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How Fast Can a Skateboard Go (Fun Facts Inside!)

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Do you ever wonder of how fast can a skateboard go or want to try riding a skateboard as a vehicle? If so, you should learn about the whole facts of a skateboard setup and speed. Most people think it’s hard to ride fast on a skateboard while it’s totally wrong.

A skateboard is designed with wood to give maximum terrain support while riding to find better speed. Yet, it may be hard for a beginner to realize the whole science behind its mechanism. So, here are some particles to learn the skateboard speed performance for different reasons.

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Impact of Skateboard Design & Setup:

Well, the skateboard design and setup seriously plays a lead role to give more grip. Basically, it helps to control the skateboard wheel speed to run faster or slower. Yet, the design and setup can of bigger or smaller but affects skateboards speed.   

Bigger Wheel for Better Swiftness

Wheels are a vital part of a fast and smooth ride on a skateboard. Of course, the bigger the wheel comes the better the grip you’ll find. Also, the big-sized wheels roll rather faster than the small ones. However, smaller wheels can attract shocks from land flaw to run smoother.   

So, if preferring a skateboard that can smoothly run in bumpy roads, the smaller wheels are good to deal with. On the other hand, the bigger wheels can run faster even in the unruly area for quicker performance. Though they lack a smooth run, they ensure to reach the end faster.

Besides, the standard skateboard wheel has a diameter of 65mm for traveling on urban or city areas. Plus, it should come with 78A and 85A durometer for hardness.   

Longboard for More Speed

Longboard skateboard

It might be disturbing when your skateboard becomes slow. While looking for a skateboard that gives the easygoing setup for going faster, the longboard skateboard is a perfect option. With bigger softer wheels, the longboard skateboard tends to give easy distance commuting design for a fun ride.

On top, longboard helps to stay on position for better speed to travel faster on the runway. With easy and less effort wheel support, you can enjoy a more stable ride even in cracks and bumpy roads. Plus, the longboard has easy pushing design to run on any type of path.

Also, a longboard with average features can give 8 to 9 MPH average speed which is perhaps 1 MPH faster than a street skateboard. Yet, the longboard isn’t lively like a street skateboard and definitely not suitable for busy urban riding.

This problem can be solved if using a bigger and softer wheel on any regular skateboard for improving average speed.

Good Bearings for Maximum Terrain

The bearings of a skateboard are really necessary while thinking of skateboard faster operation. Actually, the bearings greatly affect a skateboard average speed to run faster and smoother. For further details, the skateboard bearing has an ABCD rating measurement.

In this case, the bearings ABCD rating system contains 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 grades. With noise, vibration and lubricate factors, the ABCD 3 bearings perform better than ABCD 7 bearings. And, the better the bearings perform, the more skateboard runs faster and smoother.  

The material quality of skateboard bearings includes steel and ceramic to lasts longer for a faster ride. Besides, the bearings of skateboard help to maintain the position for most terrain support. Plus, it helps the wheels to roll faster even in imperfection ground.

On top, the ceramic and steel bearings help to increase the average speed of skateboard for up to 1 MPH or more. Also, it needs to be clean if you already have old bearings to improve speed play.

Does Riding an Average Skateboard Speed Effect?

How fast can a skateboard go? To tell you the truth, riding an average speed skateboard needs your riding skills to be improved for fast travel. If you are new to this, you should learn how to ride a skateboard before trying speed ride.

While in your first trial, you’ll usually be going no more than in the speed of walking. But, at some point, you’ll see the progress of fast ride that closer to bike riding speed. Surprised? Well, it does work if you start to reach your goals by practicing high quickening speed.

Plus, riding in cracked, unruly and rough areas will help to improve speed even more. Gradually, you’ll see the progress and then try to add 1 to 2 MPH to your skateboarding speed in an urban setting.

On top, you need to learn effectively in turn for maintaining balance and steer on your non-kicking foot. In general, skateboard riding skills do affect on improving speed.

Fun facts of Practical Skateboard Speed:  

Looking for realistic details of the skateboard speed? If so, here are some fun facts of real-life bases skateboard average speed measure by riders:

  • Graciously expert skateboarder with smoother wheels needs for 7.5 MPH.
  • Traveling to school or college in 2 miles distance needs 8 to 12 MPH skateboard speed.
  • On 7 miles distance, cruise to the beach needs 7 MPH skateboard speed.
  • For 10 miles or more travel on average speed, the skateboard needs 5 to 8 MPH speed.
  • Easy pushing speed on a longboard skateboard can run 8 to 9 MPH speed.
  • On hard pushing on a skateboard with durable bearings can run for 7.5 MPH to 12 MPH speed.

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Skateboarding is a great way to spend free time with friends or alone for refreshments. On top, the skateboard is included on the 2020 Summer Olympic on Japan for its outstanding health and social benefits. Basically, a skateboard has good pace, setups, and terrain for speed ride.

So far, it should come with fine speed to run at your destination faster. With little practice and a strong mind, you can ride at the speed of biking for faster and smoother speed. I hope this guide helps you to learn how fast can a skateboard go and hope you get one. Good luck!

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