How to Pop A Skateboard

How to Pop a Skateboard? [5 Steps to Follow]

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Skateboarding is one of the most fun sports there is. From hovering around the neighborhood to spicing things up in the rink, skateboarding can bring a lot of thrill for enthusiasts of the sport. And there is one trick that almost Every skateboarder wants to learn, that is How to Pop a Skateboard.

Also known as the ollie, popping a skateboard involves a certain degree of control where the skateboard is lifted into the air while riding on it and landing back straight on. 

To pop a skateboard, you need to position your feet properly, jump striking the tail of the deck, raise the nose of the deck and maintain balance and elevation until you land back on.

The ollie is one of the fundamental tricks performed on a skateboard which is required before gaining further expertise and trying out more complex maneuvers on your skateboard. In this article, we will walk you through a Step-by-Step guide on How to Pop a Skateboard.

steps to pop A skateboard

A Step-by-Step Guide to Pop A Skateboard

Learning to ollie on your skateboard requires patience and determination since it can feel a bit challenging at times for beginners. The whole process is all about practice and the more time you spend trying it out, the better your performance will get as you expertly ollie on your skateboard and impress the crowd!

Step No 1: Position Both Your Feet Right

To get started with the ollie, first, you need to position both of your feet correctly. Rest your back foot right on the middle of the tail of your skateboard while the front foot is positioned in the middle of the deck. 

This positioning is vital as it gives you the required momentum and leverage to raise the skateboard in the first place.

Step No 2: Apply Weight on the Back of the Board

Keeping your feet in their right positions, apply weight quickly to the tail of the skateboard. This maneuver needs to be done as quickly as possible so that you can gain enough momentum to take off from the ground. Make sure you maintain foot positioning and balance while doing so.

Step No 3: Jump Just as Your Board Strikes the Ground

Just as the back of your skateboard hits the ground, jump. Once you jump, your back foot will apply the force on the tail, enough to make the front part of the skateboard elevate at a certain diagonal angle. 

As your skateboard elevates, slide up your front foot across the board so that it rests up against the nose.

Step No 4: Prepare for the Landing

As you go airborne parallel to the surface after jumping, rest your back foot on the truck bolts at the back of the skateboard while making sure that your front foot is on the front truck bolts. 

Now, this is when you need to prepare yourself for the landing and must have your weight properly distributed all across the board so that no accidents happen as you hit the ground.

Step No 5: Land bending your Knees as the Board Strikes the Ground

Just as the skateboard starts hitting the ground, bend both knees and squat on the board. This reduces the possibility of the skateboard being thrown off while you land. This also makes sure that the impact on your legs is reduced while landing.

Pro Tips on Mastering an Ollie

The very first and most important point of mastering an ollie or popping your skateboard is consistent practice. This feat is not something you can ace within a couple of attempts since it is not really the easiest of skateboard tricks. Mastering an ollie requires patience and determination on your part and practice will only make it smoother.

For smooth landings and better control over your skateboard, there is a simple yet effective trick to keep in mind. Try to maintain your shoulders straight while also keeping them aligned with the tail and nose of the skateboard deck. Make sure your deck is stronger and more durable.

Focus more on foot placement and board control to grow your confidence slowly. The more time you invest in improving your moves, the more fluid your ollie will get. It is quite normal for beginners to want swift ollies with fluid finishing but it is important to pay heed to the fact that it requires a good deal of dedication to master the feat efficiently.

Do not overwork on ollies all on the same day. Try to practice for shorter hours but on a more regular basis. Overworking with your board may lead to unwanted injuries and pain in the muscles which might ruin the learning experience.

Once your confidence starts growing, you can try to elevate your skateboard even higher while you ollie, by leveraging your momentum. To raise the skateboard higher while ollieing, you need to try pressing the tail of the deck harder with more aggression and try to raise both arms while making your way up with the board into the air.

Do not be intimidated by trips or falls since they are integral parts of your journey to mastering the perfect ollie. If you are disheartened at the very beginning, the rest of the journey will start to seem long and tiring. So, keep up your spirit and ollie on!

Choosing the right skateboard for pop is also crucial to getting the highest pop out of a skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Learning to Pop Your Skateboard Very Hard?

Well, learning to pop your skateboard is definitely not the hardest skateboard trick but it sure does need consistent effort to master. The feat might look a bit difficult at first, but regular practice can help you perform excellent ollies within a short span of time.

2. Do You Need Skate Shoes to Pop Your Skateboard?

No, it is not a must to have skate shoes to pop your skateboard. But is important to take note that’s skate shoes are built solely for skateboarders with features to make the experience even more convenient than your regular sneakers would offer. 

Skate shoes are usually built of shock-absorbing soles to better grip the board which helps while popping the skateboard. They are most often durable and created with reinforcements to hold up in places they are expected to break down.

3. Should I Buy Safety Gear First?

I would recommend gearing up to protect your head, elbows, knees and wrists for pretty much everyone from beginners to pros. It doesn’t mean you have to buy a really expensive set of safety gear, but having the right safety equipment is important before you hop on your board to avoid bad injuries.

4. How Long does it Take to Learn an Ollie?

Now, this completely depends on how much effort and time you dedicate on a regular basis. It may take a couple of weeks to more than a month to master an ollie

This is however when you are only learning to pop your skateboard. Ollieing over things while moving can take longer than this and you certainly need to have the perseverance to master the feat.

Ollie Higher Video Tutorial

Final Words

All in all, learning to pop your skateboard can be a really exciting experience. You need to stay determined and keep practicing to smoothen your ollies until you ace the feat perfectly. Once you do, the thrill of the trick will surely make you want to perform it around all day! Let us know if you have any queries and till then, Ollie on!

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