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Inline Skating vs Roller Skating; Which is Best For You?

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John Joseph Merlin, London stage performer, the inventor of skating could imagine the huge popularity of skating someday? People around the world are picking the skates to fill their sportive mind with utmost joy now. John Merlin is to be applauded to discover such a great sport.

Fitness has been an inevitable part of life and skating is one of the best choices among many fitness sports equipment.

There are two types of skating. Roller skating and Inline skating. Both skates are a good form to meet the purpose of skating. To stay fit, skating is becoming a favorite workout.

Among many sports equipment, individuals go for skates to wear on and give a go. But a question always arises either roller skating or inline skating. Which is better and flexible yet fun and exciting?

Let’s go through some facts and opinions on this issue, “Inline Skating vs Roller Skating” and decide which is for you.

Roller Skating:

Traditional, a quite familiar skating concept. It comprises four wheels with side-by-side pairs. People opting for indoor skating prefer roller skating. It is of high stability, grips are wider and great for cruising. These wheels look stylish as shaped as boots.

Roller Skates

Inline Skating:

This skating is a little modernized. The four-wheeled inline skates are smaller and thinner than the roller skates. This requires balance and strength. People prefer inline skating for outdoor movement.

Roller Blades

Now look at the areas they differ:

Are Roller Skates Easier Than Inline Skates:

What is easier, actually? Everything you once master gets easy for you. Yet there are some points to notice. Especially when you choose one comparing with another one.

Albert Einstein once taught one of his fans how to understand classical music. He brought the examples of arithmetic that need to learn from the very basic addition and subtraction.

So things are like that. If you first attempt skating, it will never seem easy for you. Gradually with practice, it gets easier with your effort and energy. Many opine that inline skates are a little tougher than roller skates in terms of balancing and movement. But to be frank inline skates as well brings benefits and spirit to your pursuit.

However, if you find it slightly troublesome to have a balance in inline skating, you can choose roller skating as skating keeps our balance with grip. But again, if you are a person in love with speed, go for inline skating.

Why Inline Skates Defines Speed Better Than Roller Skates:

The inline skate lovers claim that skating without inline is a day without sunshine. It’s like a zig zag train running smoothly. The thin lines of wheels beat all sharp curves, corners, and debris on the road by its own style and give a heavenly feeling to the skaters.

Whereas things to be considered in rollerblades as the four big wheels take much space while skating and skaters find it difficult to move through the difficulties on a road. The single line designed inline skate is best for turning, maneuvering, and versatile movement.

Its pattern is like ice skating, and it is obvious that ice skating is the superior choice for speed and dynamic skating. But getting a flat icy path is not in our hand, so inline skating is to pick up for best results. (Read Ice Skating vs Roller Skating here.)

If you are a person love traveling along the path with high speed wearing headphone in tuned with hip hop music and quick arrival at the destination, you must go for inline skating.

It will give you a tremendous feeling with a smooth speed with the finest four same line structured wheels. You need not bother about little objects on a road, sharp curves. Little holes as the surface of the inline wheels will do the job for you.

If you look for easy, manageable, and flexible skating, I would suggest you start with Roller skates.

How Body Movements Differ In Inline Skating From Roller Skating:

Skating is a sport that includes our body movements. Roller skates move our most of the body parts except hips. In the case of inline skates, our hips move under the speedy movements.

Inline skates help us to detect our balance lapses in the body and make us balanced with the movement of hips.

If you are looking for a flexible workout with balanced four wheels in two rows can choose roller skates with no experiment. In contrast, wear rollerblades for adventurous skates.

Rollerblades with one lined wheels will give you a feeling of fall off anytime and that’s where your craft begins. It’s fun and interesting to learn to balance with your hips movement including your front and back sides.

I have seen challenge loving people pick inline skates as their permanent choice for skating.

The comparison, “Inline Skating vs Roller Skating” might be well described seeing the pros and cons of both the skates as below:

Pros Of Roller Skates:

·         Balanced, the center point keeps gravity

·         Need less training and body agility

·         Good exercise for upper body

·         Wide wheels help in keeping pace

·         Four large wheels avoid tripping

·         Shoes are comfortable


·         The four-wheeled roller skates face trouble in maneuver

·         Not fit for roller racing and speedy trip

Pros of Inline Skates:

·         Fast movement.

·         Good aerobic exercise.

·         Balance dynamically keeping the body in motion.

·         Good pick up for advanced moves like backward, crossover turns.

·         Keep balance, coordination, and agility in equal proportion.

·         Increases self-confidence.


·         Injury: This might be only one con that can be mentioned, but regular and perfect practice can ease it.

A Video To Decide:

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Ending Words:

‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity’. Following this saying, I must say to the skaters to pick up your skates as your preparations require. In light of the above discussion, definitely, you have to come to a decision which skates are best for you.

Motivate yourself enough to skate for the huge benefits. Focus on your need and your goals. Whatever the goal is, keep your eyes on it. There is a big difference whether you want to skate or willing to skate.

Now the question is which skates you would go for. Outdoor Quad skates will give a good feeling of skating, while inline skating will bring you amazement in the world of skating. This inline skating over the years has been so popular for its outstanding shape, speed, and overall structure.

So, I suggest you grab inline skates for the best experience, as the medical world has prescribed inline skating a better work out for health and mind than jogging.

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