Are Complete Skateboards Good

Are Complete Skateboards Good?

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Pre-built setups or complete skateboards refer to a fully built skateboard from the trucks and wheels to the decks and bearings. These are pre-assembled setups that often come with the right components that are compatible together to give you an overall smoother riding experience. As opposed to custom skateboard setups, a complete skateboard has all the parts already assembled.

So, the question arises, Are complete skateboards good? Well, it is a Yes. Complete skateboards are always a great choice for novice skateboarders. They provide the right stability, compatible components, great responsiveness, and a smoother skateboarding experience.

In this article, we will walk you through complete skateboards and why or why not to consider getting them.

What is a Complete Skateboard?

Skateboards come with a number of components including the deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, grip tape, and so on. Now all these integrated parts of the skateboard can be obtained separately and then be assembled. But a complete skateboard already has all the parts assembled together and the whole skateboard properly set up.

Complete skateboards come with the two trucks attached to the deck, grip tape already fixed on the board and the four wheels all in place for skateboarders to get started instantly. 

These already assembled skateboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, all while saving you the trouble of assembling the right parts for your skateboard.

Why Should You Buy a Complete Skateboard?

Complete skateboards are great if you are planning to get into skating lately. Beginners will surely enjoy the stability of rides offered by a pre-assembled skateboard and it is a good choice for those who are just starting to get on with neighborhood cruising.

Moreover, you can conveniently learn all the basic skateboard tricks like stopping your skateboard and other techniques on a pre-built setup skateboard. The aggregability of a complete skateboard is surely one of the major reasons why beginners prefer to ride them.

As these boards are appropriate for all-around styles of skating while also being a value-for-money beginner setup, you can also consider buying a complete skateboard.

Pros of Complete Skateboards

Complete skateboards are an excellent choice for beginners and it does not require a lot of skateboard component knowledge to get rolling. As it is expected of starters to find it difficult to dig out the right components that will be compatible with their board, complete skateboards save the trouble as they are already standard assembled.

Here are the Pros of Complete Skateboards

Pre-Built Setup: The pre-built setup of complete skateboards is what makes them so easy to use. It only takes a moment until you can get rolling on the board without even having to worry about assembling the parts right and getting the compatible components.

Standard Quality: Almost all complete skateboards come with standard quality materials that are fairly compatible with one another and fit perfectly as a whole unit. As the quality of all the materials is up to the mark, complete skateboards do not require you to go digging for the other components of your skateboard to be of the same quality.

Stability: You don’t need to worry about getting the right wheel-bearing truck combo for stable rides. Complete skateboards always have these sorted to add stability to your skateboard rides which is really great for beginners.

Smoother Riding Experience: As all the parts of complete skateboards are pre-arranged by experts, needless to say, complete skateboards will give you a smoother riding experience overall.

Variety: The astounding array of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs available for complete skateboards will surely amaze even the choosiest of skateboard enthusiasts. This is one of the reasons why beginners opt for complete skateboards quite often.

All around Riding Styles: Complete skateboards are usually appropriate for all-around riding style and they are best for learning your first skateboard tricks and day-to-day cruising.

Cons of Complete Skateboards

Now in skateboarding culture, pre-assembled boards are not the go-to option for skateboarding pros and elites. Pro skaters surely have in-depth knowledge of skateboard components and know what feature they prefer on your boards to suit their riding style. So complete skateboards will not always satisfy skateboard purists.

Things to look out for while Buying Complete Skateboards

Deck: Not all complete skateboards feature the best quality and stronger decks and this can be an issue if not noticed while purchasing. Custom assembled skateboards have this advantage over complete ones where you can judge and decide which deck would suit your skating style best.

Trucks: Although complete skateboards often come with standard quality trucks made of aluminum, brass, steel etc., it is important to look out for the quality of trucks used in your preferred board or else poor-quality trucks can ruin your whole riding experience.

Wheels: Look out for wheel quality as well since these can vary from setup to setup, as cheap mediocre quality wheels can also be included in pre-built skateboards. These can get damaged easily and result in early flat spots on the surface.

Bearings and Overall Setup: The same concern goes with bearings, as poor-quality bearings can affect your wheels and consequently affect your riding experience too. Applies to pretty much the whole setup of your skateboard.

Complete and Custom Skateboard Comparison

How Much Does a Complete Skateboard Cost?

Complete skateboards are cost-efficient at times and usually come within a range of $50 to $150. The cost of these skateboards actually depends on the quality and designs of your board and the supporting components.

Skateboards with blank decks often come cheaper than one with graphics and designs, and if you are really in need of saving up while making your purchase, blank decks aren’t too bad. You can customize those later as you go with your preferred colors and graphics. 

But better not compromise with the quality of the other components of your board including trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Complete Skateboards Really Good?

Yes, complete skateboards are actually good for beginners as they give a standard riding experience where all the parts of your board are well sorted.

Are Complete Skateboards Popular?

Yes, complete skateboards are quite popular thanks to their accessibility and ease of operation. However, in skateboarding culture, pro skateboarders usually prefer to have their skateboards custom arranged so that the features suit their riding styles.

Are Complete Skateboards Cheap?

Well, the cost of complete skateboards depends, on the quality of their components. But surely, complete skateboards are considered cost-effective at times.

Final Words

All in all, complete skateboards are great for beginners to get started with skating right away. Pre-assembled boards help you save the trouble of choosing the right parts for your skateboard which will be compatible with one another. If you are thinking to get into skating lately, complete skateboards are perfect for you.

Well, do you prefer pre-assembled skateboards or custom-built ones? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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