How to Carry Skateboard on a bike

7 Creative Ways To Carry Your Skateboard On A Bike

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Imagine carrying the skateboard in your hand when you’re not using it. Not very convenient, right? Well, that’s what I also thought.

As a skateboarder, I had trouble carrying my large skateboard throughout the city while riding my bike. Thus, I was thinking, “how to carry a skateboard on a bike without hassle?”.

That’s why I did my own research and some real-life experimentation on this. Consequently, I successfully found some creative ways to carry a skateboard on a bike.

For instance, you can use straps or cords to hold the skateboard on your bike. Or, you can also be a bit creative and use the bicycle mainframe itself to carry the skateboard. 

Now, if you are an avid biker(and skateboarder) like me as well, my blog post here is dedicated to you. So, don’t forget to stick to me on this blog post till the end.

Items Required To Carry Your skateboards On A Bicycle

If you want to achieve a creative solution to carry your skateboard on your bicycle, you might have to get the below-mentioned items at hand. We’ll use these particular objects to carry the skateboard on a bike conveniently:

1. A Front Basket

A front basket is a metallic basket made of wear that is usually attached to the front side of your bike. But, don’t worry, I will be much more creative here (we’ll use it on the rear of your bike).

2. A Piece Of Skateboard Strap

Skateboard straps are dedicated straps that you can use to secure the skateboard on your back. We will also take advantage of this strap to attach the skateboard to our bikes.

3. A Common Backpack

Although a backpack is not large enough to carry a full-size skateboard, you’ll need a backpack to do the experiments we will conduct further on.

4. Some Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are elastic cords that can extend to a certain limit when you apply tension to it. This particular object can be extremely helpful in keeping the skateboard strapped with your bike.

5. A Run Of The Mill Bike Rack

We’re also going to utilize the bike racks that you use to park your bikes. When we’re not using the bike rack for parking our bike, we can improvise to carry a skateboard on it.

6. Skateboard Bags

Using skateboard bags will provide better protection for your skateboard. So, I suggest that you acquire a skateboard bag if you want to carry your skateboard without having to worry about safety.

Ways To Carry A Skateboard On A Bike? (7 Creative Solutions)

In this subsection, I will go over a few techniques that I found very helpful (while I was trying to carry my skateboard on a bike). You can use the tips and tricks that I mention below to securely and conveniently carry your skateboard on your bike.

1. Using The Bicycle Frame Triangle

As you may already know, every bicycle frame has a triangle between the bike’s two wheels. Believe it or not, this particular place in your bicycle frame can hold your skateboard very firmly (in most cases). 

Therefore, use the following steps to secure your skateboard in your bike frame:

A) Taking Measurements Of The Bicycle Frame Triangle

First of all, you should measure the space between your bicycle frame triangle. If your skateboard is too small or too large, it might not be compatible to be hooked to the bike frame. 

However, if, like me, you ride a general-sized skateboard, your skateboard will definitely hook into the bicycle frame.

B) Hold Your Skateboard Against The Frame From A Side

At this point, you have to hold your skateboard against the frame of your bicycle. Remember to pick a side when you do this. 

In my case, I like to hold the skateboard from the left side of my bicycle frame. It’s because I am a right-handed person and I use the right-sided handbrake very frequently.

Therefore, you should pick a side of your choice and hold your skateboard in your hand against the bicycle frame (to find a suitable space to hook your skateboard). 

C) Tuck The 2 Wheels Of Your Skateboard Into The Frame

Now, you have to use your hand to push the skateboard against the bicycle frame so the rear 2 wheels of your skateboard get tucked into the bicycle frame triangle. 

Remember, in this position, the rear 2 wheels of your skateboard will be inside the bicycle frame triangle. And, the front two wheels of your skateboard will be over the frame of your bicycle. Once you have managed to do that, you are done.

You can now ride your bike at full speed without having to worry about your skateboard. Don’t worry, this particular position is very rigid, so there’s no chance of your skateboard falling apart from your bike while you ride your bike. 

You can use the picture below to align your skateboard into the position we instructed above. 


2. Using Your Bike Rack To Carry Your Skateboard

You’d be amazed to know that bike racks not only can hold your bikes on the ground (when you use the rack to park your bike), but they can keep your skateboard attached to your bike as well.

Now, you can follow the steps below to secure your skateboard with your bike rack:

A) Take Measurements Of The Bike Rack

First, take precise measurements of your skateboard and your bike rack. Generally, all sizes of skateboards should be compatible to be hooked into your bike rack. However, taking measurements beforehand will ensure that you will successfully utilize this particular trick.

B) Attach Your Bike Rack To the Rear Side Of Your Bike

Now, you have to attach your bike rack to the carrier seat of your bike. The metal wiring of your bike rack should be easily hooked to the carrier seat of your bike. 

C) Hook Your Skateboards To Your Bike Rack

After that, you can hook the truck of your skateboard into the bike rack that you just attached. Remember to readjust the position of your skateboard multiple times (while you attach the skateboard truck to the bike rack). 

As a result, you’ll be able to find a stable position in which your skateboard will be perfectly secured. Consider using the image below to take advantage of this technique properly:


 3. Using Your Backpack To Carry Your Skateboard

I will show you a trick to carrying your skateboard on your back using your backpack in this particular technique. 

The best thing about this trick is that you can also use it to carry your skateboard while you’re on foot as well.

Now, follow the steps below to utilize this trick easily:

A) Lay Your Backpack On A Table

At first, you have to lay down your backpack on a flat surface, so you can freely work with it.

B) Use A Strap To Attach The Skateboard To The Backpack

At this step, you will have to use an elastic strap to attach the skateboard to your backpack. Remember, backpacks stay firmly attached to your body. 

Therefore, if you can attach the skateboard to the backpack firmly, you can effortlessly carry your skateboard anywhere.

C) Don Your Backpack On Your Back

Finally, you have to wear your backpack on your back. I also suggest you walk for 5 minutes with your backpack (and skateboard) on your back to test your comfort level. 

After that, you can get on your bike and start riding your bike. You can use the picture below as a guide to employ this particular trick:


4. Using Your Front Basket To Carry Your Skateboard

Using your bike’s front basket is a very unconventional and unique way to carry your skateboard on your bike. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to carry your skateboard on the front of your bike.

Rather, I suggest you take the front basket apart from the front side of your bike and attach it to the rear side of your bike. This way, you can easily carry your skateboard on your basket (attached to the rear side).

The best thing about this technique is that it looks much smarter when you carry a skateboard in a rear-positioned basket than carrying the skateboard in your front-positioned basket. 

Plus, since you’re securing the basket on the rear side of your bike, your visual sight will not be disturbed by the basket or the skateboard. 

So, go ahead and use this technique while carrying your skateboard throughout the city roads. 

5. Getting The Skateboard In A Dedicated Skateboard Bag

Perhaps, carrying the skateboard in a skateboard bag is the most obvious and boring technique. 

However, you should understand that, since skateboard bags have been specially manufactured to contain the skateboards, you will get 100% security when using this technique to carry skateboards.

On top of that, for those of you who are looking for a technique to carry the skateboard for a really long time, it’s better to carry it in its designated casing. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to go through much trouble, I recommend that you look for skateboard bags from online marketplaces and carry your skateboard in a  skateboard bag.


6. Using Only Straps To Carry The Skateboard

If you are on the run with your bike and need an instant solution to carry your skateboard, you can just use elastic straps to attach the skateboard to your body or the bike. 

This particular technique is so cheap and easy that even a child can take advantage of it.

What’s more, since you can extend elastic straps whenever you need to, it’s easy to adjust and readjust the position of your skateboard. 

Hence, you can use straps to attach the skateboard to the front of your bike, side of your bike, the rear side of your bike, or even on your back.


7. Utilize Bungee Cord To Carry Skateboard

A bungee cord is yet another creative tool that you can use to carry your skateboard. Bungee cords are also highly elastic in nature. 

As a result, you can utilize a bungee cord to secure a skateboard to the body of a bike.

On top of that, if you have one or two bungee cords in your hand, you can employ any portion of your bike body to hold the skateboard against the bike. 

Plus, the best thing about using bungee cords is that it’s a very cheap and easy solution, regardless of how unconventional it might seem.

Moreover, if you have multiple skateboards to carry on a bike, you can use a bungee cord to carry all of them. 

For instance, if you have a long enough bungee cord, it should be able to hold at least up to 3 skateboards against your bike body. 

That means a bungee cord is useful to carry your own single skateboard, and you can also use bungee cords to carry your friends’ skateboards on your bike.

Therefore, go ahead and buy a piece of bungee cord and tie your skateboard against the bike frame. And, to safely secure the skateboard against the bike, be sure to tighten the cord knots very well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it risky to carry a skateboard on a bike?

Ans: No, it’s not risky at all. However, if you face any severe accident while riding your bike, you might have to sustain heavy damage to your bike and your skateboard. 

However, this is the amount of danger that you usually have when riding the skateboard itself. So, it’s nothing to be worried about.

Is it possible to carry skateboards on a motorbike?

Ans: Yes, carrying skateboards on a motorbike is perfectly possible and normal. All you have to do is try to employ the same techniques that we have mentioned above. 

However, you might be unable to carry the skateboard on your motorbike just like on a regular bike. Rather, if you want to carry your skateboard on a motorbike, you’ll have to use highly secure straps, bungee cords, or a skateboard bag.

What common problem would I face while getting skateboards on a bike?

Ans: The most common problem that you would face while carrying your skateboard on your bike is that dirt might accidentally get onto your body from the wheels of your skateboard. 

However, if you are careful enough while riding your bike, you can perfectly stay away from the dirt while carrying your skateboard on your bike.

The Final Takeaway

Well, that was my take on how to carry a skateboard on a bike. The final summary of this discussion is that, if you can be creative, there are a bunch of ways to carry a skateboard on a bike. 

So, you should use my techniques above and also use your own creativity to find more new solutions of your own that suit your particular needs.

Plus, if you stay careful and cautious while getting the skateboard on your bike, there’s no chance of any accident. So, best of luck to you and peace out!! 

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