Is Whitefang A Good Skateboard Brand?

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Among the most popular skateboard brands in the world, Whitefang is a renowned name thanks to its variety of quality skateboards available with reasonable price tags. But the question arises – Is Whitefang a Good Skateboard? In this article, we discuss why it is and what makes Whitefang stand out from the rest.

If you are looking for a durable and quality skateboard within affordable price ranges, Whitefang might as well be your call. Of course, there are numerous other skateboard brands out there with more variety and features added to their boards, but Whitefang is a skateboard brand that offers high-quality skateboards within a reasonable price range, making them really suitable for beginners.

Reasons to Choose Whitefang Skateboard

Whitefang is best known for producing beginner-friendly skateboards that suit the level of durability and high-quality construction preferred for beginners and starters. With their stylish outlook and 7-layer maple wood deck construction, almost all Whitefang skateboards are a statement of quality at affordable prices.

From the wheels to the trucks and bearings, most Whitefang skateboards are precisely constructed to accommodate a beginner-friendly skateboarding experience for all. Let’s take a look at the Whitefang Complete Skateboard for Beginners. Read also: About complete skateboards

It is a quality brand that offers durable and well-constructed skateboards that can be used by skaters of all ages. Since they provide ready-to-ride, preassembled skateboards within affordable price ranges, Whitefang remains a favorite skateboard in the skating community. 

For those who are still wondering Is Whitefang a Good Skateboard? Yes, as an all-around skateboard that is beginner-friendly, Whitefang can surely be your call.

Whitefang: How It Started?

A relatively new skateboard-producing firm, Whitefang was founded in 2009 by two friends, Jasper Feliz and Andrew Mitchell. Tired of mass-produced, cookie-cutter skateboards in the market, Feliz and Mitchell decided to bring something different to the skateboarding community. 

They started to work on tailor-made boards and over time, Whitefang became one of the most popular skateboard manufacturing brands in the world. Their high-quality and durable boards earned the love of the skateboarding community and continued to be a dominating name in the world of skateboards. Their approach to skateboard manufacturing was quite different from their contemporary brands. 

Unlike other manufacturers who would create a design and mass-produce their skateboards, Whitefang tends to the choice and needs of individual customers to create skateboards that suit their riding style.

This made Whitefang skateboards one of the most unique and well-built skateboards in the skateboarding community. Another aspect of Whitefang that makes sure that all their boards are durable and long-lasting is that they employ 7-layer maple wood constructions for all the decks of their skateboards. 

With their quality products within affordable price ranges, Whitefang is one of the top skateboard brands in the world.

Whitefang Complete Skateboard for Beginners

The Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Complete Skateboard for Beginners is a 7-layer Canadian Maple Wood constructed skateboard with a stylish outlook. It features a cool double kick concave deck design and pretty much everything that you may need on a skateboard as a beginner.

Canadian Maple Deck

Evidently, the deck of the skateboard has been to be well-constructed to give you a comfortable riding experience. It is the most important piece of the skateboard and in Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Skateboard, the deck is made out of 7-layer Canadian Maple Wood. 

This is among the best quality of skateboard wood used for deck construction which is efficiently durable.

5-Inch Magnesium Alloy Trucks

Having the right and compatible trucks with the deck is also a major factor to ensuring a smooth skateboarding experience. Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Complete Skateboard has the maple wood deck equipped with 5-Inch Magnesium Alloy Trucks that are highly compatible with the board. 

Their durability and performance are here to last, and the trucks also come with 95A high rebound PU bushings.

52mm PU Wheels

The speed, stability and performance of your skateboard rides are often dependent on the quality of your wheels. Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Complete Skateboard comes with 52mm 95A Polyurethane skateboard wheels, precisely designed for agility and speed. 

The wheels are suitable for beginners and will ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

ABEC-9 Bearings

Even though small in size, the bearings are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a skateboard. Their quality and compatibility are crucial to the overall performance of your skateboard. 

The Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Complete Skateboard are equipped with ABEC-9 precision bearings that provide both speed as well as durability. The 95A high rebound PU bushings are perfectly compatible with the bearings.

Preassembled Setting

The Whitefang 31″ X 7.88″ Complete Skateboard is a preassembled skateboard that is ready to ride. This is a great feature for beginners that allows them to get started with the skateboard right out of the packet. 

The trucks, bushings, wheels, and deck – everything is properly set up to give a smooth skateboarding experience.

Thermal Transfer Printed Deck

The deck design of the skateboard is simple yet stylish, and various models offer various designs for you to choose from. The deck designs are thermal transfer printed and this process ensures better print durability of the graphic designs on your board.


  • 7-Layer Maple Wood Deck
  •  Durable and Well-Constructed Board
  • Fast and Agile Wheels
  • Durable Bearings and Trucks
  • Preassembled and Ready to Ride
  • Classy Outlook


  • Skateboard Paint May Chip Away

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Whitefang skateboards cost?

Although different Whitefang skateboards have different price tags depending on their sizes and types, most Whitefang skateboards cost between $30 to around $60. However, this varies from board to board.

Does Whitefang produce good skateboards?

Yes, Whitefang is well known for producing high-quality skateboards within an affordable price range.

Are Whitefang skateboards good for beginners?

Most Whitefang skateboards are beginner friendly, and since they come as preassembled skateboards, beginners can start riding the skateboards right out of the packet.

What are the different kinds of Whitefang skateboards?

Whitefang manufactures four varieties of skateboards including the Mini, the Cruiser, the Classic, and the Street. You can find variety in each of these four categories of skateboards.

Final Words

Whitefang is one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world well known for producing high-quality skateboards at affordable cost. So, if you want to get started with a skateboard of your own, do give Whitefang boards a thought. Until next time, Happy Skating!

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