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9 Best Rated Pickleball Books To Read (Don’t Miss The Audio Version)

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Hello readers!

Once there were no Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Nothing was there as a digital version (e.g. audiobooks, kindles) which is readily available nowadays. What was the source of learning then?

Books for sure!

Like other sports, many pickleball enthusiasts wrote several books mentioning different aspects of the game. Out of many, the best pickleball books are those where the main concept circles around “on the court” and “off the court”.

Books are better than televised sports

Once you scroll down below, you are going to find the top 9 best-rated books on pickleball. Enjoy!

Reviewing Best Pickleball Books

You can find several types of pickleball books in the book store and online marketplace. A review would be a good solution to choose the best one beforehand. The synopsis of those is furnished below according to the Customer Reviews Rating (5-point-scale):

1.How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z (Rating 5.0)

How to Play Pickleball

Author & Bio

Joe Baker and Pickleball legend Coach Mo wrote this book. Coach Mo is well-known for training players at the national tournament levels. He has a special ability to describe a complex concept in a simple one so that anyone can understand him.

The Content

  • Fundamental guidelines that help the players cope with the advanced tournament level.
  • High percentage shot techniques
  • Player movement and positioning
  • The way of playing smart pickleball

Key Takeaway

  • A comprehensive idea of stroke play
  • Coach MO’s vision and knowledge of pickleball tend to influence the youngsters.

Recommended For

  • Beginner to 5.0 players.

My Final Thought

This pickleball book works as a guide towards the intense technical details of pickleball. The thorough explanation and usage of images and drawings are truly conducive.

2. History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun! (Rating 4.9)

History of Pickleball

Author & Bio

Jennifer Lucore, a daughter, won the top titles in 17 USAPA Nationals and many more. Beverly Youngren, a mother, was one of the first USAPA Ambassadors and still an active one.

This mother-daughter duo has spent three years researching and collecting stories from the forerunners of the sport to write this book.

The Content

The storyline begins in 1965 describing many facts like- people who patronized pickleball, how the funny name came to be, the commercial success story of the game, etc.

Key Takeaway

A fascinating compilation of pickleball history

Recommended For

Beginners should be the main focus. Because they intend to know the colorful history of this game. However, pickleball rules included here are also their major concerns.

My Final Thought

For the first time, the story of America’s fastest-growing sport has been cataloged in this comprehensive book. We feel the carefree optimism of summer. The chapter relating to health issues is truly amazing to me.

3. At the Line – The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy (Rating 4.8)

At the Line

Author & Bio

Joe Baker, a mechanical engineer by profession, is a pickleball enthusiast, pickleball player, and teacher. He is a popular pickleball YouTuber having many followers.

The Content

  • Mostly winning strategies for both singles and doubles play.
  • Techniques and tactics explained in association with great players and coaches.
  • Importance and application of teamwork and communication
  • Drawbacks of aggressive playing

Key Takeaway:

  • Analyzing your opponent in terms of skill level and capability
  • Few illustrations make you feel comfortable to understand the fact easily
  • As a whole a winning philosophy that guides you to get success

My Final Thought

I found his book informative and easy to read. The information you find here either hasn’t been published before or is tougher to find.

However, you can learn pickleball techniques and strategies from my own research-based article.

4. The Pickle Ball Bible – Student Edition (Rating 4.6)

The Pickle Ball Bible

Author & Bio

Dr. Rick Lambson and Tim Finger, with Robert Thompson being the co-author, wrote the book. Dr. Lambson is a physical educator and athletic coach who has taught and coached students at the elementary level.

The Content

  • The book states the rules of the game and the fundamental skills required to perform.
  • The book explains some strategies used by professional players.
  • You can get the idea of surviving mentality needed in the crunch time of the game

Key Takeaway

Players can learn the importance of hand-eye coordination skills involves in pickleball. It helps them to get the edge over the opponent.

Recommended For

The writers include the version as “student edition”. The beginner should be the prime target.

My Final Thought

In this book few assignments, project works are designed to evaluate the performance appraisal of the readers.

5. Smart Pickleball (Rating 4.5)

Smart Pickleball

Author & Bio

The self-proclaimed “Pickleball Guru” Prem Carnot and Wendy Garrido jointly wrote this book. Pickleball Guru Academy, a clinic book, is also written by Prem.

The Content

  • The writer uses case studies and personal examples with diverse pickleball circumstances and strategies
  • The author describes different workouts and sessions
  • Photographs and diagrams show precisely what is being introduced or discussed

Key Takeaway

  • Strategy and workout sessions
  • The whole chapter on 3rd shot drop shot help you to use it effectively

My Final Thought

“Transformational” is the mere word I should admit making the players understand the effect of this pickleball book. Because to the best of my knowledge many players from the US and Canada change their overall playing style after learning from Prem.

6. The Art of Pickleball: Techniques and Strategies for Everyone (Rating 4.4)

The Art of Pickleball

Author & Bio

Children’s adventure book writer Gale Leach wrote this book.

The Content

The straightforward, conversational language explains the strategies implemented by the professional players that will assist the novice and experienced players. Tips and Tricks required for the basic and advanced strokes are also included here.

The book also talks about the mental aspect of the game as well. It tells you the right kind of gears (paddles, shoes and other accessories) needed to perform in the court.

Key Takeaway

  • Develop winning strategies for singles and doubles
  • Know which gear is the best fit for you.
  • Changes and additions to the game’s official rules

Recommended For

Beginners and seasoned players love this book

My Final Thought

What a turnaround for me! I personally get help in my dinks and volleys after reading this book. Especially, spin lovers can find a way to excel in this skill.

7. Mind Game: A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis (Rating 4.4)

Mind Game

Author & Bio

Mind Game was written by Neil P. Schulenburg, PhD, a keen pickleball player and psychotherapist specializing in memory resolution in trauma recovery.

The Content

Dr. Schulenburg takes on his endeavor in neuroprocessing and the roles of the two hemispheres of the brain. This book also tells you the way you should enjoy the victory and cope with defeat. This book aims to have discipline in the minds of pickleball players.

Key Takeaway

  • After reading this book you will certainly have the correct frame of mind for success.
  • Understanding your partner and knowing your opponent would be the key to perform better.
  • Understanding the psychological aspect of the rival way ahead.

My Final Thought

Sport is not about only skill and strength but it calls for psychological management as well. Pickleball requires deep attention and discipline. Balanced brain functioning process and strong mental aspect at the time of the game make you feel confident. Read this book: have a sound mind for game.

8. Pickleball Zen – The Inner Game (Rating 4.4)

Pickleball Zen

Author & Bio

Pickleball Zen is Paul Hudanich’s first attempt at literary excellence. Paul graduated with a BS in Business Economics.

The Content

The book features the “Inner Game” and “Venus Rising”, both impressive books are written by Paul. The story format of the book works as a guidebook than any other typical pickleball book.

Key Takeaway

Winning formula or winning trick- whatever term you might use, that’s what you learn from this masterpiece. This book will not tell you about the rules and equipment of the game. Rather, it talks much about guidance as a whole.

Recommended For

This book will help intermediate players to become advanced players. The professionals can also improve their game too.

My Final Thought

Unlike other books, this guide book will tell you the secrets of getting success by using a few magic tricks.

9. Pickleball Fundamentals (Rating 4.3)

Pickleball Fundamentals

Author & Bio

USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), the official governing body of pickleball, first wrote and endorsed the book “Pickleball Fundamentals”.

The Content

This book portrays the basic concepts of this amazing game and helps the beginners compete with confidence. Describe in detail all you need to know how the shots are executed and convert it into a point.

Key Takeaway

The guidance of a compact technique is the focal point here. You can also learn the execution of the same in the field.

Recommended For

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is devoted to learning pickleball well.

My Final Thought

Many consider this book as the best book ever written about pickleball. Competitive tactics for various scenarios, basics, strategies- this book has it all! If you find yourself making a repeated mistake, the checklist provided in the book will assist you to do the adjustment.

Other Pickleball Books

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Few Alternative Of Regular Pickleball Book


Audio Book

Audiobooks are voice recordings of the text of the entire book. You got to listen rather than read. Audiobooks are a word-for-word version of the whole book. You can download the audio version and listen when you are busy cooking and in the traffic. You can find a few of the best pickleball books in the audio version.

Kindle Edition

The Kindle, a small hand-held electronic device, has been developed by Amazon. It is an Android-powered portable e-book reader. All of the pickleball books are available in kindle version.

Importance of Sports Book

Solely practice will not bring success. Alongside learning, reading and watching other players may help you find the trick.

Many find it easier to learn from Youtube videos, some eager to try in the court. Few still find it fruitful to get the lesson from books. You may find a few amazing storytelling writers who attract the readers’ minds just like a wizard.

Off the court, famous pickleball books can also affect a great deal to all ranges of players from novice to pro. Find the appropriate one that best suits you.

Who Are The Readers?

The new generation doesn’t find any interest in reading books. They like to pass time in social media. But still paperback, hardcover books are still published and sold like hot cake.

Who are the readers then? Don’t they have a smartphone to access social media and other digital versions?

The answer is, the readers are among us and they do have a smartphone in their pocket. Still, they are reading books in leisure for pleasure. And the writers also spend day and night expressing their valuable thoughts on the pages.

Those who read books affirm that the appeal remains the same as before.

Criticizing Books!

Few people don’t find any argument for reading books. They feel like spending so much time in reading books is rubbish.

Think of a player who exercises all day long, do the drills perfectly, equipped with best gears but still don’t get his game right on track. What goes wrong for him? Is it the grooming that makes the difference? Or the mental setup lags him behind.

So much of the mental and physical stress a player passes through in his everyday life. To boost the confidence back the books can give him moral support.

Don’t criticize…..have faith in books.

The End

What do you expect from an ideal pickleball book? Going to explain how does pickleball glow in a dark environment. Not really dear!

All of the books mentioned here encircled either around the basic strategies required or the psychological perspective that affects both the recreational and tournament game.

Don’t push yourself hard only in practice day and night. Try something unusual- watch interviews of famous players, follow them on Twitter, read books on pickleball.

Offer yourself an extra room to refresh your mind. Pick a book randomly from a bunch, grab your preferred beverage, sit on a comfy couch and enjoy the book all along.

The best pickleball books will not only teach you a fundamental lesson but also guide you through the way of getting success.

Be a book worm and dig into the juicy details of the journey.


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