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The Top Skateboards for Big Guys: Find Your Perfect Ride!

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Wondering what are the best skateboards for heavy riders? Your wait is over! 

Whether you are old who are fat, big who are tall, or overweight who are 400 lbs. we have got you covered. In this article, we will share with you a list of top six skateboards for bigger guys with reviews of the bells and whistles they come with.

Obese riders often pushed for heavy-duty, wider skateboards to compensate for their extra weight and higher center of gravity. When this can be a good starting point to choose skateboards, there are all different capacities, wheel size and hardness (Durometer A Scale) to account for.

Please check the FAQs section below to find all these answers.

Comparison for Top Skateboards for Big Guys

SLProduct Name Item WeightReasons for PickLoad CapacityWheel HardnessWheel Diameter
1 Idea Skateboards, 31-inch 5.07 lbsBest for 400 lbs. Riders 441 LBs.  102A 53mm
2Magneto Bamboo Longboard8 lbsBest for Comfortable Carving 250 LBs.78A70mm 
3Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ 2.5 kg (package weight)Best for Street Skating 250 LBs.78A63mm
4WhiteFang Concave Standard 5.06 lbsBest for Kids and Beginners 330 LBs.95A52mm
5WOOD CITY Skateboard 31 Inch5 lbsBest for all Level Skaters 300 LBs. 95A54mm
6FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch Longboard3.36 kg (package weight)Best for 300 lbs. Riders 330 LBs.82A70mm


Top Pick:
Idea Pro Complete Skateboard

After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. This is undoubtedly one of the best skateboards for Big Guys in the market right now.

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Hopefully, the chart above provides you with a good first impression of which skateboards might cater to your size and skating interest. Now let’s dive into the details and see what makes them all great options. 

Before jumping into more detail, if you still doubt whether you can skate as a bigger guy, here is the answer.

Top Skateboard For Overweight Riders Reviews

Idea Skateboards 31-inch – Best for 400 lbs. Riders

We will start our reviews with a cool-looking complete skateboard that comfortably fits 400 lbs. riders. This Idea Skateboard is used primarily for performing tricks to help any level skateboard enthusiasts. 

The 53mm, 102A (PU) wheels also live up to its promise for speed. If you are looking for a skateboard solely for commuting it may not work so well in this case. 

However, with an outstanding 441 lbs. weight limit, and 7 layer (maple) panel construction you will always feel safe, no matter what surface you intend to take on. 

Skid sandpaper on the surface, and concave shape means you will have more grip and control on ramps, pools and skate parks. Last but not least, the grab and go skateboard weighs only 5.07 pounds making it convenient to carry it around.  


  • Durable built quality
  • Highest weight capacity
  • It’s an inexpensive skateboard


  • The coating on the board is weak

FISH SKATEBOARDS 41-Inch Longboard – Best for 300 lbs. Riders

Our review of the best skateboard for big guys would be incomplete if we do not include FISH SKATEBOARDS on the list. If you are a tall, big feet rider you will hone for its 41 by 9-inch deck. 

From a design perspective, it is quite similar to Magneto Longboard with less flex to the board. However, the key difference is, unlike Magento, FISH Skateboards are made out of maple. Also, it is more firmly built with 8 layers on the board.  

The 7” heavy-duty aluminum truck makes it a complete cruiser, as well as safe for basic stunts and tricks. Moreover, it comes equipped with softer bushings to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. 


  • Ideal for tall heavy riders
  • Offers a high weight capacity
  • Budget friendly skateboard


  • The screws on the trucks don’t have plates. This might result in indents or cracks on the wood.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard – Best for Comfortable Carving

Magneto Bamboo Longboard is best for big riders who are looking for a durable yet flexible board for carving up the road. Thanks to the Gravity cast aluminum truck. It features high rebound bushings, a 7-inch hanger and a 50-degree kingpin to make it an ultimate carver. 

More importantly, the drop-through truck is designed for keeping the rider’s center of gravity low, so he feels more stable on his feet. The deck is a combination of 3-ply bamboo and fiberglass that adds more to it. Fiberglass is a superior material to reinforce robustness. 

The arched chamber makes it perfect for tight turns whereas the shallow concave design makes it comfortable to ride on. Its 38.5 x 9 – inch deck is wide enough to support tall riders with big feet. The 250 lbs. weight capacity will keep up to most heavy rider’s demands at the same time. 


  • Built to last longer
  • Best for maintaining riders balance 
  • Fits well to riders with big feet


  • Bushings are poorly molded 
Magneto Bamboo LongboardMagneto Cruiser Board
Deck Length: 38.5 inchDeck Length: 44 inch
Item Weight 8 lbsItem Weight: 9.5 lbs
Load capacity 250 lbsLoad capacity: 275 lbs

So, based on the azbove comaprison, we have found a new version of Magneto board having higher weight and load capacity of 25 lbs more. If you are more than 250 lbs, this Magneto Cruiser board is for you.

Landyachtz Dinghy 28-Inch – Best for Street Skating  

Landyachtz is a renewed name in the world of skateboarding, thanks to their top-notch products. If you are a skater at heart you will love their Dinghy board.  It’s a perfect sized skateboard for stashing in small areas.

As a heavy rider you should long for thicker heavy-duty skateboards especially when you want to excel at flip tricks without breakage. With 7-ply maple construction Landyachtz Dinghy delivers just that. 

Its tail is a ton of pop type, intended to give competitive edge to its rider when going up and over obstacles. The front kick tail has enough room for nose-manuals and shuvits.  

In addition, its 63mm cut-out wheels maximize wheel clearance. They are incredible at providing more stability at the base. Particularly if you like the feeling of having your feet locked-in you should go for the Landyachtz Dinghy skateboard. The mini flares also help prevent wheel bites. 

The wheel hardness is rated at 78A, which is both sturdy yet flexible enough if you want to have a distinct street skating experience on the go. 


  • Wheels feel more comfortable
  • Perfect for skating on tight spaces
  • Reasonably priced for the quality 


  • Can’t withstand heavyweight riders 

WhiteFang Concave Standard – Best for Beginners 

WhiteFang is a solid skateboard designed to cope up with the rigors of beginners’ failures and mistakes in learning new tricks. With 330 lbs. weight limit it is a heavy-duty addition for overweight adults.

The skateboard features a double kick concave (dissymmetric) deck with emery papers which aids giving a locked-in feel. The deck features 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, making it extremely resistant to falls and breakage. 

At the base you have highly responsive PU material, with support from precision bearings which helps reduce the risks of injuries. Moreover, the 5” magnesium alloy trucks offer a lighter feel when commuting on both smooth and rough surfaces. The 54mm wheels will also meet your need for speed.


  • Has very high weight capacity 
  • Thermally processed print won’t fade soon
  • Non-skid surface; ideal for skating on all surfaces 


  • Its deck falls short on the width; not suitable for big footers

WOOD CITY Skateboard 31 Inch – Best for all Level Skaters

If you are a pro rider who is slightly on the heavier side WOOD CITY 31-inch will stand up to your needs. Credit goes to its 5” aluminum alloy truck and maple deck that feature an incredible 9 layer construction. 

The extra layers will help the board last years of use as long as its 300 lbs. weight capacity is not breached. The diameter of the wheel is 54mm and it is rated at 95A for hardness. The PU wheels offer powerful breaking when ABEC-7 precision bearings provide a quick response from the ground.

Nonetheless, the anti-skid frosted surface is designed to accept your shoe sole as if it were a part of it. As a result, when performing tricks, you can expect to have better control over your ride and experience fewer upsetting incidents.

All in all, WOOD CITY Skateboard is well optimized to meet all level skaters’ demands and for us it is by far the best skateboard for heavy riders. 


  • Most rigid construction
  • The purchase includes all repair parts
  • Wheels offer better shock absorption


  • No significant cons worth mentioning

Tips to Avoid Skateboarding Risks for Fat Guys in 2023

Riding a skateboard can be a rewarding activity if you feel safe doing so. As an obese rider, you are more likely to fall, so the importance of wearing safety equipment cannot be overlooked.

Because of the extra weight, you would fall much harder on the ground, means you need more padding to absorb the heavier impacts. Never throw yourself in the air on a half-pipe until you’re comfortable with it. Wear helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads regardless of the surface you intend to skate on.

Besides, try to learn the technique of deep bending knees and landing over the trucks. Heavy riders encounter more breakage of their skateboards. When you master the art of landing on your feet correctly this will be less of an issue. 

As a heavy guy, you must read our guide on the strongest decks in the market.

best skateboard for big guys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Heavy Skaters

Q1. Why is it important to choose the right skateboard for big guys?

Like any other physically demanding sport, safety is more critical in skateboarding for an overweight individual than to a regular guy. Fat people are more likely to snap a board built for normal riders. Moreover, regular skateboards cannot withstand the extra weight or last long enough.

Therefore, to avoid awful rides and save money bigger folks should put a lot of emphasis on getting the right skateboard. Besides, they can look for pop skateboards. Since these type of skateboards are not only flexible to ride, but also they are strong and durable.

Q2. How does riders’ weight affect performance?

More weights lead to more gravity, hence more speed. This becomes a problem for overweight people especially when going downhill since they struggle to control that quick acceleration. 

Moreover, bigger folks put heavier loads on their feet when landing, making it harder for them to control the rebound off the wheel. This makes performing tricks much more difficult. They had to learn to adjust their technique according to their weight which requires a lot of practice and patience to master.

Q3. Can you lose weight from skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a great cardio exercise and doing it regularly can contribute to having a fitter and healthier lifestyle. According to some studies, an hour of skateboarding can help lose 300 to 500 calories depending on the rider’s weight and metabolic rate.  It has other health benefits like improving body balance, enhancing calf muscles and hamstrings. 

Q3. Is a heavy rider skateboard expensive?

Heavy-duty skateboards are built with a safety ratings, durable maple woods, wider deck, hardened trucks and premium quality wheels to withstand higher impact and weight. All of these factors into the pricing, making them a bit more expensive than most average skateboards out there. 

Q4. What is the maximum weight a skateboard can hold?

Scientifically 262.3 lbs. (119 kg) is set as the official maximum weight limit of a skateboard. The research is carried out keeping speed, thrust and ease of maneuver in mind. However, based on the type of skateboard this weight limit can vary. 

For instance, Penny boards can only sustain a maximum of 192 lbs. weight whereas longboards can carry a full weight of 300 lbs. (136 kg). Also, there are other versions like some of the electric skateboards that can be as good as 330 lbs. (149.6).  

Q5. Are 300 pounds skateboards the right choice for heavy riders?

Bigger folks should aim for good heavy skateboards in order to maintain stability during rides. A skateboard weighing 300 pounds (136kg) is suitable for heavy riders. However, experts always suggest riders stay under their skateboard’s weight limit so that the extras can support the impact of sliding, turning and tricks. 

Q6. Can a longboard hold 300 pounds?

Yes. High-quality 8-ply longboards are capable of supporting 300 lbs. Keep in mind that longboards are sluggish and not meant for tricks. Length of boards and the type of wood also factor into the weight capacity of a longboard.

Q7. What level of wheel hardness is good for obese skateboarders?

Wheel hardness is a considerable factor when choosing the right skateboard setup for a plus size rider. Harder wheels typically result in less grip and faster rides on smooth surfaces like those on skate parks. Softer wheels rated between 78a and 87a are more responsive, hence ideal for heavy riders. They aid in pivoting over small rocks, and cracks to prevent slippage while street skating. 

Q8. Which wheel sizes should a heavy rider choose? 

There are three different size categories to choose from. Small (50-53mm) wheels are perfect for skate parks, bowls and advanced tricks. 54-59mm mid-sizes are ideal for beginners and bigger riders to skate on streets, and vert ramps. Large 60mm + wheels are made for rough surfaces, transporting and cruising. Their increased diameter combines speed and balance all in one. 

Q9. What are the types of skateboard and which one is ideal for a big person?

There are four skateboard types largely seen on the current market. There are skateboards for cruising (cruiser boards) that feature kicktails and a medium sized deck. Modern Popsicle boards are ideal for performing tricks and skating in parks. Old school boards often come with flatter, wider noses making them easier to skate on ramps, pools and streets. 

However, longboards have better edges when it comes to providing traction to fat guys. Thanks to the wheel cut-outs features, most of them have space for bigger wheels. The symmetrical shape means lower center of gravity, as a result the rider will feel a lot more balanced on his feet. 

Q10. Which skateboard decks are good for heavy riders?

Different woods are used in the construction of a skateboard deck. However, for bigger guys pro quality decks made out of either maple (Canadian) or bamboo would be necessary. They are more responsive to impacts, at the same time offer relatively higher weight capacity. 

Final Words

Just like anything in life skateboarding does pose some risks, exposing even the skilled skinny pals to sudden trips and falls. However, the fun-filled experience of the sport attracts people of all ages wanting to cruise on their favorite skateboards. And there is no reason to soak up all the fun just because someone is overweight. 

Hopefully the bits and pieces covered in this article has helped you embark on your desired skateboard. Now it all boils down to improving your technique. This will eventually help you secure a safer, more comfortable ride.    

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