let you fly for very little time. So, calculate for a good timing for both the takeoff and landing time. Even a tiny miscalculation in timing will result in something really bad and unexpected.

Bean Plant

Another really hard trick to perform. You have to look for a pool to do bean plant. As the speed performance of cruisers is not the same as the regular skateboards, so do critical calculation about the timing here as well just like the board slide.

Video Tutorial On Tricks


Performing tricks with a cruiser is challenging and fun. As they are not born to perform tricks, you have to work hard to learn how to perform tricks with them. 

Do not lose your hope. Many skateboards do trick skateboarding with cruisers. They can be performed in pools or on ramps or on the streets. Hard to perform, but not impossible! I have tried to enlist some tricks here, but they are a little portion of what you really can do with a cruiser board. You can learn more reading what people are saying about this from Quora. this link of Quora.

Start from an easier one for you and then try to go for the harder ones. Ensure your balance and timing. That’s what you have to do for doing tricks with a cruiser board. Start doing tricks from now. Have a good day!

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