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Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Paddle Review (True Players’ Paddle)

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Superior control, plenty of power, and feel of sensitivity!

This is the way of gesture that Dave Weinbach, 49, thankfully expressed repeatedly in a few of his Paddletek Tempest Wave reviews.

Achievements of 85 gold medals including six USAPA national championships and eight US Opens flourish the career of Dave as a successful Pickleball Title hunter.

Yeah. Tempest Wave Pro at its best!


paddletek tempest wave

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Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Reviewed And Analyzed:

The Tempest: Creating Wave

The Wave truly creates a movement in the era of the paddle-making industry. Paddletek gets into the innovation of Tempest Wave for a “double player” game focusing on the pro players in mind.

The reason behind the success story of many pros using this masterwork is not a mystery at all. The game is won at the “Kitchen” and this paddle sets you up to play in your way.

It delivers superior speed, maneuverability, and comfort. If you choose maneuverability overpower, this paddle is yours.

Featuring Tempest Wave

Graphite Face

The exceptionally responsive graphite hitting surface offers rapid reflection off the paddle’s face.

This is the first graphite paddle Tempest has ever produced in its facility. Superior touch and sensitivity on the face ensure great soft touch and power smash when necessary.

The Polymer Core

The polymer honeycomb core is the standard in the industry. This core ensures an enhanced amount of power. As the polymer core is the quietest core material, it is permitted by the authority for using this paddle in the quiet zone.

Large Sweet Spot

The extra-large surface termed as sweet spot gives you consistent and premium performance. The traditional paddle body shape of 16”x 8” serves the beginner to pro players.


Unlike Tempest, heavyweight paddle calls for less maneuverability and results in less feel and control. It has proper weight distribution. Switch from backhand to forehand would be real quick in the lightweight Tempest Wave Pro.


The grip circumference of 4 3/8 inches reflects the average measurement. The Ultra Cushion Contour grip with a rectangular shape makes the paddle better fit in the hand and easier to handle for the players.

The best fit around the grip offers more coziness and control. Change in grip helps the players to put different kinds of spin on the ball.

USAPA Authorization

The USAPA gives a positive signal to this paddle for tournament play. Without any USAPA sanction, the players cannot get any green signal to use the paddle in USAPA approved tournament. (Read Our Article on Illegal Paddles)


  • A wonderful display of “touch and go”. It’s an absolute delight for the spectators to watch the better touch at the net.
  • Playing against the young guns would be a piece of cake with this lightweight paddle. It gives you fast hands, quick maneuverability and good touch with the plastic balls.
  • The largest surface gives you the confidence of missing no-ball from your opponent.
  • The edge guard protects your graphite polymer. So, you are going to have nice protection for your paddle.
  • Consistent power and pop but a lot more feel and sensitivity on the face of the paddle is no longer a dream.
  • The ball gets cushioned on the paddle’s face. It feels like the ball stays on the paddle slightly longer and creates incredible spin. It allows you to control the ball more and really keep your ball moving the way you want to.
  • Advanced ProPolyCore, Paddletek’s very own technology, is proven for dampening vibration. You can feel good in your tennis elbow without having any shake at the time the ball hitting the paddle surface.
  • In the noise restricted neighborhood, the specially designed “quiet paddle” Tempest Wave shows its significantly almost noiseless play.


  • The edge guard forms a piece of a lip around the edges that few players feel irritating.
  • Sometimes you miss the adequate amount of pop due to the thin facing materials.

My Two Cents On Tempest

To me, nothing plays like a Paddletek Tempest Wave Pickleball Paddle.

It has a little more texture to it. It has a graphite surface with a softer material that allows me to curl the ball over the net on the third shot. I take the power off the opponent’s ball and spin a little more than any other paddle.

Due to its immense popularity sometimes the blue color of this masterpiece is out of stock. Hence, don’t get disheartened. Other brilliant colors (Raspberry, Red, US Blue, and US Raspberry) are readily available from those you may pick your desired one.

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The Three Best Traits

  • Superior comfort and control
  • Plenty of power and pop
  • Lighter weight

These three traits make Tempest Wave a unique one. The great feeling and control make you play your natural game.

Moreover, the combination of power play and touch shots escalate your gaming style. Due to its lightweight, you can get the option of maneuvering the paddle with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a Tempest Wave?

In a nutshell, the large sweet spot of the graphite face gives you an extra feel and comfort. Balanced weight distribution keeps the paddle easy-going for the players to go for both touches shot and power play.

Where are Paddletek paddles manufactured?

Paddletek paddles are manufactured by experts in the USA. And, they ensure the highest quality, design and craftsmanship while designing the paddles.

Whom does the Tempest Wave pro best suit?

The Tempest Wave is suitable for absolutely everyone. But the beginners usually look for less expensive paddles. Tempest Wave is a bit pricey.

Why is the Tempest Wave so popular?

The superior sensitivity of the surface, plenty of feel, and control develop Tempest Wave so popular with all levels of players.

What kind of warranty Paddletek Tempest Wave offers?

Paddletek is one of the most costly paddles out there. But, it provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, craftsmanship, and the guarantee against dead spots.

Does Paddletek make Prince paddles?

In 2018, Paddletek partnered up with Prince to make their first-ever pickleball paddle. Response pro is one famous of them However, Prince is already famous for making tennis rackets for many years now.

Paddletek tempest wave pickleball paddle review is incomplete without a



Punch, volley, dink, and get a lot of pop! Lead your pickleball life smoothly without any hassle.

The Tempest Wave has been labeled as a true player’s paddle. It’s never let you down. We are really fortunate enough that the great manufacturer Paddletek is producing high-quality paddles of all time.

The company puts a lot of resources into the research and development to make a bunch of perfect paddles.

I am confident enough that this Paddletek Tempest Wave review enlightens your knowledge about the Wave’s both architectural build and functional perspective.

Tempest means “storm”. Hope this “storm” heightens your gaming style to the next level.

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  1. The Paddletek Tempest Wave II comes in two weight sizes, light and medimun. I am 71 years old, 6’1″ tall, 260 lbs. and have Parkison’s Disease. Which weight paddle would serve me better? I am new to the sport. Thank you.

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