Benefits Of Skateboarding

17 Reasons Why Skateboarding is Good for Your Health and Well-being!

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Skateboarding is tricky but enjoyable. Among many skating options, people around the world are choosing this ride as their first choice. Guess why? Surely for the benefits.

Yeah, the benefits of skateboarding are endless. Study of Pullias Center for Higher Education states that skating develops mental health, cultivates community, and encourages diversity and flexibility.

If you want to grab all these benefits, you just need to get out of your house, stand on a top skateboard with bravery and start rolling. Here, I discussed 17 amazing benefits (physical, mental, and social) that may inspire you a lot.

1. Skateboarding is Inexpensive

The best part of this sport is that it is budget-friendly. You can start off skating with a reasonable amount of money. A beginner skateboard may cost you up to 30-40 dollars.

With that, you must add 20-30 dollars up extra for the protective gear. Just compare it with the price of a roller skate or scooter. Surely, you are going to be really happy about buying one for yourself!

2. Social Benefits of Skateboarding

While you skate at a park or street, many of your neighbors or anonymous may join you. Say hello to them and make new friends. Overall, the skaters can develop new relations: A chance of being more social and friendly in the community.

3. Full Body Workout

Are you looking for a full-body workout?

skateboarding benefits

Well, start skating seriously. In skateboarding, you need to move and adjust your legs, hands, knees, and head on a regular basis. That’s where skating comes in handy as an overall workout for your health.

4. Burns Calories

No doubt skateboarding can help you lose some calories. The study says it can burn almost 350 calories an hour depending on your weight, the time you spend on your ride, and how fast you run with your skateboard. Just check out Captain calculator that can say how much you can actually burn.

5. Transportation Benefit

Skateboarding benefits as transportation are immense. You can go to your college, friend’s house, parks or nearby shops riding on a skateboard. What is interesting is you can even move on to a sidewalk and run in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Awesome! Isn’t it? 

Just escape anywhere that you love; No traffic jams, no taxi rent needed, easy to carry and the enjoyment guaranteed. Most importantly, make sure that you have protective gear and you know a few advanced tricks (Ollie, Kickflip) for safety. Learning how to fall and how to stop correctly is a must.

In short, skateboarding brings you complete freedom on the road.

6. Skating Build Your Muscles

Yeah, skating also helps in building your muscles. It’s no less than your other muscle-building exercises. While you try tricks like an ollie, kickflip, hardflip, hillflip, toe flip, and dolphin, all your body muscles and joints work together to perform better. And, doing it regularly for a few months makes your muscles bigger and stronger.

7. Relieves Your Depression and Stress

There is no doubt Skateboarding can relieve our stress. When we enjoy our time with a skateboard and at the same time, our body moves, naturally, it gives a positive signal to our brain and relieves all our stresses.

If you are depressed, do skate for a while besides reading some skateboard related books and watching videos. It works, believe me.

8. Skateboarding Inculcates Bravery

Skateboarding can act as a powerful way of relieving stress and growing self-confidence. Well, if you are new to skating, it’s quite normal that you will be scared in the beginning. But once you come out from the fear of skating, it will make you a much braver person.

Most of us don’t learn this cool sport because of the fear of breaking a bone or injuring ourselves. If you want to win the fear, you must be mentally prepared that you might get hurt by falling. And, whatsoever, you need to continue skating for a few months and eventually, it will help to lessen your fear and to be more confident.

Overall, you can become a braver person in your life by going into the process of learning a few tricks of skating.

9. Funny Exercise

Use your skateboard as a dumble and take it on any of your hands and push it up and down, see the result-Funny indeed!

10. Skateboarding Enhances Flexibility

Need flexibility in your body? Well, skateboarding is the best individual sport out there. 

Here, we try to improve on a daily basis. Adopting new tricks and moving our body parts help to get complete flexibility in our bodies.

So, if you want to make your body flexible, skateboarding could be your next choice.

11. Precision and Coordination

Proper coordination between eyes, hands, arms, and legs can be reached through skateboarding. After having this realization, many parents are now buying skateboards for their toddlers. This can help reach them with precision and coordination into their body and life.

12. Multi-Tasking

Riding on a skateboard makes you an ultimate multi-tasker. If you are good at skateboarding, you can easily master other outdoor activities like driving, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, Ice skating, etc.


Well, The reason is while you skateboard, you are using your brain, eyes, hands, and feet. Not only that, but you also learn how to start, fall correctly or stop, how to fail, and master any new tricks. That’s how skating helps a lot in multi-tasking.

13. Pain Tolerance

Scrapes, scars, and aches: all these can happen in skateboarding. You fall off, again and again, stand up and start moving. As a whole, all these endeavors make you up a stronger and more pain-tolerant person. Just go skate with a big heart!

14. Skating Develops Your Children

Skateboarding is awesome for kids. When a child starts skateboarding, they learn a few important lessons which in turn help them become successful in their life. Some of the lessons are:

They get fun and become jolly.

It helps them to be brave.

They learn to accept failures.

Through proper effort and practice, any new tricks they can master in no time.

Proper coordination, flexibility, and mindset can be achieved.

From the very beginning, they become social and friendly in the community.


15. Patience

Skateboarding removes your hurriedness. the beginners only know how hard it is to be good at this ride. 

You can walk with your skateboard quite easily. But, when it is a matter of learning tricks like ollie or kickflip, you should spend a very long time and need to do the hard practice as well. 

Ultimately, you learn how to be more patient. 

16. Freedom

Everyone in the world is looking for freedom. Even in sports, many don’t like the bindings and any hard rules to follow. Skateboarding is such an individual sport where you can get all that freedom.

Skate anywhere you want, anytime you want (even at night skateboarding). No guidelines to follow, no traffic signal, no dress code, no time limits either. Just enjoy the freedom.

17. Perseverance and Resilience

While skateboarding, you are learning perseverance and resilience. Without these two, you won’t be able to learn skateboarding perfectly. Persevering helps you to continue learning skateboarding basics and tricks while resilience helps you to bounce from difficult stuations that occurs in skateboarding journey.

Other Skating Benefits

  • Persistence can be achieved
  • Makes anyone creative
  • No complication
  • Awesome feeling at a first kickflip
  • Builds a community
  • Fun and thrilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Is skateboarding good for your brain?

Ans: Yes, skateboarding is good for your brain as it is related to social aspects and sensory stimulation which eventually regulates the lower domain of the brain. Ultimately, the brain gets a positive change in the limbic system & the neocortex.

Will skateboarding give you abs?

Ans: Yes, skateboarding can build your abs as regular skateboarding can develop muscles like glutes, quads, lower back, and hamstrings. What abs do is work with your back to keep the spine aligned.

Is skateboarding a daily exercise?

Ans: My child Areeb (11-year-old) does skateboarding on a daily basis as exercise. So, yes, if you are heavy or adult, do skateboarding on a daily basis along with some tricks and get exercise daily. Before starting serious skateboarding, do some warm up exercises to free up your legs, arms and upper body.

Is There any Demerits of Skateboarding?

Ans: Yes, skateboarding has some awesome benefits, it has some demerits as well. One of them is the risk of injury. Read 9 other demerits of skateboarding from here.

Conclusion- Start Today!!

To conclude, you can’t avoid skating once you see the reasons stated above.

Despite having some dangers associated with it, you should start off with courage by observing the mental, physical and social benefits of skateboarding. Read some quotes to further motivate yourself.

Hence, Go and try skate, have fun, and stay healthy.

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  1. I didn’t know that skateboarding is helpful for social communication before reading this article. The content of the article is very good and skateboarding is a really good activity to maintain a healthy body. I am using the swagboard electric skateboard ( and spend 2 hrs a time on average on a daily basis. It helps me to control body weight and it is more effective than a morning walk.

    1. Hey Nethan, Skateboarding is thrilling, enjoyable and beneficial in every aspect of life!

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. I’d like to recommend that if someone is serious about trying skateboarding, to not buy a skateboard from Amazon. Those are low quality products that will not last nor perform as desired. Additionally, they are not safe to ride. The grip tape, trucks, and bearings are all sub par and can hinder turning, adjusting to changes in terrain, and maintaining balance. An industry standard skateboard can be purchased at a local skate shop. Though more expensive, they are so worth it in the long run.

    1. Hey Andrew, I totally agree with you that if you can have time to go to a local shop and buy skateboard after checking all necessary things, that is far better than buying online. However, you can buy online too. In that case, you need to pick Amazon prime products, check customer reviews, raings etc. Even if you have picked a poor product, you can return it immediately. Thanks for your valuable comment. Happy Skateboarding!

  3. Hello! 🙂

    I have read your article, i loved all that you wrote and it’s very inspiring for me. I am a 43 year old male, and it probably seems strange but i have never skated before, and only recently i have developed an interest, to learn skateboarding.
    I don’t know if it’s the right time for me being my age, but i hope i can learn this sport, because i just feel that it would be beneficial for me.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Mezei, Happy to read your comment. Thanks. However, if you love skateboarding, you can start even at the age of 43. But, you have to ensure two important things: 1. confirm that you are physically fit (better if you do regular exercises or play other sports). 2. You are really passionate about it.

      For the learning part, I would suggest to watch videos, go near park and see experts how they skate and most importantly, buy a beginner-friendly skateboard from a reputed brand. And, then start slow and steady. Thanks.

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