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How to Put a Skateboard on a Backpack? [5 Easy Ways]

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Carrying your skateboard while traveling can be quite easy if you know the right techniques. Instead of carrying your skateboard in your hands, it is better to either attach it to your backpack or put it on your backpack.

There are multiple ways of carrying your skateboard in your backpack. You can attach the skateboard to your backpack using strips, clips, or use a deck hook while also having the option of placing the skateboard in your backpack.

In this article, we will walk you through easy ways on How to Put a Skateboard on a Backpack which will avoid the hassle of having to carry it around with your hands as you travel.

Ways to Carry Your Skateboard on a Backpack

It is difficult to carry a skateboard around holding in your hands during journeys as it restricts the use of your hands for other activities as you have to hold on to your skateboard. The best option is the use of a backpack. 

The backpack allows you to carry the board in multiple ways to choose from that will suit you best, depending on the size and shape of your skateboard.

Attach The Skateboard on the Backpack Using Straps

You can easily carry your skateboard by attaching it to the back of your backpack using the backpack straps. Most backpacks that come with straps at the back of it are suitable for attaching the skateboard. The procedure for attaching your skateboard on the backpack is quite easy and simple.

  • First place your skateboard vertically on the backpack.
  • Then open the backpack straps to properly accommodate the skateboard in its place.
  • Use the strips around your skateboard to fix it and let the straps hold it in place.
  • Now the straps will safely hold on to your skateboard and you can freely carry it around as you go.

Although most backpacks come with straps and can be you used to carry a skateboard, you can check out Killer Pad’s 187 Standard Issue Backpack with Skateboard Straps. 

This backpack is perfectly suitable for attaching a skateboard on the back as it has the right straps to fix your skateboard between them with the right tightness and safety. It also has a bright and vibrant outlook that will look great with your skateboard.

Use a Deck Hook to Attach it to the Backpack

If the straps of your backpack are too short, you may consider attaching the skateboard on the backpack using a deck hook. Make sure to choose a deck hook that will efficiently be able to bear the weight of your skateboard in the process. The procedure to clip your skateboard to your backpack using a deck hook is as follows:

  • First, attach the little wall mount available with the deck hook to the inner wall of the backpack.
  • Then hold the deck hook and bind the straps around the straps of your backpack and fix them to attach.
  • Now attach the side of your skateboard with the deck hook.
  • Make sure that the skateboard is placed on the outer side of your backpack.

Attach Your Skateboard to the Backpack using a Lanyard

Another solution if your backpack has short straps or does not have strips is to attach it with a lanyard. A lanyard is generally a small piece of rope and you can loop it across the straps of the backpack. Having two lanyards makes the task easier to complete as you can use both lanyards across the straps to fix your skateboard in place.

  • If you only have one lanyard, first loop it across the two straps of the backpack and make sure it is well in place.
  • Taking one side of the skateboard, loop it properly over and under the skateboard’s truck area.

Finally, tie the lanyard end to itself and you’re all set.

However, if you can find a couple of lanyards, you can attach your skateboard even more easily to your backpack even if they have short straps.

  • First loop both of the lanyards across the straps of your backpack.
  • Then hook both lanyards up with themselves.
  •  Place the skateboard horizontally.
  • Then loop the lanyards properly through each wheel of the skateboard.
  • You can safely carry your skateboard on your backpack without the hassle of having to hold it around.

Use Bungee Cords to Attach Your Skateboard

The safest way to carry your skateboard if there are just no attaching options available on your backpack is to use cords. In that case, bungee cords are aptly suitable as they can well bear the weight of your board while keeping you tension free as you travel. You can also use specialized strips and ropes available in markets as per your need.

  • To secure your skateboard to the backpack, you can follow these steps:
  • Take a few bungee cords enough to tie the board to your backpack.
  • Fix these cords to the opposite of the backpack.
  • Loop the cords across the skateboard wheels as you place it vertically on the back of the backpack.
  • Tie cords properly across the skateboard and you have your skateboard attached to your backpack.

There are many strips and cords available in the market that can be used for the purpose of tying the skateboard efficiently to your backpack. KOTAP BB-6B-Ball Bungee Cords are effective in that case and are well-rated as heavy-duty bungee cords if your skateboard is not very wide. 

If you want wider cords, you may check out Stalwart’s 24-inch Bungee Cords which is also available in an 18-inches version.

Carry Your Skateboard in Your Backpack

If attaching the skateboard to the back of your backpack does not feel assured, you may consider carrying it inside your backpack. This will require you to have a larger backpack according to the size of your board. 

Since placing the skateboard with other accessories can cause things to mess up with the dirt from your skateboard, you will have to clean it before you put the skateboard in your backpack.

  • To place your skateboard in the backpack:
  • Make sure the skateboard is clean of dirt and mud before placing it in the backpack.
  • Hold the skateboard in a vertical direction.
  • Put it in any of the two corners of the backpack as suitable.
  • Zip up and you’re good to go!

Since there are a variety of backpacks to choose from available in the market, it is important that you determine the size that will be able to occupy your board properly. If you want to place your skateboard completely inside the backpack, you will need a larger and taller backpack to accommodate it. 

So, the choice of backpack, in that case, is totally dependent on the size of your skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Attach a Skateboard Without built-in Straps?

Yes, it is totally possible to attach the skateboard without having built-in straps on your backpack. There are various strips and cords available in the market that you may use to safely attach the skateboard to your backpack and carry around.

Do You Need Special Backpacks to Carry a Skateboard?

Well even though there are different specialized backpacks available solely for the purpose of carrying the skateboard, it isn’t a must. A skateboard can easily and safely be carried around on any backpack, given you secure it in the right techniques.

Since most backpacks come with straps and strips, you can use those to fix your skateboard to the backpack or us cords to attach it securely.

Can You Carry Longboards on Your Backpack?

Longboards are quite similar in their built compared to regular skateboards with differences in their size and weight. You can use the same techniques mentioned above for carrying a longboard, provided you make sure they can bear the weight of your longboard.

What are the other uses of a backpack?

Not only skateboard, but also you can put other small pieces of skateboard equipment on your backpack. For example, you can easily put your skate socks, grip tape, wrist guards or knee pad, etc. on to your backpack. So, if you have a plan to put other things along with your skateboard, make sure your backpack is spacious enough to meet your purpose. However, you can choose a backpack as a gift for your loving ones as well on a special occasion.

Video Tutorial on Putting a Skateboard on Backpack


Carrying your skateboard holding in your hands during journeys can get really annoying. To make sure you are at ease with your board while travelling, the best way to carry it is by employing the use of a backpack.

Making your journeys fun and easy as you carry your skateboard along isn’t really difficult if you know the right methods. Let us know which of the mentioned technique suits you best and till then, Happy Skating!

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