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5 Best Skateboards For Pop Reviewed [Ultimate Buying Guide For 2023]

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Struggling to get your skateboard up into the air? 

You might think you need to work on your techniques and everything will be nice and simple. Unfortunately, focusing on one thing blindly is not sufficient in this sport. 

Especially when it comes to performing ollies and tricks the skateboard itself plays a significant part. You will need the best skateboards for pop to get the job done. 

Wondering how to find one of these when there is a plethora of skateboards in the market? This is the right place to start with! 

After spending hours on research our experts have compiled a list of the best pop skateboards that you can shop right now. Our list of reviews includes the best pop skate decks versions, along with complete models (both fully assembled and un-assembled) so that you can choose the one you need.

Comparisons Chart for Pop Skateboards

ProductsDeck MaterialConditionWeightDeck Length (inch)Deck Width (inch)Wheelbase (inch)
Magneto SUV SkateboardsMapleComplete [Fully Assembled]7.5 lbs. 31 8.515
Bamboo Skateboards for Pop6 Ply Bamboo/Maple HybridComplete [Unassembled]Exact figure isn’t found28-32 7.75 – 8.2514 – 14.5
Pro Complete Standard Skateboard 7 Ply Maple Complete [Fully Assembled]6 lbs.31-31.5 7.75 – 814 – 14.2
CCS Complete Skateboard 7 ply Maple Complete [Fully Assembled]4.5 lbs.27.75712 
Baker Black/White Logo Skateboard7 Ply Maple Deck Only2 lbs.31.8814.25

Here is Our List Of Top 5 Skateboards For Pop

  • Magneto SUV Skateboards – Fully Assembled [Designed for All Types Of Riding]
  • Bamboo Complete Skateboards – Un-assembled – [Best Hybrid Pop Skateboard]
  • Pro Complete Standard Skateboard – Fully Assembled [Best for Girls, Boys, Kids, Adults, & Beginners]
  • CCS Complete Skateboard – Fully Assembled [Best Professional Grade Pop Skateboard]
  • Baker Black/White Logo Skateboard – Deck Only [Best For Ollies] 
skateboard for pop

Before we jump into the reviews let us remind you that when picking up a skateboard with high pops there is a list of things you will need to consider. To help you out we have included an in-depth buying guide at the bottom. 

You can scroll down to that section first if you find it difficult to compare between models. Don’t forget to check the FAQs that follow. There is a lot of useful information you may not want to miss out on. With that being said, let’s get started!

Skateboards With the Best Pop Reviewed

Don’t miss this part as we have discussed why we like these skateboards for pop (features), pros and cons.

Magneto SUV Skateboards

Magneto SUVs (skate utility vehicles) are great not only because it feels comfortable to pop these boards but also because they hold up to any kind of skating needs. If you have been craving for some extra fun this all-around complete skateboard would be an ideal choice. 

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Why Do We Like This Skateboard?

Responsive Nature 

Whether you are an expert or beginner at skateboarding you will love how the wheels respond to pop and ollies even if you push it hard. With 140mm trucks and 60x40mm soft wheels they are one of a kind for showing your freestyle skills. 

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Versatile Ability

Even if you want a skateboard with a decent popping capacity, you wouldn’t mind using it for cruising, street skating, bowls, or downhill riding. This is exactly why we love Skate Utility Vehicles (SUV) like Magneto. Its 8.5-inch wide deck ensures stability on all rough rides you dream of. 

Prevents Wheel Bite

Wheel bits are a real nuisance in skateboarding. It restricts your ability to turn the board on one side or move it forward from a heavy landing. The good news is Magneto SUV skateboards have extra riser pads to increase the distance between your board and the wheels. For this, you will not get kicked off the board repeatedly. Overall, it has got one of the skateboard decks with the most pop.


  • It can adapt to any riding style 
  • Wheel reacts positively to different tricks
  • Risers allow riding on super loose trucks
  • 7 ply construction enhance longevity and pop 


  • Few users have found the bearings a bit restricting 

Bamboo Skateboards for Pop

Once a maple tree is removed it can take up to 60 years to replace with another. That’s why people nowadays are moving towards more eco-friendly alternatives like bamboo which can be harvested every 3 to 5 years. 

Bamboo boards are not only sustainable, in many cases they perform better than maple especially if you want more pop. However, in this instance, we have a skateboard made with bamboo and a bit of high-quality maple.

Why Do We Choose ‘Bamboo Skateboards’?

More Pop

Bamboo is a great material which feels lighter and has more flex than traditional maple boards. These attributes are proven to deliver more pops, solid rides, and ollies. Also, as a brand in the US, Bamboo Skateboards has made a huge reputation for helping riders do all kinds of tricks. 

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Deeper Concave

Both the tail and nose of this bamboo board follow a sharp concave. If you want to add more pop to your riding style this design is perfect. 

Bamboo-maple Combination

This particular board comes with a hybrid 6-ply construction that offers the durability of maple as an added advantage. The bamboo-maple combination makes the deck stronger, more adjustable to all riders’ style and weight. (Stronger Decks here


  • Hybrid deck ensures robust performance
  • Bamboo veneers offer a great deal of elasticity 
  • Lightweight to enable riders to perform various tricks
  • Its shock absorbing capacity is quite impressive


  • Beginners may require some time to adjust to the deck concave.

Pro Complete Standard Skateboard 

Ever wonder what is the largest channel on YouTube that teaches how to skateboard? It’s BRAILLE SKATEBOARDING. And if you have been participating in this sport for a while you must’ve heard the name Aaron Kyro, one of their most famous members. 

Pro Complete (Standard) was designed by this man along with other prominent figures in the team. It’s a catch-all Skateboard that fits riders of all ages, all genders and skill levels.

But What Has Made the Skateboard Special?  

Complete Specs

The product has every feature to help a first-timer start skateboarding with relative ease. While its 54mm wide, hard wheels (99A) provide superior support for riding different terrain, the ABEC 7 precise bearings offer the smoothness every rider desires. The 127mm truck will also suit all riding variations.  

Perfect Deck Design

The deck size is convenient for performing advanced tricks like kickflip and pop. Also, its 7-ply construction has made it durable enough for any average, or heavy skaters. 

Hard Maple Construction

There aren’t many competitors rated so highly as Pro Complete Skateboards for keeping a good balance between durability and flexibility in its deck construction. Thanks to the designers, they have preferred rock/hard maple over the generic version. This is an incredible skateboard for popping. 


  • You can start riding it right out of the box
  • For its popping capacity the price it justified
  • Its components are made of high-quality materials 
  • Design suits any entry-level or advanced skateboarders


  • If you weigh over 250 lbs you have to replace the bushings

CCS Complete Skateboard

If you want to grab one of the best pop skateboards on a limited budget you can’t go wrong with CSS. Over the last three decades, they have been producing many professional grade skateboards with premium features. No wonder that they are a famous skateboard brand trusted by millions all over the world. That’s why, I have added a CCS board on our bigger guy’s skateboards list.

Why Is CSS Blank Skateboard So Highly Rated?

Hard-to-Find Items

Unlike regular skateboards, CSS features a high-quality maple deck to offer a good mix of sturdiness and flexibility to its users. Whether you are a beginner or trick performer this unique aspect will help you excel at skateboarding. Its wheels and ABEC-7 bearings glide relatively smoothly as well. 

Classic Nose/Tail Kicker

The classic symmetry of the CSS skateboard allows you to switch between various forms of skating without a hitch. Thanks to its nice medium concave it makes ollieing or popping a breeze if you are coming back from a hiatus. 

Included Accessories 

Although the product comes pre assembled, the package doesn’t compress on anything aka state tools that you might need to get your board on track. 


  • The brand reputation makes it extremely reliable
  • It’s a professional grade skateboard at a low price 
  • Heavy-duty materials facilitate trouble free skating 
  • Weighs only 4.5 lbs; suitable for higher ollies, pops, and faster flips 


  • This is a rare occasion, but the grip tape may bubble up with a few use 

Baker Black/White Logo Skateboard

Andrew Reynolds is one of skateboarding’s most respected athletes. In the mid-1990s, he received a lot of attention for his amazing skills. He was invited by Tony Hawk to join his team the ‘BirdHouse’ at that time and never looked back since.

Guess what? Baker Skateboards are highly regarded among professional skateboarders for a good reason. Established by Andrew Reynolds, it’s hard to ignore the workmanship and prestige that comes along with owning a Baker board. 

What Separates Baker Skateboards?

Chic Looking

Baker Skateboards are well-known for their ‘Logo’ on the board that looks so cool. The minimalist graphics last longer than most naming brands on the market. 

Exceptionally Lightweight

When you grab a Baker Skateboard one thing you must immediately notice is how light the deck feels. It weighs only 2 pounds. If you have been trying to impress your friends with hardcore vertical tricks this is what you really need. 

Crisp Pop

Their boards feature a classic shape and mellow concave design. In combination, they help produce a crisp pop that fits perfectly for both pro and newbie riding styles. 


  • Comes from an extremely reliable brand 
  • 7 ply maple board support riding on any types of terrain
  • Exceptionally lightweight; easy to take it around anywhere
  • For the same reason, it is perfect for ramps and street performance


  • No grip tape. You need to buy all the other parts as well. 

Other Good Skateboard Decks for POP

Toy Machine Deck

Among Toy Machines, Monster is a classic skateboard deck with 7 plied popping maple wood. It is also featured with a medium or deep concave that ensures foot hugging. Eventually, you can achieve perfection at your tricks and improve control over a variety of skating. For the design part, I should say it looks classy with its monster logo graphics.

Plan B Deck

Plan B is famous for making mellow decks having a sharp pop. For durability and strength, Plan B decks are made of 6 or 7 plied wood. However, you can get Plan B of around 8-8.25 inches 

wide that helps you skate better at ramps and parks. 

Zero Skate Deck

Jamie Thomas, a famous skateboarder, founded the best – quality zero skateboard deck in Alabama. Most of the Zero skateboard decks are authentic, wide and ideal for every level of skater. 

If we look at the Zero 3 Skull with Blood Skateboard Deck, it comes in three different colors, like black, red and white, which makes it a variety for the minds of skaters. Also, the deck is 8” wide, which many skateboarders look for. Not only that, but also the deck is made up of solid maple wood for generating pop and is ideal for any type of advanced skating in the park, or even over staircases.

Birdhouse Skateboard Deck

Birdhouse decks look awesome, featured with cartoons, images of people, animals, goofy faces etc. With 7 ply maple wood, they come out as strong and durable. The decks are perfect for all types of tricks on all types of surfaces you skate on. If you see Tony Hawk’s skating, you can watch him skate with Birdhouse for his skating times. No doubt he finds pop on his skateboard deck.

How To Choose The Best Skateboard For Pop in 2021?

In this section, we will pay attention to the key features that best pop skateboards should have so that you don’t end up with an awful purchase. 

Deck Weight

Typically, the lighter the deck, the easier it is to pick it off the ground. So, if you want a deck that feels right for popping ollies you need to go for a lighter option. Depending on your age level, this can range anywhere from 2.5 to 6.5 lbs. 

Deck Material

When we look for skateboards, we usually find decks made of three different materials: 

  • Maple 
  • Bamboo, or 
  • A combination of the two (hybrid)

Manufacturers prefer maple because it is malleable and much stronger than bamboo. Bamboo veneers, on the other hand, are more elastic and lighter than maple, making them ideal for pop. On the flip side, Bamboo can be too flexible for someone new to doing tricks.

To be on the safe side, go with a hybrid board that has the flex of bamboo and the strength of maples. This combination will make you feel like you’re riding a regular board, so you’ll get used to it faster.

Manufacturing Method

When shopping for a pop skateboard deck, make sure each ply is pressed individually rather than jointly during its manufacturing. This type of decks usually lasts long because a significantly higher pressure is applied in this process to the glues to stick to each ply. 

This ensures those plies are molded to the concave of the press flawlessly. As a result, the deck can function as one strong unit. Rather than losing energy from an ollie to the plies, it can shift it completely into the ground.


This is one area where most trick skateboarders become confused. Skateboard decks are usually distinguished between three types of concave – low, medium, and high. And there are no right or wrong options to choose from. Everyone has his own preference, and comfort zone.  

The rule of thumb is that the higher the curvature (i.e., the steeper the tail and nose), the easier it is to pop. As a result, high concave decks will have the most pop, while low concave decks will have the opposite effect. However, in terms of injuries, decks with the most profound concave are less forgiving. 

If you aren’t sure which boards might fit your style, stick to medium concave decks. They are also the most common types offered by the majority of manufacturers.


Boards with wider wheelbase are slow to react. That’s why slalom boards are much shorter because they are more responsive. Unless you have been skating for a while or already good at basic tricks, a medium length of boards (below 14”) would be preferable. 

How to Maintain a Skateboard for Pop? 

Just like anything in life your skateboard needs to be taken care of if you want its performance to sustain at the desired level for a considerable period of time. And to keep your skateboard popping you must maintain the condition of the deck, especially the tail part. 

Let’s take a quick look at other important skateboard maintenance do’s and don’ts below:

  1. Don’t throw your board around

Poor storage of your skateboard can lead to all sorts of trouble. The parts become rusty if you leave it in a wet place. Keeping it outside in extreme cold can freeze the bushings which negatively affects the performance of your board. 

Never throw it on a dusty floor or keep it in your car trunk. You can buy or make a separate skateboard rake inside of your home for safe storage. 

  1. Do not use your board in the rain 

Skateboard trucks, bearings, and decks are all sensitive to wet conditions. Moisture causes the bearings to rust. And this limits the efficiency of your board significantly, especially when performing tricks. 

If the deck is constantly exposed to rain, its layers will absorb water, become soggy, and lose pop prematurely. Repeated wetting and drying damages the glues below the grip tape. They will lose adhesion over time, causing the tape to peel away from the deck eventually.

  1. Avoid using them in hot weather 

As much as rain shortens the lifespan of your skateboard, so does hot weather. Wheels and bushing tend to wear faster than others under high temperatures.

  1. Take care of the bearings 

Keep the skateboard wheel bearings lubricated all the time. You can use silicone lubricant or Bones Speed Cream, which one you prefer. Make sure to clean and dry those bearings before applying any lubricant. If your skateboard has sealed bearings remember to remove the shields before cleaning. 

  1. Replace parts before it’s too late  

Any skateboard parts are bound to wear out with months of continuous use, some faster than the other. One good practice is to check your skateboard ahead of every session. This way you can detect anything that looks cracked or crumbled. 

Don’t skate on worn-out parts before replacing them. This can cause more harm to the other parts and the damage may exceed your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is pop on a skateboard?

It’s the quality of a skateboard that indicates how easy it is to propel the board upward. A board with excellent pop will not lose much of a contact with your feet when you jump. Some of the decks with the highest popping ability can go with your feet comfortably up to ten feet high into the air. 

Q2. Are pop skateboards suitable for beginners?

Although there are a few skateboard decks that allow beginners to pop, you shouldn’t worry about this when you are just starting out on a skateboarding journey. Usually, most pop skateboard decks come with a narrower width, lighter weight and steeper tail. 

While all of these qualities are necessary to help a rider pop up a skateboard, they may upset the balance and stability a beginner requires at the initial stage of his/her learning. 

Q3. What skateboard deck has the most pop?

According to various tests, it is found out that bamboo skateboards have the highest popping capacity due to their inherent elasticity and lightweight features. However, when it comes to offering durability maple decks have the upper hand. 

Q4. Can a skateboard lose its pop?

Yes. Your skateboard deck will wear out over time and use, especially the nose and tail can chip. If you bought a deck with poor construction and mediocre design, it can lose its pop even without any damage. You will tell this when you can’t ollie as high as you do with your board. 

Q5. How long does a skateboard keep its pop?

Depending on the volume of use and quality of material a new skateboard deck can keep its optimum popping capacity up to three to six months. 

Q6. Can you Ollie without popping?

Yes, you can ollie without popping your board, but it will feel a bit awkward because when you level it out, the wheels will be pushed against the ground. 

Final Words

Every new skateboard has a popping capacity to some extent. However, to make your ollie dream come true put a lot of emphasis on the tail and nose of your deck. Because the quality of your tricks largely depends on how high and crisp the pop is in your deck. 

We hope the bits and pieces of this article are helpful to you in finding your skateboard for the desired popping outcome. 

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