Transport a ping pong table

How To Transport A Ping Pong Table Safely?

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Transport a ping pong table

Travel anywhere taking your Ping-Pong table!

Ping pong is a kind of racket sports like pickleball, where you need paddles and plastic ball. First and foremost, a standard-sized table is a must for this brainstorming game.


Last summer, when I went to my village on a vacation for a month, I took the table tennis equipment with me to have some fun. That’s when I learned, “How to transport a ping pong table?”

If you are in the same situation going on a break or a picnic and want to carry your table, you are in the right place here.

I studied a few processes before I carried the table home. And there are:


3 Transport Options Anyone Can Try

  • Minivan
  • SUV ( Sports Utility Vehicle)
  • U-Haul.

Although I hired a Minivan, SUV and U-Haul are two great options if you can manage. Generally, it depends on three factors: the size of the table tennis table, whether it has options to divide into portions, and the cost you want to spend on this.

As minivans are readily available, you can go for this. It will be better if you can manage one from your friends or relatives (who have their own). That will cost you even cheaper.

On the other hand, SUV and U-Haul may cost a little high for transportation. Choose it only when you are not available with a simple van. 

However, I’m discussing here the traveling process by a minivan.

What Are The Steps/Options Available:

Let’s get a quick list:

  • Divide the table into different parts and take those into the van.
  • Put the whole table into a minivan.
  • Carry this at the top of the vehicle.

Features Of A Minivan

Usually, a minivan has an ample space comprising big seats inside of it. Moreover, the tall and big tail of the van ensures the perfect fit for a big table. And, most importantly, the head of it is flat enough that keeps the ping pong table stable on the top.

Standard Dimension of A Ping Pong Table:

Dimension of a table tennis table

According to the ITTF, the official table tennis dimension of a table is below:

Length: 2740 mm (9.00 Feet)

Wide: 1525 mm (5.00 Feet)

Height: 760 mm (2.50 Feet)

The table, constructed with MDF plywood, ensures flat surface, enough hardness, and optimum bounce level. Usually, green, blue, or black- three colors the manufacturers use to make a ping pong table. Above all, the two parts of the table enable it to divide into portions.

With Minivan or SUV, it will be hard to carry the table if you can divide it only into two parts. But, you are fortunate if you can break it into four portions.

Don’t get upset reading up to this. Bringing that table successfully into your place will vanish your all stress.

Options Described To Transport a Table:

1. Dividing The Table Into Portions

This is one of the best and common ways: divide the large table into different portions and put those into the minivan. And when it reaches the destination, you have to reassemble it in a proper way.

What could be the problem in this way?

  • Your minivan seats may get stained a little.

Solution: you need to use thick paper or paper board on to the seats before putting the table portions. Or removing one or two backseats from the van can give your table a comfortable journey.

  • No person may sit along with the table inside the minivan.

Solution: You can sit in front of the van beside the driver. And the other members may hire another bus or car depending on the number of passengers.

Okay, by this time, you might have the curiosity about how I managed to carry my table.

Well, my table has the following features:

  • It has six portions.
  • The upper part (table part) has two portions (two shorter tables you can say!)
  • The lower part (leg part) has 4 pieces.

What I did:

I divided all the portions of it and then put all of those into a minivan. After reaching home, I assembled all the pieces in the right way. It took me less than 50 minutes I can remember.

2. The Ping Pong Table On Top Of The Minivan

This is another great alternative: transporting the table on top of the van. In this process, you will have two benefits:

  • Every member of your family can travel along with the ping pong table.
  • Your inside or seats of the minivan will be safer from any damage.

You need to be careful here also on some issues. What are those?

Well; If you put the table breaking it into different portions, be careful whether the parts are set with ropes tightly or attached well with the carrack of the minivan.


Put the complete table on top of the minivan rather than breaking it into different parts. In this way, you need to turn the table around and let the table surface well placed on the rack. Finally, check the firmness and tightness before the van starts to move.

Ensure The Travel-Safety Of A Ping Pong Table

To ensure the safety, confirm the following:

  • Dismantle the table parts slowly and carefully.
  • Have a firm grip with the help of ropes and the carrack.
  • If you are not comfortable, call an expert who has common knowledge working with tools (dismantling and reassembling).
  • Check and learn from any video related to the transportation of a table.

Besides all of the above, make sure whether your new place has ample space or not to set up your table (go here). Otherwise, all your hard work will go vain.

Wrapping Up

I’m a ping pong junky, and I know how a player feels when he can’t play the game for a few days. Reading the above, I hope your confidence grows and you’ve discovered the best way of carrying your ping pong table along with you.

So, from now, enjoy the holiday and the leisure time playing your favorite game.

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    1. Hello Amina, Yea, you can transport a ping pong table without folding it: Put the complete table on top of the minivan rather than breaking it into different parts. In this way, you need to turn the table around and let the table surface well placed on the rack. Finally, check the firmness and tightness before the van starts to move. Thanks.

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