How To Hang Skateboard On A Wall

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall? (4 Best Methods With Videos)

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Skateboard deck arts and their diversities attract everyone. It’s an ancestral teenage culture carrying on, especially among the American teens, to obtain the best-designed skateboard decks.

One may want to commemorate his retired skateboards or the fascinating latest collections recently bought by displaying them on walls. But, how to do it? How to hang a skateboard on a wall?

The answer is here.

Ways of hanging skateboard

A skateboard deck may not be less than a souvenir to many. Thus, it should be receiving proper treatment. The article describes some of the best ways (with videos) to do so.

Methods Of Hanging A Skateboard Deck On Your Wall

There are numerous methods to display your first skateboard on the wall.

Maybe you have a top-notch skateboard for college transportation, but you don’t know where and how to store skateboards in the college. Don’t worry!

Here, we are only going to discuss the most common and best possible ways on how to hang your skateboard deck on the wall. 

The Rope Hanger

Perhaps, it’s the only method you can use to hang a skateboard along with its wheels on. This allows you to actually use the same skateboard for the exhibition and also for roaming around on it. In this method, the bottom of your deck is going to be on display.

Hang Skateboard On A Rope Hanger

Materials Required

  • A 1/4inches (0.63cm) thick (at least to hold the weight of the deck) and a 25 inches (64cm) long nylon rope.
  • A drill
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A lighter or matchbox
  • 2 wall anchors
  • 2 wall screws (3cm x 0.4cm at least)
  • A screwdriver 


  1. Take the rope and tie two knots, as tightly as possible, at both ends of the rope.
  2. Burn the ends of the rope slightly with a lighter, holding it lit for not more than 1-3 seconds. This will prevent the rope from fraying.
  3. Use the pencil and ruler on your selected wall to draw two small (2-3cm)vertical lines, 37cm apart from the other, and match them by drawing a long horizontal line, intersecting both the vertical lines.
  4. Drill two holes where the lines intercept (vertical and horizontal) and push wall anchors in.
  5. Hold one of the end knots of the rope and place it above any of the holes.
  6. Screw through the center of the knot using a screwdriver. Do the same with the other knot.
  7. Once both the knots are screwed to the wall, hang your skateboard with the lower side on the top. Once the rope is fixed at both ends, slide your deck inside and the wheels will grip the rope to hang perfectly.


  • Installation is easy and cheap.
  • You can hang the same skateboard that you use regularly.


  • The knots may loosen or the rope may fray.
  • The rope can leave unwanted scratches on the board.

The Fishing Line

This is the most common method to hang a deck vertically. It’s a cheap and easy way to get a sleek and invisible hanging. But the trucks or wheels should be removed before hanging.

Required Materials

  • Fishing line or any colorless string
  • A pair of scissors
  • Nail or wall hanger
  • Hammer or drilling machine


  1. Hammer a nail or wall hanger on the suitable part of the wall.
  2. Cut a string with the scissors as needed, maybe around 10 inches long (more or less).
  3. Hold the string and insert it through the topmost screw holes of the deck. If you are holding face to face to the bottom portion of a deck, insert the piece of string in one hole and bring it out through the other. 
  4. Tie a knot (it can be a bit critical to knot a fishing line), or several knots to make sure the knots never come off. (The knot should be facing the upper part of the deck or where the foot is placed.) 
  5. Hang your deck at a vertical position in the nail or hanger.


  • Cheap and easy to install
  • Doesn’t require much time


  • The decks may be dwindling just by a simple breeze.
  • Fishing lines may scratch and remove paints.

Notes: The nail or hanger should not be visible externally. So, the string should not be lengthy and the placement of nail should be within the frame of the board. 

Shoelaces can be used as an alternative to fishing lines to avoid damages caused to the board by the line. But they may be visible.

A Video Lesson for Fishing Line

The Wall Mount

This is the best and most premium hanging method amongst all. This is strong and a permanent and perfect solution for hanging boards on walls.

Materials Required

  • A skateboard wall mount kit; which should include a wall mount plate, a wall anchor, a wall screw, two long bolts and nuts, and two T-nuts.
  • A drilling machine


  1. Drill a hole at a suitable position on the wall.
  2. Insert both the long bolts provided to the wall mount plate, making sure both of the bolts are parallel and pointing to the same direction.
  3. Wind in the nuts into the bolts until they touch the plate.
  4. Place the wall anchor into the hole made on the wall.
  5. Screw the wall mount plate on the hole, by the wall screw (it should be kept in mind that the wall screw will be pointing in the opposite direction that the bolts do). Fix the plate tight so that it doesn’t move.
  6. Hold your deck and move the bolts to get them in by the two topmost screw holes on the board. The bolts will now be visible on the trucking side of your deck.
  7. Place the T-nuts on the bolts and tighten them to ensure perfect mounting.


  • Easy to set up with the least hassle and failure possibilities.  
  • Permanent and premium solution. The wind has no effects on the hanging deck, withholds small blows as well.


  • The most expensive of all the traditional hanging solutions.

Have A Wall Mount Video Tutorial

The No Hammering

If you are wondering how to hang a skateboard without nails or drills, it’s quite simple. Since drilling or hammering may sometimes not be possible or you wish not to deal with these, you can use plastic hooks and wall strips to do the job. 

The wall strips are a small pad or foam-like sheet that has adhesive on both of its sides. One side sticks to the plastic wall hanger and the other holds a firm grip with the wall. These hangers can then be used for different purposes like hanging clothes, utensils, decks, etc.

But these hangers and strips do have a potential limit. For hanging decks, it is recommended to find the ones which can withstand at least 5-6 pounds of mass as most decks weigh something around there. If needed, you should choose your own kit as per your deck weighs.

Although this is the most simple way to hang decks, it can backfire in the long run as the strips aren’t guaranteed for a lifetime. They may fall off due to running out of adhesive strength because of large weights being put or simply with time. They are assumed to be shorter living than drills.

Hanging With Plastic Hooks Video


Frankly, there are a lot of ways to hang your skateboard on the wall. Experimenting with things or with previous experience of using certain tools, you may come across a better idea to accomplish your goal. 

Most of the methods given here are mainstream or applied by most of people. But if you are an enthusiast or try to mix up things a little bit, you may discover your ways to do it.

However, if you want to make a skateboard rack by yourself, watch this DIY video.


Nothing could be more overwhelming for a skateboarder than being able to display his unique collection of artistic decks in front of the whole world. “The Whole World !!!”; maybe too much to ask for. 

Again, the urge to collect the craziest and coolest decks among friends can be a never-ending battle. So, gathering and displaying skateboards have become a great way to present these collectibles to your visitors and guests.

These give rise to the curiosity of how to hang skateboards on walls and the question has been inevitably answered here.

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