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What is a Cruiser Skateboard? (Check Out Cruiser vs Longboard!)

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Hello newbies. As a newcomer in this world of skating, you are probably confused about different types of skateboards. Today we are here to help you learn about cruisers!

So, what is a cruiser skateboard? A cruiser skateboard is a special kind of skateboard that is designed to skate from one place to another  on any level pavement or any street regularly. They are usually larger than skateboards and smaller than longboards.

Cruiser skateboards are great for you if you want to travel a short distance and enjoy freedom of travelling! But as a beginner you need to know A to Z of cruisers!

So, let’s move forward and learn more about cruiser skateboards!

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Cruiser Skateboard Defined 

Usually cruiser skateboards are made for moving around comfortably. They are lightweight so that you can carry them without much effort. They are good for smooth short distance travelling.

These skateboards have medium or shorter decklenth with a kicktail sometimes! They are shorter than longboards and have wheels bigger and tougher than other skateboards.

The cruisers usually have a pointy nose. The reason behind this is they are made for travelling in one direction. Switching directions may not be a great experience with cruisers.

Types of Cruiser Skateboards 

Now as you know about cruisers, you may love to buy a cruiser skateboard for you. But how to choose and buy the perfect cruisers for you?

If you are searching for the top-rated brands, go for CAL7, Magneto and penny skateboards. 

But more than brands, types of cruiser skateboards matter!

Wooden Cruisers

Wooden cruisers are made of wood  and may have flat or concave decks. They are typically taller than regular skateboards and may even have elevated tails.

Penny Cruisers

These are cruisers with smaller size than other types and a plastic body. They are lightweight, so easy to carry. That’s why many newbies love them. They are also much cheaper than other types.

Mini Cruisers

 These are small size cruisers with wooden bodies. Kids and teens love them as they are lightweight and small sized. They cost less than regular wooden cruisers

Now, choose your cruisers according to your preferences.

Choosing Cruiser Board Size

Here Cruiser board size means the length and width of the board. Usually the length varies from 25“-32“ and width varies from 7` to 9.5“

So, what size to choose? Actually it varies from person to person. There are no specific rules to choose the size. You have to check the length. It’s better for the newbies to start with shorter length first. If you are more comfortable with lengthy cruisers, than go for it.

About width, you can check your regular shoe size. Always try to choose a cruiser that is 1 or 2 size wider than your shoes.

But to be honest, it’s experience and experiment that can make you choose the perfect size for yourself.

Is a Cruiser Right For You?

 The answer to this question can be yes or no depending on your reasons for skateboarding!

 Do you want to be a professional skateboarder? If yes it will be great to start with a cruiser to learn all the tricks. After being comfortable with cruisers for other types.

Also Cruisers are great if you want to travel in local areas . They can be your great friend to enjoy free enjoyable short distance travelling.

Cruiser SkateBoard vs Regular Skateboards vs Longboards

Are you confused between cruisers and regular skateboards? Also what’s the difference between longboards and cruisers? No worries dear! We are here to help you.

The basic difference of these three types is that the cruisers are for local regular travelling. But longboards are for Long distance use. Again, skateboards are for different tricks; specially useful for sports persons.

Let’s see what the other differences are:

  • Length:  Skateboards are usually 30-32 inches in length, cruisers are 27-34 inches and longboards are 36 inches and above!
  • Wheel Size:  The largest wheel size is of longboards. That’s above 60 mm. On the other hand cruisers have wheels with 55-65mm in size and longboards wheel size varies from 50 to 60 mm.
  • Momentum:  Longboards and cruisers have greater momentum than that of skateboards.
  •  Soft Wheels: Cruisers and longboards have softer wheels than skateboards.
  • Trucks: longboards have different types of trucks compared to cruisers and skateboards. Trucks of longboards are wider and have greater height than other two types.
  •  Shape:  Regular skateboard has popsicle shape with an angled nose and tail to pop the deck. They also have a concave to allow tricks! Cruisers usually do not have concave, but there are exceptions.Some cruisers have tail. Some do not have tails! Longboards do not have nose and tails with angles.Sometimes the have a bit concave but most of the time they are flat!
  •  Flexibility: Longboards are much more flexible than regular skateboards and cruisers.Big turns and deep curving is not an issue for longboards. But you  will find it really difficult to turn rapidly or have a big turn in case of cruisers and skateboards.

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Longboards, Skateboards and Cruisers-Which One is The Best?

To tell you the truth, you can not compare a banana with an orange. Longboards, skateboards and Cruisers are designed for their own different purposes. SO if your reasons meet the features of cruisers, Cruisers will be best for you. 

 Also there are different kinds of cruisers, different kinds of longboards and skateboards also.  Check the product manual and discuss with some skateboarder to get a clear idea before choosing the best one for you!

Video Tutorial on different Skateboards

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part we have gathered some frequently asked questions about cruisers for you.

  • Can you learn to skate on a Cruiser?

Basically cruiser boards are a hybrid of longboards and regular skateboards. So, it’s good to start with a cruiser to learn skateboarding. But if you want to focus on learning tricks and want to take skateboarding as a profession or seriously think of it as a sport. It’s better to go for skateboards rather than cruisers.

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  •  Is it harder to ollie on cruisers?

You can learn ollie on cruisers . If you want to use only cruisers it’s best to learn ollie on cruisers right from the beginning. But if you don’t want to continue skateboarding on cruisers, it will be better if you learn with skateboards. So that you do not have switch styles with your boards.

  • Is the penny board a good cruiser for you?

Penny boards are durable and lightweight. So, they are an amazing option to start learning skateboarding. The 32 inch penny board will let you enjoy comfortable cruising. As a newby, yes, penny boards are a good option for you!

Last Words

So, what now? You know about cruisers and the differences of cruisers and other types of skateboards. You have also known about the types of cruisers and how to choose the right cruiser for you!

We have tried our best to give you a clear idea on What is a cruiser skateboard. Now everything is up to you. But don’t be late. Go and grab your cruisers fast.

Remember it’s never too late to start skateboarding! But you really need to start right now!

Happy boarding with the best one!

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