Best Skateboarding Gifts

14 Best Skateboarding Gifts Ideas in 2023 (For All Skate Lovers)

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Gifts have all the power to bring a smile on someone’s face. But when it comes to gifting a skateboarder, the situation becomes slightly critical. Since they have a passion for this particular sport, you should give them something useful related to skateboarding. 

If you are clueless about what to grab, then don’t worry, we will help you out. Among all the several options, we reduced them down to 16 so that you can pick one for your friend. 

Let’s kick-start!

Best Skateboard Gifts Listed And Reviewed

  1. Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History
  2. Whitefang Skateboard
  3. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards
  4. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads
  5. Yocaher Skateboard Wheels
  6. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Deck
  7. CCS Skateboard Trucks
  8. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
  9. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet
  10. GoPro Hero 9 Waterproof Camera
  11. Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat Headphones
  12. Emerica Skate Shoe
  13. Skateboard Clothings
  14. Other Skateboarding Accessories
Best Skateboarding Gifts

To get more specific one of the above options, scroll down:

Skateboard Books

There are a huge number of books that have been published regarding the topic ‘skateboarding’. The majority of the books range from biographical, autobiographical to quest, and how-to based. If your friend is a bookworm and skateboarder at the same time, then nothing can be as ideal as getting him or her a book can be. You will find several genres related to this particular sport.

If you want your friend to know the history of skateboarding, then ‘Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History’ by Iain Borden can be a great pick. 

If you want him or her to be a pro, then you can gift Skateboarding: Book of Tricks’ by Steve Badillo and Doug Werner. It has about 34 hot tricks to make anyone a skilled skateboarder.

However, you can check this complete skateboard book review before taking a final decision.


One of the commonest things that any skateboarder will want is skateboards. So, it can be the best skateboarding gifts you can give to your skateboarding pal. Although they are likely to have one, a new one will be newly ready to withstand future heavy-uses.

Skateboards come in different styles and types. You can go with Quest QT-NSC44C as it has been made of durable hardwood maple and bamboo. Besides, its trucks provide both stability and control while the bearings offer quick spin. To add more, the skateboard is also great for its speedy and stable wheel that makes it the best. 

Another great option to go for would be VOLADOOR 42 inches Freeride Longboard. It also has used the same materials as the previous one. And you will be provided with similar perks. (Check out our full Beginner Skateboard List)

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Skateboarding Wrist Guards

You surely want your skateboard pal to be safe while he or she enjoys the sport. For this, you can present them with a pair of solid wrist guards. These skate gifts will not only offer protection during falls but also redirect the impact to forearms while evening it out. So, if your friend is someone who often trips over, then wrist guards can be the best skateboarding gifts.

If you are not sure of the sizing, you can go with an adjustable pair. For options, you can consider getting 187 Killer Pads. They are made of ballistic nylon and double stitched to offer durability. Besides, they also feature splints that absorb the shock and distribute it. Most of the people of different shapes and sizes of hands loved its fitment and adjustability. 

Triple 8 Hired can be another great option. It has been made of durable leather. Its padding offers comfort while the closure system offers adjustability. It also comes with splints that serve the same purpose.

If you want to learn more about wrist guards, check out this wrist guard review.

Skateboard Knee Pads

Best Knee pads can be another great gifts for skateboarders. They also belong to the safety gear category and offer protection during falls and accidents. Knees are one of the most common areas to get hit resulting in knee damage. Hence, it will be great to present this gift to make sure they don’t encounter a serious accident.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads can be an ideal pick because of its blend of durable materials: polyester and rubber. The pads also come padded with EVA foam to offer both comfort and cushioning. Not only that, it is also very light and easy to adjust. And since it comes in unisex design, it will be great for both male and female skateboarders.

Another ideal option can be JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads. They come with wrist guards and offer a high level of protection by absorbing severe shock. It also provides similar perks like the previous one. 

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are stated to last longer than a deck. So, wheels can be another best skateboarding gift for your closed one. Wheels come in different shapes, sizes, types, and materials.

You can grab one from Yocaher. The wheels are great for heavy-duty uses. It comes in 70x 52mm dimensions with 78A hardness which is on the softer side. It means the wheels will offer a great grip for optimum stability. Besides, its ABEC-7 chrome bearings will offer a faster and smoother ride.

Another great option can be the one from FREEDARE. The wheels measure 58mm and come rated at 82A durometer. Since it is more on the hard side, it will offer quicker spin. And with ABEC-7 chrome bearings, the wheels will also allow for a smoother ride.

Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks can also be a great gift to present. The main difference between the skateboard and the deck is that the former will have a full package including wheels and trucks while the latter will not have them. You really need to know a lot of the wheels and trucks before presenting to someone since they are a bit critical. To avoid that, you can go with a simple option. 

The Flight Deck by Powell-Peralta is made of epoxy infused, fiber material that will be resistant to breaking. If your friend loves to do tricks, then this can let them flip faster and Ollie higher. The look is also interesting enough to make any skater fall in love with it.

But, if you think your friend is more into simplicity, then you can go with the Moose Old School Skateboard that is made of solid Canadian Maple. The concave design will offer stability as well as control. 

Skateboard Trucks

Only the skaters know the struggle of getting some good trucks to experience better stability from the skateboards. If your friend fails to get the perfect one, then you can make them happy by grabbing a package for them.

Make sure the trucks are made of light and solid material. Also, make sure they fit most of the decks and wheels so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Such trucks can be found in the Havoc brand. They are mostly made of aluminum alloy for durability. And they have also been made to fit different decks and wheels. 

CCS Skateboard Trucks also offers the same perks. Coming in nonslip kingpin, the trucks are perfect for smoother and controlled turns, thanks to rebound bushings. So, if your friend is into tricks, it can be a great gift.

Skateboard Bearings

The reason why bearings are the best skateboarding gifts is that it affects speed and accelerations. The higher the rating, the quicker the spin will be. So, if your friend wants to enjoy a faster ride, then presenting skateboard bearings can be the best. 

For option, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings can make an ideal choice. It comes in 8 packs and is rated at ABEC-7 that helps offer quicker spin.

To go with more ABEC rating for the fastest ride, nothing can beat these Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings. With ABEC-9 rating, you will find them great for high-speed downhill luge style skating.

Skateboarding Helmet

Giving someone a skateboarding helmet can show how much you care for them. The helmet will not only be a cool gift to give but also will help make your closed ones stay safer. There are a few skate parks that do not let the skaters skateboard without a helmet. Hence, it can be a perfect gear to give them as a gift.

No matter what you grab, make sure it’s CPSC and ASTM certified. You can also check out the differences between skate helmet and bike one.

Such a helmet is stated to be one of the best safety gear since it keeps the head from injuries. There are many models available that have impressed the skaters with better vents and adjustable fitment. So, you should also check for all those factors.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner can make an ideal choice. It contours to the head easily whereas the adjustable chin strap will work to ensure a snug fit. The outer shell is made of durable ABS and the inner liner is made of sweat-free- moisture-wicking material.

You can also consider JBM Skateboard Helmet for its better breathability. It has been fabricated with  PVC and PC that is durable and shock absorbent. It has also been padded enough to cushion the head while absorbing the impact. 

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Skateboard Cameras and Headphones

Now people don’t go skateboarding without technology anymore. The two most common things you may find are the cameras and headphones. So, you can make them happy if you present them any of the two since both add extra fun to the sports.


Any skater would love to capture their experience to show it to others. That’s when the skateboard cameras come into play. So, you can think of giving your closed one a camera since it can have them save their thrilling adventure into it.

The only option we can think of suggesting is the one from camcorder. Their Yeehao Camcorder 1080P Video Camera has almost all the perks that make it a great choice for capturing skateboarding moments. The skater can capture the action while being onboard with its wide-angle lens. It has a magnetic base that makes it easier to mount on anything including a skateboard deck. It can record slow motion and fast videos up for longer period of adventure in Hi-Definition quality. Besides, the camera can also take night vision photos.


Headphones can be the best gift for skateboarders who are also music lovers. If you are thinking of giving a gift to such a person, then look for the best one. Make sure the headphones provide better sound quality with no sound leakage or ambient sound.  There are different varieties of headphones available. But for the skateboarders, the ideal ones will be wireless, because there won’t be any issue of tangling or disconnection. 

For suggestion, we would recommend you to go with Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat. The sound will be crispy and clear and its active noise cancellation feature will work to lessen ambient noise while skateboarding. Besides, skaters will also enjoy 24 hours of songs and calls at a stretch. 

If that feels heavy for the skateboarder, then you can opt for a simpler and smaller option, which is IPX7 Wireless Sport Headphones. This one also has a CVC noise cancellation feature. The sound will be clear and stable while the bass is superb.

Skateboard Shoes

Shoes play a key role when it comes to skateboarding. It’s the pair of shoes that can either make or break the day since they are the contact point between the skateboard and you. So, if you want your closed one to master all the skills, then make sure you get them a great pair. 

Skateboard shoes come in different styles, flexibility, and mobility. Since shoes can be a pricey gift, you need to do a bit digging on what kind of pair the person is into.

For men, the Reynolds Low Vulc by Emerica can be a great choice. It has been made of suede while the sole is of rubber. The pair is not only durable but also offers great comfort and snug fit. Besides, the triangle tread also has been designed to offer an ideal grip so that it can help the skater with balance and stability. You will find a lot of colors available which is a big plus.

If it’s for women, then we would suggest having a look at the Trase TX Skate Shoes by DC. The pair is designed with Vulcanized construction and the outsole used rubber for the material. Besides its durable fabric, the pair offers optimum traction for stability and ample pads for comfort. Not only that, but the skateboarder will also love it for its amazing toe protection.

Skateboard Clothing & Socks & T-shirts, Jeans

The skateboarder is expected to end up with torn and tattered clothes due to which presenting them tops or bottoms become essential. They are also stated to be the safest option since you cannot go wrong with clothing. You will find different styles of t-shirts, jeans, and socks that are made especially for skateboarders. The most common options include loose shirts, wind pants or baggy or stretchable jeans because they are comfortable. Make sure to grab something unique that will go with the skater. Also, know the size for better fitment. Besides, a pair of socks also can be a wise gift because it shapes one’s personality.

T-shirts: If you want to gift t-shirts, then you can think of having this cotton top from Adidas for men. This Skate Shmoo Tee will offer both comforts and fit because of the size. For women, this Strappy Cold Shoulder T-Shirt by iGENJUN can be a great option. It has used Viscose fabric mostly that makes it light, soft, and flexible. It also comes in different colors and prints to explore more varieties.

Jeans: Volcom offers jeans for men that are made just for skateboarding. Their pair will stretch to offer comfort and movement while coming in durable material. So, you can consider having Vorta Jeans as a gift. If it’s a woman, then this monochrome black jeans by Levi can make an ideal choice. Not only the pair will be super stretchable, but it also will snug fit while not losing shape.

A pair of work pants can also be a great option as gifts for skateboarders.

Socks: Make sure that whatever the pair you get, it offers both durability and breathability. You can gift a pair of White Classical Triple Stripes by Pareberry for women. It will feel soft, breathable and durable so that the person feels comfortable wearing it while they skate. If it’s for a man, then Nike SB Dry Crew can be the best pick. It provides great ankle coverage as well as optimum breathability. 


You can pick a skateboard backpack as a gift for your dearest ones, where they can put the skateboard in the backpack and other necessary things (socks, grip tape, hand grip etc) related to skateboarding.

Skateboarding Accessories

Besides all these, you can also add other options to the list of gift items. Some of them include LED lights from Board Blazers, floor rack from SKATERTRAINER and bearing lubricant from Bones. All these gifs will not only make your closed ones happy but also will be very useful for them.

You can also check warehouse skateboards for other nice accessories. Etsy is another great option to check out.

Other Skating Gifts

Some skateboarders are roller skaters too. If you are or if you are not, your loving kids, wives or someone else may like roller skating very much. In that case, you might be interested in skating gifts too to present them with some unique pieces of gifts: Roller Skater’s Gifts

Ending Words

We would rather say that it is easier to get a gift for a person who is into skateboarding. Because you will at least have a separate option to check out.

However, we hope this review of the best skateboarding gifts will help you make a decision. We can assure you that the ones we have listed here can be useful for any skateboarder. So, we don’t think you will regret grabbing a gift even if you pick one randomly. It’s just, all the decision lies in your budget range.

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