Skateboarding vs Rollerblading

Skateboarding vs Rollerblading [Which One To Choose?]

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skateboarding or rollerblading

Skateboarding and rollerblading are much confused sports. If you are a newbie in skating, you may be wondering about the most efficient one to start with between the two. Read through to get their major differences and which is the most recommendable sport for you.



A skateboard is a narrow board with two wheels fixed on the bottom, on which the rider stands on the board and propels forward by pushing the feet against the ground. However, when on a slope, the rider does not have to drive themselves because gravity will do it for them. The boards are commonly made of maple wood and have a polyurethane coating for durability and a smooth texture.

Skateboarding Pros

  • It is entirely more comfortable to learn for a newbie.
  • In case of an unexpected obstacle, the rider can quickly jump off.
  • Unlike, the rollerblades, skateboarding is not worn hence time-saving
  • Multiple riding styles and tricks compared to rollerblades.
  • It is faster in case of an emergency brake.


  • Do not have brakes hence prone to accidents.
  • The skateboard moves by pushing, which may consume much energy on a flat surface.
  • The riding direction is different from which the rider should face

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Rollerblades consist of boots with wheels at the bottom, which are worn by the skater. The shoes are long enough to support the ankles. The skaters propel themselves forward for the movement.  Most of the rollerblades have brakes and shock absorbers. They also have ball bearings which allow smooth flow for the wheels.

Standardly, the wheels are made of polyurethane. Their thickness is measured using an A-scale and usually ranges between 72A to 93A. The higher the number in the A-scale, the harder the wheels.   While using a rollerblade, the rider faces forward, which is unlike the skateboards. Nonetheless, some people argue that rollerblades have limitations on their riding tricks and setups.

Rollerblading Pros

  • They are easier to overcome an obstacle
  • It has brakes which minimize the risks  accidents
  • While using a rollerblade, you face the same direction  you are moving which is unlike the skateboards
  • Rollerblades have brakes hence safety promising


  • Fewer riding tricks and styles
  • In case of an unexpected close obstacle, it may be impossible for the rider to exercise control.

Getting Started with a Skateboard

Skateboarding is a sport that requires constant learning and practice. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, you are a step away from riding the skateboard like a pro. To start with, fear is the enemy of any progress. Frankly, skateboarding requires a lot of courage and keenness. It can be hard and quite simple depending on your attitude, thus, have a positive outlook for your good.

Follow the following steps to get started on a skateboard;

Get your favorite board–  you can purchase the board on the nearest store or via online shopping. Get a skateboard that is of the appropriate size. And before buying one, get ideas about what are the good skateboard brands.

Have beginner settings on the skateboard- curved boards and loose trucks may bring troubles in maintaining balances. Hence, they have a relatively flat board with tight trucks. After some time, you can consider loosening the trucks to enjoy some riding tricks.

Wear the skate shoes and the safety elements- not every shoe type is right for a skateboard. Skate shoes have a gripping sole to offer protection and support. If you are not in a position of acquiring the skate shoes, get any type of shoe with a flat surface on the bottom. Also, put on the safety elements of knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads

Identify the right place to skate-   for beginners; it is recommendable to find a place with minimal obstacles. Ideally, the surface should be smooth.

Starting and maintaining the Balance

  • Position one of your foot on the skateboard and the other on the ground
  • Slightly bend your knees for stability.
  • Propel yourself forward at a manageable speed until you are in a continuous motion
  • Place the other for on the board relatively apart from the other.

How to Start and Balance a Rollerblade

Wear your safety equipment- they include the head element, knee pads, and elbow elements. Also, put on the boots and pull the straps tightly to the buckles.

Stand-up- ideally, find a place to hold on while standing. After you are up, the feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Find your balance– finding the balance is the trickiest thing about the rollerblades.  Try standing ordinarily. Place the toes facing in front. Note that the rollerblades will move in the direction where your toes are facing. The ankles should not lean towards each other. Otherwise, you may fall.

Try moving- after identifying a relatively flat surface; you can get out and try skating. If possible, position yourself near a wall or trail on which you can hold. Make slight movements while challenging yourself to work without falling.

How to find Balance while Skating

  • Do not place your hands in a higher position than your body.
  • When you feel like tipping, hold your hands on your sides.
  • Bend the knees to lower the center of gravity
  • Skate on a speed you can handle

Learn how to fall safely. In case you feel you can no longer maintain the balance, the only option is to fall. Lean your body slightly, keeping your head away from the ground. Let the butt and thighs to absorb the impact.

How do you stop a Skateboard and a Rollerblade?

Stopping a Skateboard

  • Lean forward and place the dominant foot at the center of the deck.
  • Apply pressure on the tail of the board until it is in contact with the ground.
  • Wait until your board comes to a halt.

Nonetheless, in case of an emergency stop, lift your hands and jump off the board.

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How to Stop a Rollerblade

  • Slow down bring your feet closer towards each other.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Tilt your foot back towards the ground while moving forward so as the brakes will scrape the ground.

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A Skateboard or a Rollerblade?

It is a common dilemma when debating about a skateboard vs a rollerblade. Neither of them is the best over the other. It all depends on your taste and preference. Nonetheless, if you prefer to skate with multiple styles, the skateboard might impress you. However, if you are a complete newbie in the skating world. Then you can consider the rollerblades because:

  • It has brakes hence quite safe.
  • Stopping the rollerblade, you only have to tilt back.
  • Rollerblades are more comfortable to learn.
  • They use boots that protect and support ankles.
  • They soften the joints and tone up the buttocks faster.
  • Gives a sense of freedom and lightness.
  • It is easier to commute due to its versatility.
  • More straightforward to learn jumping and skating than skateboarding.

Getting bored? Well, let’s enjoy a video of both these rides.

Final summary

Skating involves different tools such as longboards, skateboards, and rollerblades. Skateboards are made of smooth boards, with wheels on the bottom, among other parts. The rollerblades are majorly made of boots that offer ankles support. Whichever the tool you choose for your leisure time or professional, always have the safety elements. They include a knee pad, elbow pad, and wrist guards.

When starting a skateboard or rollerblade, always ride at a speed you can manage. If you are a beginner, you should forget about the riding tricks as per now. Also, when learning looks for a smooth surface with minimal obstacles. Ideally, for the rollerblades, get a place with a wall or rails to hold.

The rollerblades are more common than the skateboards due to their safety-promising construction. Unlike the skateboards, they have brakes, and the boots offer support to the ankles. Also, they are quite more comfortable to learn. However, the learning period depends on the skater.

As a whole, I am into both skatings. What about you: skateboarding or rollerblading? Let me know in the comment below.

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