Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle Review. Featured.

Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle Review(Compare To GX5)

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Introducing Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle

Hey folks!

Say, you are in the kitchen and a delicate touch shot is a must. And standing at the baseline promises an overhead slam and poach from you. Hence, the Gearbox G11 pickleball paddle review paves an authentic way to overcome these scenarios.

That’s why the review on Gearbox G11 has been furnished before you. Gearbox GX5 is a closure version to it. You will be happy to know that we have compared G11 to Gearbox GX5 in the latter part of the article.

Unfortunately, Gearbox G11 is not available right now. Hence, we are recommending Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle for its slim frame, larger hitting area, massive sweet spot, great vibration control, overall fast and responsive feel. Check out here.

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After long research, I recommend this one as my first choice. It is undoubtedly one of the best Gearbox Paddles you should get for the amazing feel and best performance overall.

“Technologically most advanced paddles”- that’s what players from different corners buzz around the pickleball arena.

Getting the right paddle core, surface with appropriate paddle size sometimes makes you confused and unsatisfying frequently. To overcome this situation please try to follow my review on G11 and keep in touch.

Importance of Gearbox Paddle Review

Backed by the working experience in the composites industry propels a reason for Rafael Filippini, a professional racquetball player, to create a sporting goods brand. Around 25 years of know-how makes him believe to unveil his brainchild- Gearbox paddle.

The birth of Gearbox, San Diego based company, makes it possible to launch a series of paddleball equipment including pickleball paddles.

Why Is G11 Popular?

Gearbox G11 Paddle

In a whole new way of Gearbox paddle technology comes into play a dynamic role in the pickleball industry. Engineers have paid a lot of effort into the revolutionary process of creating G11.

Want to know about solid span technology?

Three internal carbon-fiber structures are integrated and molded into one to make the face of the paddle unique.

The inner casing made of carbon fiber chamber lays side by side. It thus crafts for carbon fiber core as the three structures are shaped altogether under extensive temperature and pressure.

The outcome is right before you- The Gearbox G11 pickleball paddle.

The guarantee of extraordinary quality, durability, superior performance, and a new softer layout for better control is the promise of G11.

Specifications of G11:

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Gearbox G11: Featuring Excellence

Core and Material

The Gearbox G11 is a unique paddle having no core with single-piece construction. Crafted with carbon fiber solid span technology builds up Gearbox G11. The solid composite material makes the paddle last longer. Carbon fiber and glass fiber ensure a lightweight and firm structure.

Large Sweet Spot

An extra pop around the court with improved precision of shots is quite evident. Unsatisfying mishit is impossible with this extra-large sweet spot. This maximized sweet spot is the biggest in the industry.

Talking about the sweet spot, I somewhat found G11 similar to my Paddletek Tempest Wave paddle that my friend used last summer. Both are having extra-large surfaces.

Unibody Construction

A cutting-edge technology that maintains a systematic procedural manufacturing environment of elevated temperature with high pressure. In this setting, the resin acts perfectly to flow freely all the way through the fibers. Therefore, Gearbox G11 pickleball paddle ends up with a single-piece paddle.

Edgeless Structure

A piece of thick guard around the edges sometimes seems annoying to the players. This edgeless construction does not compromise durability. The reinforced inner casing provides a wider playing surface while ensuring long-lasting features as well.

USAPA Approval

Gearbox maintains the standards set by the pickleball’s watchdog USAPA. After the successful completion of a few tests, the authority coined G11 as an approved paddle.

Technological Aspects In Unveiling Gearbox G11

Describing the “G-Series” range of paddles does not necessarily end with only a new range of products. Rather, G11 flagship model keeps the assurance of discovering astonishing stability and quality with groundbreaking technology.

Solid Span Technology

A Solid Span Technology consists of carbon fiber rib and chamber structure. Inside the G11 model, three structures are molded and combined into a single setting:

The first is the paddle face that is made of a few chambers providing firmness on the surface.

The second structure runs the border of the paddle. It is the internal frame that works as a safeguard of the edge of the paddle.

The third construction contains a few carbon fiber sheets that are placed side by side to form a carbon-fiber core.

Molded Single Piece Construction

Through a well-organized streamline process, a combination of intense heat and pressure, G11 comes up with a unibody structured paddle. Gearbox G11 does not use glue in creating paddles.

Carbon Fiber Formation

Following the best methods Gearbox boasts to craft the G11 frame. It employs the best techniques along with the best resources available to get an outstanding result. Carbon and glass fiber makes the exterior simply unique in enhancing the structural value.


  • The smooth and flexible composite substances ensure more power, strength and agility.
  • The single-piece construction design gives you a feeling of less vibration. Consequently, ensures power play with full aggression and confidence.
  • Gearbox G11 paddle enjoys the largest sweet spot in the industry.
  • Avoidance of common faults like delamination is possible because these paddles do not use glue as other paddles do.


  • Few players find the grip awfully small.
  • It is marginally expensive

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Compare with GearBox GX5 Pickleball Paddle

Out of various G-series brands, GX5 is unique due to its maximum control and optimal power option. Due to its massive popularity and innovative advancement, we offer an attempt to compare the G11 with G5.

Gearbox GX5 Paddle

GX5: In A Nutshell

This is an amazing paddle with a softer sound and feel. The cutting-edge technology and durability set the standard of GX5 apart from other brands of the G-series.

The all-new Hyper-Bite Spin Technology is installed in GX5 to have an extra spin on the paddle face. The thinner grip will give you a little more wrist mobility where you can speed the ball quickly to have a nice pop shot. 

Excellent indeed!

According to the solid span technology, it has some carbon and also fiberglass within carbon fiber. Injecting the resin right in instead of layering it with glue makes it pretty solid.

The large sweet spot with quadra form shape delivers accurate control over the ball. This thing is super quiet. It’s really one of the quietest panels out there in the market for those areas where the neighbors are complaining.

To me, holding a paddle of GX5 will give you the immense pleasure of winning in the middle.

Comparing Specification between Gearbox GX5 & Gearbox G11 Paddle:

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Similar Features Of The Duo (G11 & GX5)

  • Composite Composition

The compact composite material makes the paddle durable to the end.

  • Patent Pending Solid Span Technology (SST)

The signature Solid Span Technology calls for three structures molded and combined altogether. This is the most technologically advanced method practicing in the pickleball industry.

  • Single Piece Molded Construction

A process of pursuing intense temperature and pressure moves on creating unibody design single-piece molded paddle.

  • USAPA Approved

Both the paddles got approval from USAPA, the regulatory body of pickleball, for tournament play.

  • Edgeless Formation

A durable edgeless rim around the paddle face is perfect for the duo. The edge sometimes feels irritating to the players.

  • No Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb core sometimes accounts for creating a few dead spots. No honeycomb means you will get a more uniform surface.

  • No Delamination / No Soft Spots

No usage of glue helps the paddle to prevent possible common mistakes such as delamination. Soft spots are also common in regular paddles. The usage of Solid Span core helps to avoid these.

G11 & GX5 Video Tutorial:

Choosing Gearbox G11 To The End

G11 is the best seller of the Gearbox collection.

This paddle has superb balance and has a nice touch around the net. It is exceptionally an all-rounder. G11 is best suited for experienced players that want more power. But few players choose this as a beginner paddle. (See beginner paddle review)

It’s a perfect all-around paddle that comes in three different high-end cosmetic color options and two weights.

Do you wanna draw the most attention in the center?

The Gearbox G11 pickleball paddle review will lead you farther and guide you in the way of getting yourself noticed.

Get this technologically innovative paddle ever made to feel, touch and pop to the highest level.

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