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Top 5 Best Skateboards For College (Skateboard, Longboard, or Cruiser? Answered!)

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Imagine being around college friends who are hardcore skateboarders, but having no skateboard at your hand for yourself. That’s pretty pathetic, huh? 

Normally, a longboard is the best skateboard for college campuses for those whose house is a few hundred meters away from the campus. On the other hand, if you live just around your campus area, you can make do with a cruiser board for attending your college classes. It’s because cruiser boards are a badass ride for medium distances.

Or, you can just buy a normal skateboard if you live in your campus accommodation. Since normal skateboards are best for covering short distances, you can quickly hop around your campus buildings with them.

Wanna know the in-depth review about these skateboards? Then read on. Below, I’ve also discussed all the necessary details of the best type of skateboard for college. Let’s get started!

5 Best Skateboards For College Campus with Comparison

ProductsDeck MaterialCondition
Deck Dimensions (inch)
Reasons for Pick
Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete SkateboardMapleComplete [Fully Assembled]30 x 9 x 8 inchesBest 28-inch Complete Cruiser
Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED8-ply MapleComplete [Un-assembled]22″ x 6″ Best Colorful Board with LED Light up wheels
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches SkateboardRimable PlasticComplete [Fully Assembled]22” Long x 6” Wide Deck Best Budget Plastic Board
Magneto Mini Cruiser LongboardBamboo & Maple Complete [Fully Assembled]27.5x 7.5 x 18.5″ Best Environment-friendly Skateboard
WhiteFang Skateboards for BeginnersMaple Complete [Fully Assembled]31.75 × 7.8“Best Concave & Trick Board for Kids & Beginners
Longboard or cruiser for college skateboarding

Review (In-depth) of The Top College Friendly Skateboards

Believe me, you can spend lots of hours going through the details of the skateboards that are available out there on the market and still have no clue which one to buy. But why? Because the market is full of a variety of options. And with options, comes indecision. 

But here, I have made the job easy for you. In this article, I have unveiled the best skateboard for college from an overall perspective, along with many top-notch skateboards of 2022. 

Also, I provided enough empirical and review-based data, so you can make an informed decision in buying a skateboard for yourself. So let’s go through the products one by one.

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard – Best 28-inch Complete Cruiser

The Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard is an all-rounder in the field of skateboarding among its competitors. It’s the perfect choice for those who like extreme kickflipping and high-speed maneuvers. 

What Do We Like About This Skateboard?

  • Perfect Design And Construction:

 This particular skateboard is manufactured by 7 layers of maple ply. As maple is a favorite choice for skateboarders for quite a few years now, it performs much better than plastic skateboards. Also, the 28.5 x 8 x 4.25-inch dimensions of this skateboard are the most optimum measurement that a performer would want.

On top of that, it comes in 12 different color options to choose from. Also, the wheels and the board’s quality are evenly combined in terms of durability. This means neither the wheels nor the board will be damaged prior to one another.

  • Ultra Portability And Performance: 

As this skateboard is only 2.5 kg, it’s extremely portable. You can carry it in your hand or your bag for a long time without enduring any physical strain. Also, the components used in skateboard manufacturing are very rigid and, at the same time, extremely lightweight.

  • High-performance Ability:

Any skateboard cannot actually be called a good one if it doesn’t excel in performance, right? The Landyachtz Dinghy is an example of extreme performance in skateboarding. 

This device doesn’t even have a minimal amount of wheel bite and as a result, you’ll feel that it’s got the maximum amount of wheel clearance at the time of performance.

Furthermore, you’ll find that this skateboard makes minimal noise when it’s cruising at full speed. Also, if you have this board at your hand, It becomes very easy to do kickflipping. As an added benefit, it’s equally suitable for both boys and girls. 

Moreover, the maple board, combined with stainless steel bearings in the wheels, provides a premium performance experience to the user.


  • High-performance capability
  • Ultra-portability
  • Ultra durability
  • Attractive appearance
  • Wide-ranging color choices
  • No wheel bite


  • A bit expensive
  • No warranty provided

Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED – Best Colorful Board with LED Light up wheels

If you are looking for something that will catch everyone’s eye in a second, then the Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED can be your best bet. It’s the perfect choice for those who want fancy designs and colorful features. In my opinion, this skateboard would be a perfect ride to use on Halloween.

What Are The Special Aspects Of This Skateboard?

  • Fancy Design And Appearance: 

As we have mentioned above, this skateboard is the ultimate pinnacle of aesthetic premiums. It comes in 12 different color formats to choose from. Also, it’s got dedicated colorful LEDs that light up its wheel in times of performance.

Moreover, the LEDs don’t need a battery to run. Isn’t it cool? The LEDs get their power from the rotary motion of the wheels. So, at night when you are cruising through the streets, you are sure to get everyone’s attention in an instant.

  • Smooth And High-velocity Performance:

This board is not only revered by skateboarders worldwide for its visual aesthetics but it’s also known to be very fast and smooth in performance as well. 

It’s got 60 mm polyurethane-made wheels that are extremely soft and abrasion-resistant. This makes sure that you’ll have a stable ride even through bumpy terrains. 

Furthermore, the ABEC -7 bearings made of tough stainless steel are highly capable of observing shocks on the road. As a result, Even if you were to do relentless maneuvers for a long period, the wheels wouldn’t wear down.

  • Perfect Dimensions And Construction:

This device is fully optimized in terms of its dimensions too. The 22x6x1.4 inches design, combined with its only 1.84 kg weight, contributes to an optimum edge in performance. 

Also, top-notched materials used in this skateboard such as combinations of polyurethane, plastic, and aluminum alloy, contribute to its durable structure to withstand high impact collisions. As a result, you’ll find that all the kids and 

 adults feel comfortable playing with it.


  • Attractive design
  • Optimal dimensions
  • Ultra-durable
  • Lightweight
  • Premium construction material
  • Optimal pricing


  • Lack of warranty

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard – Best Budget Plastic Board

If you want a super-strong and agile skateboard for extremely fast kickflipping and quick maneuverability, the RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard can be your perfect companion. it’s got special properties that make it best suited for agile performance.

What Makes It So Special?

  • Rigid Structure And Design: 

This particular skateboard is primarily made of aluminum and plastic. As a result, it is remarkably strong, and it has a high-level capability of withstanding the impacts of fast skateboard races and quick stunts. 

Its 3-inch solid aluminum frame, in combination with PU wheels, is specially manufactured to provide the best performance output.

Furthermore, since it is ultra-durable, it is a pretty common choice for kids to use too. Whether kids use it or abuse it, this skateboard won’t get damaged very easily.

  • Best In The Budget: 

Considering that it comes with top-notch manufacturing materials, the pricing of this skateboard is pretty modest. You can get this skateboard for as low as 30 USD and on sales days, the price can get even lower.

But, the special thing about this skateboard is that its budget pricing does not hurt its performance ability. It’s got the best combination of pricing and performance.

  • Attractive Design And Appearance:

Another thing worth mentioning about this skateboard is that it’s very attractive in terms of looks and designs. It comes in 7 different color variations to choose from. Moreover, the combination of black and green color, even in its most basic version, looks pretty sleek and futuristic.

  • Perfect Size And Dimensions:

The designers of this skateboard have done an amazing job by creating it in a 21.75x 6×5 inch dimension. Along with its perfect dimensions, this skateboard is only 1.77 kg in terms of weight, which is perfect for an average skateboarder. 

Also, it can withstand up to 198 lb of load, which makes it perfectly strong for carrying average to heavy-sized persons. Because it’s perfectly sized and designed with optimum measurements, it is pretty easy to assemble too.


  • Agile performance ability
  • Optimal strength
  • Suited for fast performance
  • Wide-ranging color choice
  • Attractive appearance
  • No wheel bite


  • No warranty
  • No customer care support

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard – Best Environment-friendly Skateboard

Up until this point, we have introduced skateboards with many special aspects. Now, let us introduce you to something that is especially known for its environment-friendly characteristics. 

The Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard is a premium skateboard that has acquired a positive reputation for being manufactured with nature-based materials.

Why Is This Skateboard Our Favorite?

  • Sturdy Construction And Premium Built Strength:

As the deck of the skateboard is made of premium quality bamboo, it’s very lightweight yet very powerful. It can withstand up to 200 lb of load. Also, because it’s made from bamboo, the manufacturing process is completely green. This means that manufacturing this skateboard does not hurt the environment at all.

Also, its trucks are made from high-quality aluminum alloy that contributes to a more stable performance for its user. Furthermore, The wheels are made of SHR polyurethane that keeps the shocks and impacts of the road at bay. 

  • Portability Support:

For carrying it anywhere, the size and weight ratio of this skateboard are just perfect. It’s got a 27.5 x 8.8 x 5.5-inch dimension combined with 2.74 kg of weight. This optimal combination of size and weight contributes to its ultra-portability characteristics. 

Being only 28 inches in length, you can tuck it in your bag and take it anywhere. Also, because it’s only 5.5 inches wide, it doesn’t take up much space from your backpack either.

  • Attractive Design And Graphics:

On top of the above features, this skateboard is designed with attractive graphics on the bamboo surface. As a result, the ultimate appearance of this skateboard is very premium, and it also gives off a vintage vibe.

Moreover, for this Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard, there are 6 color variants to choose from. So, as a consumer, if you choose this skateboard, you’ll have the freedom of choosing an environmentally friendly product and, at the same time, be able to rock on a super aesthetic skateboard.


  • Super strong construction
  • Ultra-portable
  • Environment friendly
  • Shock absorbent
  • Suited for all terrains
  • Customer care service is available


  • A bit expensive
  • Prone to damage from moisture

WhiteFang Skateboards for BeginnersBest Concave & Trick Board for Kids & Beginners

If you are just learning skateboarding, you likely need a skateboard that can withstand the extreme abuse of a new user. For this type of user, the WhiteFang Skateboards are suited perfectly. Why do we say that? Find out below.

What Aspects Of This Skateboard Captivated Us?

  •  Ultra-durable Construction:

As this skateboard is specialized for beginners, it’s been constructed with 7 layers of Canadian maple. As a result, it’s so strong that it’s perfectly suitable to use even for kids. See some complete readymade skateboards.

So, rest assured that it can easily withstand the use and abuse of experienced and non-experienced users.

Thanks to its ABEC-9 premium quality bearings performing in combination with 95A PU wheels, it’s the ultimate skateboard for shock ability. 

Apart from that, it doesn’t require to be assembled (pre-assembled out of the box). So, its construction is much more stable compared to other types of skateboards.

  • Aesthetic Design And Appearance: 

In terms of visual design and style, this skateboard is a pretty unique one. It’s got a specialized graphical design based on many themes such as diamond structure, chessboard structure, etc. 

As a result, once you hit the road with this skateboard under your feet, its visual aesthetics are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

  • Perfect Dimensions And Optimal Strength:

The designers of this skateboard have made a wonderful contribution by making it into a 31x 8x 3.7-inch dimension board. 

What’s more, it’s only 2.16 kg in terms of weight. So, for beginners, the combination of weight and dimensions is pretty optimized.

Furthermore, as this skateboard is equipped with wheels encased in an aluminum frame, it’s very sturdy in terms of construction. As a result, the board has enough strength to carry up to 98 lb of weight load.

  • Convenient Pricing:

The manufacturer of the WhiteFang Skateboards has put out clever pricing strategies to satisfy all user bases. Its price starts from 30 USD. Also, starting from its basic version, you can get this skateboard in its premium versions which are worth 55 USD. 

So, if you are someone who’s looking for a budget-friendly skateboard, this is it. And, if you have some extra penny to spend, you can opt for its more premium versions too.


  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Optimally strong
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Perfect weight and dimensions
  • Highly shock-absorbent 
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Lack of warranty

Are Longboards Best For The College Campus? 

If your college campus has a large area and suitable tracks for longboarding, you can choose a longboard to be your ultimate ride. 

Because longboards facilitate large-sized decks combined with huge wheels, they are a pretty good choice as a ride to use in short distances. 

While longboards are very convenient to use, riding and managing bicycles can be pretty hassling. Also, longboards are very cheap relative to bicycles. 

On top of that, longboards come in various types of custom designs. As a result, if you choose a longboard as your ride, you can show off your taste for graphics too.

But before you jump into buying a longboard, be sure to find out if longboarding is allowed on your campus or not. There are some college campuses where riding skateboards or longboards are fully banned. 

But if it’s allowed in your case, then you can go ahead and find yourself the best type of longboard skateboard for the college campus. 

Is Cruiser Best For The College Campus?

Cruisers are a special kind of skateboard that has a longer and wider deck. A notable feature of cruisers is that they have a kicktail. You can kick the kicktail and instantly grab the board with your hand. Cruisers are very useful for short to medium-distance rides.

If your college has well-conditioned tracks for riding skateboards, it’s absolutely a good idea to buy a cruiser for transports throughout the campus. To cover a larger distance, cruisers offer large wheels and higher decks. 

As a result, you can easily cruise long distances. On top of that, cruisers occasionally have rounded decks. Also, they have a wider deck to facilitate more room to hold your feet.

Now, a thing that you have to pay attention to before buying a cruiser is to check your college campus tracks. If the tracks on your college campus are bumpy and not very good in terms of physical condition, it’s better not to go riding cruiser boards on them. 

Longboard and Cruiser Board Differentiated

I mean, it wouldn’t matter how premium quality a cruiser board you buy, bad tracks will damage it very quickly. As a result, your cruiser will be a liability to you instead of giving you an edge in transport.

Or, you can take a different initiative: change your wheels. Change your wheels to asphalt ones if your surface is asphalt. If the road is rough, we have some good picks for rough surfaces as well.

 Is A Penny Board Best For The College Campus?

Penny boards are very special because they are made of plastic and are very lightweight. They have large wheels, as cruisers have. 

Because of this feature, these can also cover large distances. So, it’s perfectly fine to use a penny board as your transportation to the college.

Also, a penny board can easily be carried in your bag.  For those people who have a large campus and have to frequently run around from one building to another, the ultra-portable penny board is the ultimate ride. 

Due to its plastic-based construction, it doesn’t weigh you down. So, It is perfectly suitable to take with you anywhere.

The wheels of a penny board are the same standard as a cruiser board. Besides, they have the same resiliency and strength as the cruiser boards too. So, in a way, you could say that a penny board is a better and smaller version of a cruiser board.

Is A Normal Skateboard Best For The College Campus?

If your college campus has eligible tracks for riding skateboards, you can use a normal skateboard for short to medium-distance transport throughout the college campus. 

Also, if you want to show off your skateboarding skills to your college pals, a normal skateboard is just the perfect ride. As a normal skateboard has relatively smaller wheels compared to cruiser boards and penny boards, it is pretty convenient to carry.

Plus, a normal skateboard can also be customized in a more diverse way than a cruiser or penny board. So, in terms of design and appearance, normal skateboards have an upper edge over other types of skateboards. 

Furthermore, if your normal skateboard is somehow damaged, you can easily repair it because normal skateboards are very commonly used. So, their mechanical parts are not very hard to come by.  

Checking Out College Campus Surface And Evaluating The Restrictions

Even if you are eager to buy a skateboard for your college campus, there are two things that you have to check before making the purchase:

1. The road surface of your college campus

2. Any restrictions from the college authority

Checking Out The College Campus Surface

The first thing that is required for you to enjoy a hassle-free ride with your skateboard is a nice road, right? If your college doesn’t have a track that is well conditioned for riding skateboards, there’s really no point in buying a skateboard.  

But, If your college surface is flat in nature without hilly terrains, and if it also has some considerably high-quality asphalt, you are good to go. Just buy a skateboard and cruise through your campus without worry. 

On the other hand, if you see the roads of your campus being mostly hilly with lots of ups and downs with twists and turns, it’s a good idea not to try skateboarding on them.

Checking If There Are Any Restrictions From The College Campus

Mind you, the whole fun of skateboarding will be ruined if your college doesn’t allow skateboarding on campus. 

Although it’s pretty uncommon, there are some college campuses where it’s restricted to use skateboards. 

In that case, you have to request your college authority to allow their students to ride skateboards throughout their campus. 

If they give you a positive feedback after asking for permission, you are in luck. Go ahead and buy yourself a skateboard. 

But if there are restrictions on riding skateboards, then you can’t really do anything about it. You just have to give up the idea of riding skateboards through the college campus.

Where to Put Skateboards at College?

If you want to go to your college classroom riding your skateboard, you can. You can just enter your class with the skateboard in your hand. 

Also, while you are studying in class, you can just put the skateboard under your seat. Because the skateboard is a small object, it won’t intrude on anyone’s personal space. 

And, when your class is done, you can just take out the skateboard from under your seat and get on with your daily routine. 

Now, if you are using a very large longboard, it might be difficult to carry around. In that case, you can just toss it into the bicycle parking space before entering the class. 

However, if your college authority allows, you can hang your board on the wall in some easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a skateboard fit in my college locker?

It probably can. Since most skateboards are about 30 inches in length, it is probably not impossible to put it in your college locker, unless the locker is extremely small in size. It all depends on the dimensions of the locker and the size of the skateboard you are riding.

2. How can I securely lock my skateboard?

When you are parking your skateboard somewhere in your college, it’s better to put a cable lock on it. Cable locks for skateboards are pretty easy to come by. I recommend that you buy a cable lock for your skateboard and secure your skateboard to a pole or a rack before entering a class. 

Concluding Words

Skateboarding is a super fun way of enjoying your free time. If you can skateboard through your college campus, the fun is intensified many times over. This is why, in the above discussion, we introduced you to the best skateboards for the college campus. 

We are confident that at some point in the future, you will be highly benefited from this discussion here. Now, go all out and have fun with your skateboard. But, just be careful with your surroundings while riding your skateboard and follow the safety precautions properly. 

Thank you very much for dropping in today, you guys are the bee’s knees. We bid you the best of luck. Have a nice day!!!

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