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Is Skateboarding Dangerous? Risks & Precautions Explained

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Risks of Skateboarding

While thinking of skateboarding, the first question that comes in the mind of average people is “Is skateboarding dangerous!?”

Truly the same here and my first thought was the dangers and safety issues associated with this much thrilling ride.

After gaining some experience, here, I am going to give you a concise view of the dangers of skateboarding, situations of highest risks and the best ways to lessen them.

So without wasting any time, let’s get into the business.

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When Skateboarding Is Most Dangerous?

In case you don’t realize skateboards provide less control than cycling or motorcycling, a sudden stumble over a small stone can lead to severe injuries.

And, it is important to remember that there are some situations when skateboarding gets really precarious.

Circumstances, when skateboarding is more dangerous, is mentioned below:

  • Trying stunts beyond someone’s skill level.
  • Skateboarding on bare or damp areas.
  • Terribly fast while skateboarding.
  • Go for a ride in bad weather.
  • Avoiding safety gear.
  • Skateboarding in the midst of heavy traffic.
  • Skateboarding in messy areas without taking enough training.

Ways To Avoid Risks

Regardless of the sports you play, there is always a possibility of injury that includes physicality, although its likelihood can vary.

But, it only requires some simple measures to be taken, and one can minimize the risks when riding.

Now, let’s look at a checklist and minimize the risks of skateboarding injuries.

Choosing the Right Skateboard

While purchasing anything, we always want to get the best value for our money. Same way, when you purchase a skateboard you want both quality and compatibility. Moreover, knowing that when you have the right skateboard, you can go a long way with safety.

Now, skateboards are built for different skill levels and riding styles. For example, shorter decks are better for beginners since they are easier to handle and stabilize.

Depending on the types of riding such as freestyle, cruising, downhill, street skateboarding, etc., skateboards have different types and characteristics. Keep this in mind and carefully choose which matches your type the most.

Ensure Your Skateboard Is On Good Working Order

Skateboarding should be checked before each ride whether it’s on the tip-top condition or not. Inspect problems that may need to be repaired such as sticky upper surface, damaged or fractured parts, nick and crack wheels, spiky edges, etc.

Search for broken grip tape, look whether wheels are spinning correctly or not and properly tighten all nuts and bolts of your skateboard. Make sure to seek professional help for major damage issues.

Wear Right Safety Equipment

When stepping onto your skateboard, make sure that you wear the right protective gear as it’s a crucial factor when it comes to the matter of safety. Essential protective gears shall comprise of:

Other than the above equipment, you can choose whatever safety gear you need to enhance your safety.

Learning To Ride

Unlike many other sports, it is vital that you learn the basics very well before riding. Some people tend to go for different types of risky tricks while they can’t ride the basics perfectly. That is where the possibility of injuries goes high.

If possible go to any instructor to learn and practice in between them. Learn how to break and land properly as most of the people got injured for poor landing and break taking skills. While learning new tricks be slow and cautious to avoid any unexpected troubles.

Know Your Caliber

It’s always crucial to assess your abilities before doing any task and skateboarding is no different. So, before trying any attempts make sure you have the skills and confidence to do it perfectly.

Two people on a single skateboard!

Avoid these types of aggressive moves. Apart from that, be cautious about your surroundings, avoid high traffic areas and don’t use headphones while skateboarding.

However, don’t try to go fast if you are a beginner. It’s better to start slow. Later, depending on your performance level, you can increase your speed to have more enjoyment. (Learn about skateboard speed)

Statistical View On Risk In Skateboarding

There are around twenty million skateboarders in the world and approximately ninety percent of them are men who belong to an early age. According to statistics, it is clear that most of the skateboarding injuries occur to children aged below 15. (the complete beginners also)

Other than that, around 40 people die in the United States for skateboarding injuries in a year. Collisions with motor vehicles and hill bombs are two of the major reasons behind skateboarding fatalities.

It is interesting, however, that despite the high concern by the average person about skateboarding, the risk of injury in this sport falls behind cycling, football, and basketball.

When it comes to the number of accidents, skateboarding occupies the eighth position.

A study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital says that about 200 young people in the United States go to the emergency department every day for the treatment of skateboarding injuries.

The researcher also studied the data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System of 5-19 years old who visited the emergency services between 1990 and 2008 and discovered that an annual average of 64,572 teenagers is treated, which amounts to about 176 a day.

Statistical Report on Skateboarding Injuries

  • The majority of the patients were male (89%).
  • The most commonly hospitalized age group is children, aged 11 to 14.
  • Among the patients who got injured, the majority injured in the home (38%) or on street (30%).
  • Maximum injuries are comprised of sprains, fractures, and contusions (around 74%).
  • Younger children suffered more head or neck injuries while older children suffered lower extremity injuries.
  • Around 37% of the injuries were due to the loss of balance and 26% owing to unsuccessful trickery attempts.

Let’s check out the video

Final Verdict

Although people have a tendency to fear the dangers of skateboarding at first as they think about it, the truth is that it is not as risky as it seems. Rather skateboarding has many health benefits such as stress relief, physical endurance, improving coordination, and many others.

However, If you keep it simple learning the basics, tips, and tricks of skateboarding well, wearing the right safety equipment and being mindful while riding will definitely narrow down the risks of skateboarding drastically.

So, Is Skateboarding Dangerous? The quick answer is A bit! But it doesn’t mean you have to avoid this enjoyable ride.

Rather read some skateboard books for motivation, start boarding, learn fast, & get excited!

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  1. Be careful what skateboard you get!
    Skateboards from different places can be dangerous if there is plastic trucks for fake bearings. The best place to get a skateboard is a skate shop if you don’t know what to get then ask some one what the recommend.

    1. Hey Ian, you are absolutely right about to be careful of getting a skateboard. And, yeah, it is better to buy it from a skate shop. However, buying online is fun and But then, we should make sure to pick the best skateboard out there (Read my article:, check out the reviews, try to pick the prime products. And, you know there is 100% facility to return the product if you are not satisfied with. Thanks

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