How to Wrap a Skateboard? [Two Methods, Simple Steps to Follow]

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A skateboard is always considered as an amazing present for anyone. But giving someone a present without a pretty outlook is not something pretty. So you must have to make your present look gorgeous.

Besides, a skateboard has a unique shape that does not allow you to wrap it easily. If you give someone a skate gift and he or she understands what is there inside the wrapping momentarily, the fun part is spoiled. So you have to wrap a skateboard in such a way that, at the first glance the recipient would not able to understand what is there inside.

Focusing on all of these ideas, today I am here to provide you with a complete guide on wrapping a skateboard nicely. Let our journey begin.

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Let’s Start Wrapping a Skateboard

As I mentioned earlier, a skateboard is not easy to wrap. The best way to start is, first put your skateboard upside down. Otherwise, during your work, the skateboard would try to slide again and again. So put the whole thing in such a manner that the wheels and trucks face upwards and the part of the deck where a rider stands, faces downwards. Now you have a stable scenario to continue the rest of the wrapping.

It is preferable to get a piece of styrofoam and cut it in a rectangular shape that fits between the two trucks. The styrofoam piece should be of the same width as the skateboard. The length of it should be the distance between two trucks.

 It should be sufficiently thick to cover the whole area starting from the flat part of the deck to the top of the wheels. If you can not get a single piece of styrofoam having such thickness, use multiple layers of less thick styrofoam to do the same.

Got a Piece of Styrofoam. What next?

Okay. Now we have a skateboard that looks ‘quite rectangular’ in shape. Now time to get a thick piece of long paper. Butcher paper should work well. Unfurl that paper on the ground and put your skateboard along with the rectangular piece(s) of styrofoam on the paper. You may tie the styrofoam piece(s) with the skateboard with strings. This will let you work with ease.

After putting the skateboard on the paper, start rolling the paper all around the skateboard. The paper should be large enough to cover the full length of a skateboard. Usually, a skateboard is almost thirty inches long. So keep that in mind while you are buying butcher paper.

After covering the skateboard with butcher paper, use sellotape to stick the open end of the paper with the whole setup. Do not be economic here. Use enough sellotape so that the paper would not start to unfold by itself suddenly. 

But the Sides Are Still Open!

To cover the sides is tricky. You can clearly see that the upper side of the butcher paper is flexible while the lower side is not. You have decks in the lower part so you can not fold this part. What you have to do now is, press the upper side of the two open edges and let it touch the bottom part. You will get something like ‘<’ shape.

Then stick these two sides of the paper together with sellotape. Again, use sufficient amount of sellotape. Now you are quite done.

Still, It Does Not Look Pretty!

The wrapping is almost done. But a present wrapped in a brown thick paper does not look appealing. It is not attractive either. How to solve this?

Well, now use a piece of wrapping paper to do the rest. You can have plenty of wrapping paper in the market having different colors, designs, etc. As you are giving a gift, you may know the taste of the recipient. Choose the wrapping paper according to that. If you do not have any detailed idea about the recipient’s taste or aptitude, any good looking wrapping paper will suffice.

You are all done now. The skateboard is ready to be sent as a gift to any of your beloved people.

Wrapping with a Container

Packing a skateboard with paper box

You can skip this part, but it is recommended not to do so. This part is all about putting your wrapped skateboard in a container. How to do that? The procedure is as follows:

  • Get a box, maybe made of paper board that can contain the fully wrapped skateboard inside it. Yes, it is tough to find a box that is almost ten to fifteen inches wide, almost thirty five to forty inches long, and approximately has a height of six to eight inches. But it would be very convenient if you can manage one somehow. 
  • Put some waste papers or wrap your skateboard well with bubble wraps. After wrapping it with bubble wrap or putting a lot of waste papers inside the box, put the skateboard in the box. Use a lot of sellotape while wrapping with bubble wraps.

The wastage papers or bubble wraps are going to save the skateboard from any external damage that can happen during the time of shipment. This point is really crucial. Skateboards are made out of wood and any heavy wound can literally break them or at least can put scratches on the deck

  • Use reinforced tape to close the bottom and sides of the box. Using sellotape for this purpose is not convenient and may lead to a hazard. You have to get something that has a strong pulling force to ensure your skateboard’s safety.
  • This point is optional. You can also wrap this box with wrapping paper. Again, this is additional and there is no harm skipping this. It is just for extra coolness. Get a card and write a message you want to convey. Stick that to the box. The whole thing is now ready for shipment. 

Assuming you want to shrink wrap a skateboard to protect it from any damage, specially from water. In that case, you just need to watch this below Video:

Wrapping Up

Now you know how you are going to wrap a skateboard and give that as a pleasing gift to someone. There are fewer essays on the internet that cover this topic. So I decided to write one that may help anyone in this regard. Hope this helps you out. I hope your loved one is going to be happy to get your present. Good day!

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