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Top 7 Best Skateboards Under 50 Dollars [Cheap but Good in Quality]

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Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports all around the world. Not only as a medium of recreation but also you can learn to skateboard as a medium of transportation and exercise at a minimal cost!

Usually, quality skateboards are not cheap. But, don’t worry. I am here today to introduce you to some best skateboards under 50 dollars.

To specify, Metroller is a reliable and amazing one in this price range. It is super stylish, sturdy, made of Canadian maple wood, and has a flexible deck, perfect for beginners as well. WhiteFang comes in the second position for its durable and speedy features. And Minority is gonna hold the third position.

Well, there are some other good brands as well. Let’s see all of them in detail below:

List of Less Than 50 Dollar Complete Skateboards

  • Metroller 31X8 Complete Skateboard: Best for Beginners
  • Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard: Best for all-level skaters
  • WhiteFang Complete Skateboards: Best Skateboard to learn on
  • WeSkate Complete Skateboards: Best Colorful Skateboard
  • Oudew Complete 8 Layer Canadian Maple Skateboard: Best Maple Wood Skateboard
  • Gonex Skateboards for Beginners: Best 31-inch Skateboard
  • Rimable Complete 22 inches Skateboards: Best Plastic Made Skateboard

Top Pick: METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners

After our long research, we recommend this one as our first choice. this is undoubtedly a great skateboard (sturdy, solid, and cheap) within 50 dollars if you are after the best one overall.

Skateboard Under 50 Dollar Comparison Table

Now, we move on to a comparison table, where you will get product specifications and other details.

Skateboard BrandDimensionDeck MaterialWheel SizeBearing Type
Metroller 31X8 Complete Skateboard31X8 inches7 layer Canadian maple wood54 mmABEC-9
Minority 32 inch Maple Skateboard32X8 inches7 layer Canadian maple wood52 mmABEC-9
WhiteFang Complete Skateboards31X7.88 inches7 layer Canadian maple wood52 mmABEC-9
WeSkate Complete Skateboards31X8 inches7 layer Canadian maple wood50 mmABEC-7
Oudew Complete 8 Layer Canadian Maple Wood Made Skateboard31X8 inches8 layer Canadian maple wood52mmABEC-7
Gonex Skateboards for Beginners31X8 inches9 layer maple wood50 mmABEC-7
Rimable Complete 22 inches Skateboards22X6 inchesPlastic59 mmABEC-7
skateboard under 50

Now, we will move into more detail along with every skateboard’s features, pros and cons.

Metroller 31X8 Complete Skateboard

The Metroller complete skateboards are suitable for any beginner to start their skateboarding career. You can have a smooth and fine ride with the stylish and solid skateboards made by Metroller.

Targeted audienceBeginner boys and girls
Dimension31X8 inches
Wheel size54 mm
Bearing typeABEC-9


Flexible and sturdy decks: This skateboard is made of seven layers of Canadian maple wood that will give you a light and flexible journey. Though performing ollies or similar tricks with this board will not be something good because that may break it. Skateboards made with nine layers of maple are suitable for performing various tricks.

Amazing controllability: The Metroller complete skateboards have high friction and double kick design that is concave and ensures your safety. You are not going to lose control easily while riding it.

Splendid designs: As this skateboard is made for teenagers, Metroller has emphasized the outlook as well. It comes with a long-lasting glaring and stylish look.


  • Complete skateboard. No need for any further assembly.
  • Light and flexible. Reinforced Aluminium trucks provide strong support for the rider.
  • Has a cool and stylish outlook.
  • A carrying bag and a repairing tool are given with each of the boards.
  • Efficient for smooth riding surfaces.


  • Not suitable for performing advanced tricks. Only some basic tricks and stunts are possible.
  • Not so convenient for you if you want to ride on rough tracks.

Minority 32 inch Maple Skateboard

This is an amazing product brought to the market by Minority. It is made for beginners but and pro level skaters can also ride with it. It is affordable and strong enough to suffice your expectations.

Dimension32X8 inches
Deck7 ply maple wood made
Wheel size52 mm
Bearing typeABEC-9


Solid and strong: The deck is solid and has a convenient concave shape that can carry weight up to two twenty pounds. It is made from seven plies of maple wood that give it a light and durable structure. Also, the five inch Aluminum alloy made trucks give rock solid support to the deck.

Super speed: this skateboard has 52 mm wheels rolled by ABEC-9 bearings. You will get good bushings with this board as well. Safety with good speed is a guarantee that you are gonna get with a Minority skateboard. 

Surety for a smooth ride: This skateboard has passed several maneuverability tests. These tests are done with different tracks and it is proven that you are gonna have a smooth, controlled ride even when you are passing narrow, tough corners.


  • Light and durable decks for a better ride.
  • Polyurethane made wheels are gonna make your ride way better than the normal, conventional wheels.
  • The solid Chrom steel made bearings provide you high speed and a comfortable ride.
  • Stylish and cool graphics depicted on the deck are gonna attract and amaze anyone.

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  • The grip tape starts to pull up after some rides. This is an issue that may be going to bother you.
  • You may face cracks if you try advanced level stunts with this. Remember that this is a good skateboard within its price range. But this is not the ‘best’ one like a high-quality expensive board.

WhiteFang Complete Skateboards

WhiteFang is very popular for making quality skateboards for professionals. They make outstanding beginner skateboards as well. These skateboards are quite cheap and classy. Any beginner starting with a WhiteFang skateboard is gonna learn skateboarding faster than others.

Dimension31X7.88 inches
Wheel size52 mm
Bearing typeABEC-9
Bushing95A high rebound PU bushings


Durable and speedy: The skateboard’s deck is made with seven layers of Canadian maple wood. You will get an awesome blend of balance, durability, and speed with it. The maximum load it can carry is three thirty pounds. The trucks are made from Magnesium alloy that gives a strong base. Good quality wheels ensure good speed on the tracks. 

A good one to learn new tricks: Usually the cheap skateboards can not stand with maximum tricks. They face cracks and ultimately break into pieces. But this one is really a good one to start with. Though you can not perform all advanced level tricks and stuff but at least you can do many of them.


  • Comes pre assembled. No further work need on it.
  • Perfect for newbies as well as quite skilled riders.
  • High quality durable decks are gonna give you a nice and comfortable ride.
  • Dozens of eye catchy cool designs are available that are gonna make you look stylish and trendy.
  • Suitable for learning various kinds of basic tricks.


  • Performing ollies may cause cracks on the deck.
  • The trucks are not so rigid.
  • Some customers have a complaint that they found a warped board just after the unboxing.

WeSkate Complete Skateboards

WeSkate is one of the most reliable and affordable skateboard manufacturing brands in the market. They are super durable and speedy. WeSkate manufactures great entry level boards that are blessings for beginners to start with.

Dimension31X8 inches
Wheel size50 mm
Bearing typeABEC-7
Targeted audienceNovice skaters


Stable and Safer: The high quality skateboards made by WeSkate provide you with a stable run anytime. The boards have 50 mm elastic wheels that ensure a smooth ride. Also, the structure is maintained to give you a good balance between safety and speed.

Better Controllability: the double kick concave design with the end warping design lets the rider get easy rotations with the board. Also, it is efficient in sharp turns and narrow roads.


  • Strong, durable, and good for any rookie.
  • The braking is quite good and safe.
  • Helpful to perform medium level tricks.
  • Quite speedy. Though changing the bearing can increase the speed more. 
  • The sandpaper attached helps the skater’s shoe to grasp the deck with a lot of ease.
  • Comes pre assembled.


  • The bearings are not up to the mark. You can change them later though.
  • The wheel size is smaller than those we have discussed before. This may bother some riders.
  • A little bit bumpy. That may bother some riders.

Oudew Complete 8 Layer Canadian Maple Skateboard

Oudew is a quite well known skateboard manufacturing brand. The complete 8 ply Canadian maple wood made skateboards for beginners is a good one from them. These cruiser trick skateboards are affordable and suitable for any beginner level skater of any gender.

Dimension31X8 inches
Wheel size52 mm
Bearing typeABEC-7
Trucks5 inches heavy duty Aluminium made


Strong and safe: So far we have discussed skateboards that are made of 7 ply of maple wood. But this one has another layer more than them. Extra another layer provides you with more safety, more strength. Though they become a little bit heavier as well. The emery non slip plane a strong grip that reduces the probability of slipping during any ride.

More safety: The strong Aluminium made 5 inch trucks along with steel axles gives a strong and sturdy base to the skateboard. It ensures the safety of the rider and let him ride without any hazard.


  • Better control and braking technology.
  • 8 ply maple wood gives a more solid and stronger deck than other skateboards of the same price range.
  • No further assembly needed. Just unbox it and start riding it.
  • Standard sized wheels ensure better rollability.


  • As they have used ABEC-7 bearings, so you may not get the speed you are expecting. Other skateboards within this price range usually uses ABEC-9 rated bearings.
  • Not suitable for advanced level stunts.

Gonex Skateboards for Beginners

Gonex is usually known for its mini cruiser skateboards. However, they manufacture other types of skateboard as well. Their skateboards are strong and have a dashing outlook that attracts anyone.

Dimension31X8 inches
Dimension31X8 inches
Wheel size50 mm
Bearing typeABEC-7
Targeted audienceNovice skaters


Firm structure: Okay! This is the one in the list that has the maximum number of layers of maple wood inside its deck. The 9 plies of maple give it a super strong structure that will not face any crack easily. Along with this, the high quality trucks and bushings make it a beast. This skateboard is ready to ride with you anytime anywhere.

Outstanding grip: Its 85A PU wheels and excellent bushings provide you with top quality grip that enables you to ride both on smooth and rough surfaces. You do not think about the track. You just have to roll. The skateboards are fashionable also. The attractive outlook along with strong construction makes it one of the best skateboard choices for starters.


  • Very strong and sturdy construction. Ensures your safety and playability simultaneously.
  • Has high shock absorption capacity and good rollability.
  • Amazing classy outlook makes them more eye catchy.


  • As we discussed in the previous one, this one has the same fault in the bearing selection. The ABEC-7 bearings are not up to the mark according to some of the customers.
  • The wheel size is quite small. 

Rimable Complete 22 inches Skateboards

So far we have discussed skateboards that are made of maple wood. This one is the only exception in our list that has plastic made deck. Though the maximum load it can take is lesser than those we have discussed earlier, it is also a good one to start with.

Deck materialPlastic
Dimension22X6 inches
Wheel size59 mm
Bearing typeABEC-7


Durable: High quality plastic made deck gives a solid structure and 3 inch Aluminium trucks provide the structure with a solid base. Yes, the materials will not give you the feeling of a top skateboard, but at least you can learn your skateboarding with ease. Each of the components can be changed and upgraded. They are lighter than most skateboards and easy to handle.

Attractive and cool looking: You can find these boards in various colors and designs. You can often find them in people’s regular use for transportation. They are fashionable and affordable at the same time.


  • Lightweight yet quite durable.
  • Can take a load up to 90 Kilograms.
  • A good one to ride on smooth surfaces. It May not serve you well if you like to ride on rough surfaces quite often.


  • Not a good one to perform or learn tricks and stunts. Good for regular use only.
  • Some customers have a complaint that the design starts to disappear after some days of use.
  • Gets scratched quite easily.

Let’s see some questions that people often ask about these skateboards.

Instructions for Buying a low-priced Skateboard

We are going to discuss some cheap complete skateboards today. Which factors should I consider while buying one, which brand to choose, etc. 

When we are talking about the points that we are gonna look at while purchasing a skateboard, the following things should be kept in mind:

Width of the Skateboard Deck

The width of your skateboard deck is really a vital factor. It determines how fast and smoothly you are going to learn various tricks with your skateboard. Usually, the width depends on the age of the rider. It varies from six and a half inches to over eight inches. Since you are here looking for a low-priced skateboard, you might not get the widest and strongest decks at this price range.

Length of the Skateboard Deck

For young aged riders, a skateboard under 31 inches is perfect while for adults the length should be more than that. Try to get something around 31 inches if you are a newbie. Longer boards are quite hard to control than shorter ones.

The Shape of the Skateboard Deck

The shape of your skateboard does matter. You will find various shapes in the shops. As a beginner, you can try any shape. Later you will understand which shape you have to choose and what is your skating purpose. Some are concave in shape, some are flatter than those. The skateboards with concave shape are easier to flip and helps to perform basic tricks with ease.

Trucks of the Skateboard

Trucks are another vital factor that is going to ensure your safety during your ride. As you have nothing to do with individual parts of a board while buying a complete skateboard, you do not have to worry about this, actually. But trucks should be light yet strong enough to cope with any circumstance. To be true, while buying a skateboard under 50, you might have to compromise with the quality of the truck. So, we have recommended the best ones with better trucks attatched.

Wheels and Bearings of the Skateboard

For a beginner, the wheel size is not so important. So as the bearing. But if you are a pro level skater, at least a medium level one, you should choose a skateboard that has that size of wheels that can suffice your need. Also, bearings play a vital role in speed. You do not have the choice of customization at first though. Because we are talking about complete skateboards. You can change the parts later.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 40 dollars good for a skateboard?

-According to my experience, $40 skateboard will not last long. But, if you are looking for a skateboard for your toddler and if you don’t know yet whether he will like it or not, then buying under $40 is better.

  • What is a good price for a skateboard?

-A good skateboard (skateboard, mini, cruiser) may cost you up to anywhere from $60-$400. On the other hand, you have to budget in between $200-$700 to get a sturdy and decent electric skateboard.

  • Can a person with 185 lbs ride with a Metroller skateboard?

-Yes. It can take a load up to 220 lbs.

  • Do I need to assemble the skateboard that is brought to the market by WeSkate?

-Not at all, it comes pre assembled.

  • Will the skateboard brought by Gonex good for a pro level skater?

Actually, it is a good one for beginners.

  • Does the Outdew skateboard come with ABEC-9 bearings?

No. It comes with ABEC-7 rated bearings. You can customize this if you feel any necessity.

  • Can Rimable plastic boards take as much load as a wood made skateboard?

No. It can not withstand that much weight. 

  • Do Outdew skateboards come with Aluminium made trucks?

Yes. The trucks are made of high quality Aluminium.

  • Do Minority skateboards have soft wheels to ride them on regular roads?

Yes. The wheels are pretty soft and you can use the board for your regular rides.

  • Is the Outdew skateboard double symmetric concave or an asymmetric one?

Yes. It is a double symmetric concave board. It helps you to get a good balance.

  • Can you perform tricks with a skateboard under 50 dollars?

Ans: Yes, you can perform basic tricks and stunts on a skateboard under $50, but there may be limitations in terms of quality, durability, and performance. Keep in mind that as your skills progress, you may want to upgrade to a higher-quality skateboard for more advanced tricks and stunts.

Final Words

These skateboards are perfect to present someone with. And, if you want to wrap it, check out this skateboard wrapping guide.

Okay, now you have a solid idea over less expensive skateboards. Do not hesitate to choose the right one. Yes it is not possible to get every good aspect in a single one while buying a complete skateboard, but as a beginner, you need not worry about every minute detail.

Just pick one and start to learn. You will learn by yourself once you get habituated in skateboarding. Best of luck!

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