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Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court? Or On Grass?

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You love to play pickleball anytime-anywhere! Thinking to play it on a tennis court now?

Well, this is where the question arises. Can you play pickleball on a tennis court?

Obviously, you can. But, how is that?

Well, in this article, I’ve shared the steps needed to be taken to play pickleball on a tennis ground. Besides, watch out the video of how easily a home basketball court can turn into a pickleball court. And, finally, check out if you can play it on the grass or not.

Two Options to Play It on A tennis Court:

There are some differences between pickleball and tennis. One of them is the court size. But, you can use the tennis court for a pickleball game or by turning your tennis court into a pickleball court. Shared use and dedicated use are the two ways to turn this out.

In Shared Use (Both Tennis & Pickleball):

If you want to share your tennis court with pickleball, you need some sidewalk chalk and Tape. Isn’t it simple?

Get the measurement of the pickleball court first. Then draw the lines (blended lines) with chalk according to the size of the court. You can use the markers also to indicate the sidelines and baselines of the court.

Since both tennis and pickleball lines will be available here, you can play both games on the same court.

Initially, both lines may distract you from guessing. But gradually you will be accustomed to that quickly. The total playing area of tennis may still distract you to play pickleball. But, playing regularly on this court makes you easy and confident in no time.

Regarding the net, don’t need to buy any new one as you can use your tennis net. Just lower it down to 34” inches at the center of the court.

Colors Used In Pickleball Lines:

You can paint pickleball lines with a different color. If you paint the tennis court with white pigment, use green or blue for pickleball.

If you are converting more than two, use multiple colors (lighten or darken). In contrast, you can add black acrylic to make the lines blackish.

How Much Does It Cost To Add Lines?

Adding pickleball lines to a tennis court is much easier and less expensive.

Let’s see what it costs if you do it with a tennis court contractor?

Usually, it can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 per court depending on some factors below:

  • The condition of the existing surface is critical. The contractor will calculate how much preparation, time, or cleaning is needed to make the court perfect for pickleball.
  • While keeping the tennis court intact, the contractor will also see how many pickleball courts they need to paint in total.

If you are serious, go here: pickleball court surface.

What Should Be The Court Size?

Conversion of tennis court into pickleball court

You will be in a better position if your tennis court’s regulation size is 60’*120’.

Normally, you need a playing area for pickleball is 20’*44’. But the recommended format for a pickleball court is 30’*60’ with the overruns. 

In a square size tennis court, you can make four pickleball courts at a time. On the other hand, if your tennis court is angled, you can convert it into two quite comfortably.

Do you have two tennis courts side by side?

In that case, you can convert it into eight pickleball courts. This facility will allow you to run a pickleball tournament where you can arrange eight games at a time.

Have you decided on this?

Contact here:

Dedicated Use (Only Pickleball)

Want to convert your tennis court permanently into a pickleball court?

Well, stick to this part.

In case of one tennis court conversion into four pickleball courts,

The steps are:

  • Remove the existing tennis posts that are usually in a concrete footer. You need to remove the pipe anchor also. It is used for holding the net center strap, which is cemented into the base directly under the tennis net.
  • As the tennis net posts are in the middle of the old tennis court and between the two sets of the new pickleball courts, you may cap the holes if the sleeves were fitted in the concrete post footers. This would eliminate the need for a surface patch-up.
  • For all four courts, install new pickleball net post sleeves. You can place and remove the pickleball posts whenever you need them as the posts are installed with sleeves.
  • You need to install a Pipe anchor at the center of each pickleball net. Install it in a small concrete footer, and it will provide a tether point for the net center strap.

How To Make Pickleball Court At Home:

Kari did an excellent job, converted her basketball court into a pickleball court in an easy way. You can do the same with your backyard by watching that video. Do it and enjoy pickleball at your home.

Can You Play Pickleball On Grass?

I have often heard the beginner pickleball players asking if they can play it on the grass. Now I know, it’s a silly question, but those who are just starting to play can get confused over this. So, I decided to tackle this confusion in this part of the article.

Usually, the response to the query, “Can you pickleball on grass” is a big NO.

Why? And when can you play it on grass?

The crucial factor here is the bounce. You can play real pickleball on a hard surface where you can get some bounce.

Will The Ball Bounce Here!

How will be the surface?

  • The surface must be smooth, hard and flat.
  • It must be made of concrete or asphalt. The concrete surface is best in terms of durability and value. On the other hand, the asphalt surface is more affordable but requires some additional maintenance.
  • An indoor wooden made surface or made of other appropriate materials (Ex. tennis, badminton or volleyball court)

In fact, the ball works here is a hard whiffle ball; it needs to bounce. Without bounce, similar to other racket sports, you cannot play it right.

So, the quick statement: Pickleball on grass is not possible.


If you still want to try it on grass, stay with us!

When Can You Play It On Grass?

To play pickleball on grass, you need to groom the field well and make it compact enough to let the ball bounce. Some Americans make such a court in their home garden and call it a lawn pickleball.

However, you can choose at least a grass tennis court as another option. Here, the field is already made hard and smooth enough for letting the ball the required bounce.

Can You Play Pickleball On Clay Court?

Clay court for pickleball

Some try pickleball in the sand, which is ultimately a waste of time I should say. You know the reason by this time: the bounce factor.

Instead, let’s focus on a clay court.

Well, Clay courts are also can be made hard enough to let the wiffleball bounce. This will allow you to make an attempt on this surface.

The Baltimore tournament is an ideal show of clay court pickleball.

However, in Clay Court Pickleball, two issues are essential:

The Ball :

While the ordinary dura balls may not let you dink well, the Onix Pure 2 outdoor ball will be perfect for taking a variety of shots.

Watering Clay Court:

You have to water under the clay-court ground so that the clay gets firm enough to let the ball some work.

If you water the court above the ground, the mud will still be sitting on the surface. It will result in taking more time to make it playable. Consequently, you cannot run smoothly on the ground and the ball will not bounce.

Hartru is an expert in court irrigation, check them.

Can You Play Pickleball On The Wet Court?

Since you have to move regularly on the pickleball court while playing, be careful when you play it on a wet court. It could be dangerous and it might result in a bad injury.

Check first whether it is too wet or not. Make a twist by toeing down firmly. If you find a clear wet sign, it’s too damp and better not to play on that surface.


Pickleball was first invented on a badminton court on a beachside. Eventually, people started to use dedicated courts, tennis courts, and some other hard surfaces to play this game.

However, I hope you have got some clues from my research on how to play pickleball on a tennis court. Expecting, other related discussions have also helped you to choose the best surface.

If you are a severe addict of pickleball, you can manage any of the above ways. What vital here is to get some bounce off the ball. (saying it again and again!!)

So, considering all the options, find the best possible place or court near your home, get the bounce, and enjoy the game even in the rain!!

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