Best Cruiser Skateboards

10 Best Skateboards for Cruising 2023 [Based On Experts’ Opinion]

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Cruising is a style in skateboarding where the skater moves at a fast speed on ramps, skate parks, or on streets. Due to this high speed, they ought to have significantly enhanced promising safety components. 

This article highlights the best skateboards for cruising, which promise safety. Despite availing a well-researched of top-rated skateboard, we do not limit you. That is why we offer a well-detailed buyers guide that highlights the factors you should regard in the search process.

Lastly, find out the answers to the common questions on cruising skateboards.

Cruiser Skateboard Reviews

There are many skateboard brands out there in the market. Cruiser is one type among those. Here, we have selected only 10, that may confirm you with the quality, durability, mobility, and flexibility. Scroll below, check and pick one that suits your expectation.

  1. Playshion Longboard Skateboard Cruiser: Best Drop Through Board for Beginners
  2. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard: Best Mini Cruiser Board with Skate Tool
  3. Quest Totem Longboard Skateboard: Best Maple and Bamboo Deck Skateboard
  4. Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard: Best Camber Deck Longboard Skateboard
  5. Chrome Wheels 31-inch Skateboard: Best Complete Cruiser For All
  6. Kryptonics in-lay Cruiser Skateboard: Best Budget Cruiser Board For Beginners
  7. LMAI 27″ Bamboo Wood Cruisers Skateboard: Best Bamboo Wood Cruiser Board
  8. Junli 41 Inches Freeride Skateboard Longboard: Best Cruiser Skateboard For Tricks
  9. Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard: Best Plastic Penny Cruiser Board
  10. Flybar 22″ Skateboard: Best Cruiser Board Less than $50

Best Cruiser Skateboards Reviewed

Well, a detailed review of each of the above skateboards may help you a lot to choose the perfect one for you. Hope you will enjoy and get benefited from their features, pros, and cons.

Playshion Longboard Skateboard Cruiser: Best Drop Through Board

The first time to review is from the playshion manufacturers. Its high-level versatility and sturdy construction make it stand out. The skillful structure makes it easier for beginners to learn. 

Also, if you have issues with braking, it is highly recommendable. What makes it promise all these elegant capabilities? Let us pay a close look at its features to answer that vital question.

Bamboo and aluminum construction

This incredible tool has a 2ply bamboo deck. Even to make it better, the deck is reinforced further with five-ply maple. Still, the kingpin and truck have crafting of aluminum, which is known to be of massive strength. Due to this substantial strength nature, this tool has a weight capacity of 250LBS.

Drop-through technology

Among many things that I admire on this longboard is this brilliant technology. Do you want to know the capabilities it offers? To begin, it allows ground clearance with only 4 inches. Consequently, it greatly enhances its stability.

Moreover, this technology makes braking quite easy and highly responsive. As a result, this tool is highly recommendable for beginners who need a high level of stability and safety.

Adjustable kingpin and trucks

The adjustable nature of the kingpin and trucks increases the versatility of this longboard. It makes it respond to sliding effortlessly. Subsequently, you can count it in for not only simple sliding but also curving, freeride, downhill and cruising.

Big wheels design

The wheel’s construction combines every possible skill to ensure that you are not only safe but also can withstand intense friction. Honestly, I am not exaggerating; here is the reason. 

First, they have a great design of 70x50mm. With that, you can’t afford to doubt when I say it will be handy in maintaining balance. Nevertheless, they are of PU material with ABEC-9 bearings. Hence, that guarantees durability and smooth motions. 


  • Best longboard for cruising
  • The low ground feature makes it easy to learn
  • Maple, bamboo and aluminum construction give assurance of the tool durability
  • Its wheels adopt the big design which promises balance
  • The adjustability nature of its components highly increases its versatility
  • Huge holding capacity of 250LBS for adults


  • Not highly efficient when performing skills
  • It is of heavyweight

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard: Best Mini Cruiser Board with Skate Tool

Are you a beginner in longboarding or else wondering how to keep balance while skating? If you are any of those predicaments, the skatro skateboard will be quite handy for you. Why do I recommend it?  Go through the details of its feature to find out.

Wide wheel design

To begin is the wheel’s construction, which is quite critical. They affect the stability of the tool, which, when compromised, exposes you to high risks of accidents. Still, their construction has to bear the intense friction, especially if you are a long-distance skater.

The skatro wheels have measurements of 59mm and a urethane material. As a result of this broad base, you can trust them for optimum stability. Even so, the urethane construction will not disappoint when it comes to the durability of this product. 

Abec 7 bearings

Nevertheless, you would be expecting the motions of the wheels to be highly reliable. The one component that adversely determines motions is the bearings. 

Wonderfully, with the ABEC 7 bearings, you can expect this skateboard’s movement to be significantly enhanced. They are known to have tremendous efficiency, which makes them reliable. 

Skatro flex technology

Do you need a skateboard that will promise comfort even on bumps? The skatro flex technology comes to provide precisely that.  This design ensures the maximum amount of flex, which absorbs the effects of bumps. It works similar to the car suspension.

Elegant and affordable

Alongside this exquisite construction, you will get a beautifully crafted product. However, more importantly, it is a pocket-friendly item. I know it sounds ridiculous with this high-level construction, but the truth is it is the best cruiser skateboard under 100.


  • A complete board for the beginners
  • It has a beautiful design
  • The broad flex makes it comfier
  • The wheels are thick to promise stability
  • A perfect bearings construction that ensures the smoothest motion
  • It is not only lightweight but also compact to fit in a carrying bag


  • It cannot be used on rocky surfaces

Quest Totem Longboard Skateboard: Best Maple and Bamboo Deck Skateboard

It is one of the best cruiser longboards out there. Additionally, this item from the quest brand has highly improved crafting. It is engineered to be sturdy in all weather conditions. Besides, its sturdy construction, this skateboard gives fast learning experiences to beginners. Now let us check on its most outstanding features.

Lightweight and compact design

Imagine having a heavyweight skateboard, even carrying to the skating field alone is energy draining. Worse, if it is large, it would not fit in the carrying bag. 

That’s why I suggest this skateboard. It is of lightweight design. Hence carrying it along is not a bother. Still, the compact style makes it slide into a carrying bag without any problems.

Aluminum trucks

Further, the truck’s construction is meant to handle your weight without breaking. Having aluminum construction, you can trust it to last for ages. To add, the experts ensure that the trucks are not prone to rust, which makes trucks short living.

Bamboo deck

Have you ever wondered why most top-rated skateboards have a bamboo construction? Here is the reason; bamboo is known to be quite sturdy and not prone to water soaking, especially while cleaning. Consequently, the Quest brand couldn’t fail to incorporate such an admirable deck in their classic skateboard.

ABEC 7 bearings 

Nonetheless, the bearings make it worth your money. The ABEC 7 construction will always provide you have faultless movements. Amazingly, you can trust them for smooth shifts, even in rocky areas.


  • The deck (36″) is reinforced with a maple thus a sturdier tool
  • It is a highly portable product, especially with the lightweight design
  • The deck is not prone to water soaking while cleaning
  • Wide-base to enhance its stability
  • The graphic style does not only make it beautiful but also easier to clean


  • Slightly rigid deck
  • The brushings require improvement

Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard: Best Camber Deck Longboard Skateboard

With a holding capacity of 250lbs, this longboard has the most elegant construction, the wheels, truck, deck, and every other part promises comfort and longevity. Do you think I am praising it excessively? Then, check on their components constructions, which are likely to live, you surprised.

Sturdy deck

While searching for the best skateboards for cruising, then the deck construction always comes first. Giving a reason why this brand couldn’t afford to play a mediocre. The deck is of 8-ply natural maple hence the huge holding capacity of 250lbs. Even better, durability should not bother you when it comes to maple. 

Broad wheels

The 70x51mm wheels guarantee a high level of stability. Hence, you would consider it the best skateboard for cruising and tricks with the enhanced balance. Nevertheless, the 78A PU wheel construction ensures you have a long-living skateboard.


What would you do without a comfort promising tool? Worse if you are in a rocky place, skating is likely to be less enjoyable without brilliant crafting. 

However, that should not trouble you anymore. Its deck is designed to absorb the impacts of the bumps and uneven surfaces. Hence, their motions and comfort are unmatched.

Adjustable kingpin

The adjustability of a kingpin and truck not only increases versatility but also ensures an easy time for the learners. The carbon steel axle on the kingpin allows adjusting between 45 and 50 degrees. Consequently, you have great control of the riding style and unmatchable maneuverability.


  • The 8ply design increases its longevity
  • Wide wheels promise balance for the beginners
  • Due to the adjustability ability, you have control over the riding style
  • The maneuverability of this skateboarded is greatly enhanced
  • It is quite easy to break on this skateboard


  • It tilts excessively which might not be favorable
  • The bearing construction needs to be improved to be at the same level as the other parts

Chrome Wheels 31-inch Skateboard: Best Complete Cruiser For All

Nevertheless, if you dislike cleaning a longboard, here is a dirt-resistant skateboard. It has a deck of 31″ x8″ x5″ and a holding capacity of 220lbs. It comes with a carrying bag alongside exceptional crafting. Its greatly enhanced features are;

8-layer deck

Frankly, a skateboard deck needs to be very strong if you need to be safe and skate smoothly. Correspondingly the chrome wheel skateboard has an eight-layer deck of maple. This heavy-density construction increases its sturdiness for every skater to stand on.  

Non-slip surface

Still, having a slippery board is quite risky. Not to say skating accidents are quite deadly. Did I scare you? You shouldn’t because you have a non-slippery surface with this product. It promises a powerful grip of the feet to promise safety.

Anti-shock design

This design is rare on a skateboard and yet convenient if you need a cozier ride.  The beautiful wheels of this skateboard have an anti-shock design. Hence, you will not feel the impacts of the bumps or while skating on a rough surface. Is that not admirable? 

Heavy-strength crafting

The truck is of aluminum material. Hence, making it hold very high weights. Addedly, it has a steel carbon axle, which is not only durable but also very handy if you are a fast speed rider. Amazingly, it comes pre-assembled; hence the cruiser board setup should not trouble you.


  • A fast speed skateboard
  • It comes pre-assembled and ready to ride
  • The high-density construction increases its durability
  • It promises firm grips hence a safe promising skateboard
  • Due to the non-stick surface, it is quite easy to clean


  • The wheels are not replaceable

Kryptonics In-lay Cruiser Skateboard: Best Budget Cruiser Board For Beginners

Are you over eight years and weigh below 220lbs? The construction of this skateboard focuses on meeting your every need while skating. Its construction focuses on providing durability, easy controls, and smoothest motions. How do they achieve that? Let’s find out.

Polyurethane crafting

PU material is widely respected and used due to its high strength. Consequently, it withstands most of the rough conditions which would make it a waste.

 Subsequently, the wheels of this product are of this high-strength material. Consequently, they do not assure sufficient friction coefficient for movement but also longevity.

Fast speed

Moreover, this is the best cruiser skateboard that will survive on rough grounds and still avail a fast speed riding. Is that not ridiculous? To guarantee this, it has 12 mm angled riser pads along with the 88A bushings, which allow you to enjoy riding at a fast speed.

Grip tape

Before I go deep, let me tell you this little secret. Decks are likely to be slippery, and skating shoes only are not enough to guarantee safety from falling. So what should you look for because no one is ready for the injuries? 

Here is the deal. Having a skateboard with a grip tape like this tool will be handy. However, that is not a call to ignore your safety accessories. You must wear knee pads, wrist guards, and most importantly a recommended cool helmet

Carbon steel bearings

At the mention of the ABEC-5 bearings debate on effortless motions is settled. However, along with the assurance of smooth movements, carbon steel crafting makes them live longer.

8-ply design

Lastly, the deck is of heavy density with eight layers of maple. Thus, it is quite thick, which makes it not waste faster.


  • Its board is not prone to water soaking while cleaning
  • The non-slip surface is an assurance of safety
  • It is safe for skating even on rough surfaces
  • The cruiser shape makes it easy to brake
  • A compact design that makes it portable


  • Not recommendable to kids below the age of 8 years

LMAI 27″ Bamboo Wood Cruisers Skateboard: Best Bamboo Wood Cruiser Board

The LMAI skateboard is of 27.5inches x 8inches and is pre-assembled ready to ride on the moment of arrival. Its deck is blue with beautiful graphics. The crafting of this item is of aluminum, wood, maple, and bamboo. It is regarded best skateboard for cruising due to the following features; 

Shock resistant

The wheels are of high density, which makes them hard. Consequently, they are perfect at absorbing the impacts of uneven ground. Still, the deck has a thick design that sums up to ensure you have very comfortable skating.

Anti-slip surface

Looking at this feature, one is likely to conclude that the manufacturer entirely concentrated on ensuring the rider’s safety. The beautiful graphics on the surface are not only meant for beauty but also ensure a firm grip of the feet. Consequently, it reduces the likeliness of slipping from the deck.

ABEC-7 chromium steel bearing

The wheels’ constructions are enough to ensure you got magnificent movements, but the manufacturer decided to take it even higher with this type of bearings. The ABEC design is rated for matchless moves. 

Aluminum truck

Its truck comes in to make things even better. Besides, the fantastic construction design, it is of aluminum material. First, the material promises longevity but is also quite light to avail of a lightweight tool for portability.


  • The high-density construction makes it comfy
  • Its ultra-high bushings make it easy to control
  • A greatly enhanced level of stability which promises safety
  • The wheels are durable amid intense friction
  • Well-designed bearings which avail faultless movement


  • A low weight capacity. Hence not recommendable for adults

Junli 41 Inches Freeride Skateboard Longboard: Best Cruiser Skateboard For Tricks

Nevertheless, the Junli skateboard longboard is meant for both professionals and beginners. It has very responsive controls for beginners. Still, the extensive construction makes it possible to perform many skills for professionals. Check on its detailed features to clear any doubt.

Compact design

Its compact design qualifies it to be perfect outdoor equipment. As a result of this design, it can fit in a carrying bag for transportability. Beyond that, it is a feather-light skateboard. Consequently, it will not be strenuous while carrying to the field. 

Wide sturdy board

The board measurements are 41IN X9.5IN.  This broad design allows the appropriate positioning of the feet. Further, the 8ply maple makes it of high density for sturdiness.

Still, the deck is of a non-slip surface to promise skaters safety. All this substantial strength makes it have a huge holding capacity of 330lbs.

Rock finish

Besides, the non-slip finish on the deck, the wheels have a rock finish. This type of polish on the base makes it resistant to friction damages. But more importantly, the rock finish ensures an optimum friction coefficient, which prevents the wheels from slipping. 


Still, if you need a fast-speed skateboard, this will meet your expectations. The ABEC-11 has a skillful construction to optimize the speed of the wheels.  Besides, they increase their maneuverability for freestyle, downhill, and every other type of skating.


  • Due to its high responsive truck, its controls are straightforward
  • It is a super light skateboard
  • A fast speed  tool
  • The maneuverability is at a higher level
  • A massive capacity of 330lbs makes it very useful


  • The trucks construction is cheap

Penny Cruiser Complete Ckateboard: Best Plastic Penny Cruiser Board

Penny manufactures complete skateboards that are top-rated and are used by both beginners and professional skaters. However, this best penny cruiser skateboard was beyond what most people expected. It has got all ranging from sturdy construction, intuitive controls, and fast speed. Here are details on the features of this best mini cruiser skateboard. 

54mm, 90A wheels

The hardness of the wheels affects speed as well as their longevity. These wheels have a hardness rating of 90A. Therefore, their speed and durability are not compromised. Also, the broad base of 54MM increases the base area for stability.

Stainless steel bearings

Furthermore, the construction of the bearing promises longevity as well as the most enjoyable skating sections. The ABEC 7 style promises fast riding while the steel construction ensures they live for an extended period.

Non-slip deck

Aside from the durable construction of the board, it also has a non-slip surface. Correspondingly, you can expect a firm grip on the feet, which prevents accidents. 

83A bushings

Have you ever tried adjusting a skateboard whose kingpin-in or bushing is rigid? Personally, my fingers were left hurting. Not to say, I didn’t enjoy the style that I aimed at. However, the 83A bushing construction of this item brings an end to such problems. Consequently, you can quickly tighten or loosen them using a kingpin.


  • A super light skateboard to carry along
  • It has quite beautiful designs
  • The truck construction is highly robust hence reliable
  • Due to its bearings, it has quite an efficient movement
  • The stability is at a higher level for beginners. 


  • The wheels are not replaceable.

Flybar 22″ Skateboard: Best Cruiser Board Less than $50

Lastly, the fly bar skateboard’s brilliant crafting qualifies it to be among the best skateboards for cruising. Due to its versatility, it is recommendable for experts who want to practice more skills. Also, with ease of braking, beginners will feel safe. Why is this tool worth your money? Let’s find out.

Aluminum truck

The truck holds the wheels and the deck. Accordingly, it has to be sturdy. The truck of this skateboard is of aluminum. Hence, there are very sturdy and reliable when standing on the deck. And, eventually, it makes it a best plastic cruiser skateboard

Perfect sizing

Do you need a skateboard that you can travel with? The flybar skateboard is of a perfect size that makes it fit in a carrying bag. Hence, no troubles when changing the skating location.

Speedy bearings

Bearing crafting affects the motion of the wheels as well as their speed. This bearings construction seeks to ensure that the motion of the flybar skateboard is smooth. Besides, if you are a fast-speed rider, they will meet your desire.

High impact injection deck

The plastic deck is a high-impact injection. Hence, the flex of this tool is matchless to ensure that the ride is smoother than before. But beyond that, the surface has a non-slip finish.


  • Braking is highly responsive
  • Due to the broad base, it is perfect for a beginner
  • The deck is quite easy to clean
  • This skateboard is not prone to water soaking 
  • Because of the heavy crafting, it has a wide holding capacity.


  • It is slightly heavy

Other than the above, The Dinghy has come up with some awesome features to be the leader in the cruiser skateboard market. We can have a look at a video tutorial of this superclass board here:

Buyers Guide On Cruiser Skateboards 2022

As a beginner, you can learn some basic facts about skateboarding to get more interested in this awesome ride.

However, this section will clear every confusion on those questions. But even better, it will guide you on how to pick a top cruiser skateboard. 

What does a cruiser skateboard do?

Let’s start by knowing what a skateboard is. It is sports equipment that has a minimum of four wheels and a low-level board where the rider stands. Skateboards can be ridden in many styles, including them is cruising. 

So how can you differentiate a cruising skateboard? First, it must have a fast speed. That is what makes cruising more enjoyable than other skating styles. Also, a cruiser skateboard usually has a broader base and highly hard wheels. This helps to increase the balance and withstand friction.

Cruiser Skateboard and Longboards Explained

Are you wondering what the difference is between a longboard and a cruising skateboard? But first, can you even differentiate cruiser skateboards from other skateboard varieties?

Most people find it hard to differentiate a longboard from a skateboard. Worse, you might be wondering which between them is best for cruising. It is time to clear that dilemma.

First, a longboard is a variation of a skateboard. However, as the name suggests, longboards are slightly longer than a skateboard. Also, when it comes to their shapes, skateboards are curvier on both ends than longboards.

Some people prefer longboards for cruising around college because of the flexibility and extended size, which increases balance. Though other skaters argue that due to the smaller size of the skateboard wheels, they are easier to control as well as faster. This makes both of them perfect for cruising, depending on your preference.

Best Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboard Guide

A longboard or skateboard construction is quite critical. If all you mind your safety, then you should never go wrong when looking for expertly crafted components. A simple glance cannot separate satisfying equipment

For that reason, it is vital to check every part of a longboard. Only sturdy wheels and an inferior truck would save nothing.  Let us check on the construction that every part of the longboard must-have with all that in mind.


They are also referred to as the board. It is the flat top surface that might be slightly curved on both ends on which the skaters stand. This part needs to have a brilliant construction to hold the rider’s weight.

skateboard deck

To begin with, the board should be of sturdy material. This ensures that you can stand on it safely. Besides, due to the possible regular cleaning, it is likely to get water-soaked. As a result, wasting faster than you anticipated. To avoid that it has a heavy-duty construction.

As well, a high-density deck is highly recommendable. But how will you determine the density of a skateboard? All you should check on is the piles. Ideally, it should be 5-ply to 8-ply.

Furthermore, having a slippery board is quite deadly. Just a second, I know you are likely to argue that you have the skating shoes. But the truth is, despite the quality of the shoes, they can’t withstand a slippery deck.

Accordingly, a skateboard with an anti-slip surface will do you much good. Also, most of the best skateboards for cruising decks have bamboo or maple construction. Both materials are trusted to live long.

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Are you a regular rider who needs sturdy wheels? Do you want wheels that will withstand rough surfaces? What about a fast speed? You can only achieve that by getting exquisite crafting on the wheels. So what are the blueprints to smooth moving wheels? Here is the deal.

First, you should check on the hardness of the wheels, which is measured in a durometer. They range from 75A to 104A while the higher the rating, the harder the wheels. Wheels with a rating below 90A are regarded as the softest. Above 90A to 98a are slightly harder while above 99A are the hardest. 

Cruising wheels need to be soft. However, while skating in skate parks, ramps, or streets, you will need harder wheels.

Moreover, the diameter of the wheel is an essential feature. Most of the wheels are rated in millimeters (mm). The wider the diameter of the wheel, the more stable is the skateboard. More critically, if you are a beginner, you should consider big diameters. 

Yet, durability is what also they should promise. Most wheels have polyurethane construction, which is known to withstand intense friction. Cruising skateboards have a preferred diameter of 54mm-60mm.

Don’t forget to clean your wheels on a regular basis to get the best ride out of the board.


The truck is the part that holds the wheels and the board. Consequently, it ought to be robust to bear the weight of the rider.  However, it is worth noting that a more substantial truck will result in a heavy skateboard, which might be troublesome in controlling.

Subsequently, the truck material should be of a heavy strength material and still be of lightweight. Does that sound unbelievable? Here is an example of such material; aluminum alloy is known to be lightweight, right? But father, this material is of tightly packed particles which increase its sturdiness.


Nevertheless, never go wrong when choosing bushings construction for the best skateboards for cruising. Unless you need troublesome controls. Bushings are two rubbery rings that go round the kingpin located on the truck. They determine the turning angle of the skateboard from the pivot.

They come in different shapes. Conical bushings are highly preferred for most cruising styles, including cruising. Still, check on the hardness of the bushings, which is measured by a durometer. The higher the durometer rating, the harder is the bushing.

Further, the hard bushings have a higher resistance hence recommendable for only experts. For beginners, they need a softer bushing that has lower resistance for more intuitive controls. 


Bearings are round-shaped and are fitted in the wheel. They may require regular replacement depending on the nature of their construction. To avoid frequent replacements that save on cost, the bearings should be of sturdy material.

Most bearings construction is of steel. This material is preferred for its sturdiness as well as it is economical.

Additionally, the ABEC rating affects the efficiency of the bearings. ABEC rating is a standard system that measures the tolerance and the physical limits of the bearing. The higher the rating, the sturdier, is the bearing.

Compact Size

At some point, you might be required to carry the cruising longboard. Thus, if it is of a heavyweight, you are likely to get into the skating park extremely tired. What do I mean? Here is the thing; a skateboard ought to be of a compact size as well as lightweight.

A compact design makes it possible to fit the skateboard into a carrying bag. But even better, the lightweight design makes it effortless to carry it along.


Either with a vast or limited budget, you should always consider the pricing of an item. Here is why with a limited budget, you need affordability, but still, a brilliant construction is not debatable. Otherwise, that may turn out to be expensive in the long run.

On the other hand, even with a considerable budget, you require an item that is worth your money. Hence, before paying for the skateboard, you should conclude that its construction is worth your money.

Well, if you are not yet satisfied with our guide, then there is an article on that can guide you to cruising skateboard even better than I.

So, let’s have a look in short about what is the best setup for cruiser skateboard

Best Cruiser Skateboard Setup

Normally, a typical cruiser skateboard’s length ranges from 25″-32″ and width ranges from 7″- to 9.5″. However, in order to get the best cruiser skateboard setup, you must ensure that your skateboard is built with quality parts all along. The parts include:

  • Decks: Better to be portable
  • Wheels: Size between 56mm to 68mm, Durometer: 80A
  • Trucks: Must match with the deck width
  • Bearings: Ceramic bearings could be better.
  • Risers: ⅛” best for your wheels over 60mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite many misconceptions that people have about skateboards. This section seeks to clear the confusion by providing answers to the common questions that skaters have. Also, if you are a beginner, you should go through it to avoid falling into possible traps.

  1. Do skateboards bearings make a difference?

Like any other part of a skateboard, bearings are equally important. They affect the speed and motions of the wheels. Hence, if you need a faster skateboard, then the bearings should have a more excellent rating. In the same case, for smooth motions, they should have brilliant crafting.

  1. What is the best ABEC rating for bearings?

Let me begin by saying that the ABEC rating defines the bearings tolerance and its physical limits. These ratings come only in odd numbers, with the least rating being one. 

A rating of 1-3 is defined as weak. Consequently, the speed of such bearings is generally limited. There are too slow for a cruising skateboard. ABEC4 to ABEC6 is slightly faster and has smother motions. 

However, if you need the fastest skateboard and smoothest movements, then the ABEC rating should be beyond 6.

  1. How do I choose skateboard bushings?

The key things you should consider while looking for an excellent bushing is the durometer rating and the shape. Bushing shapes include cone, barrel, standard, steeped, and bonus hourglass bushings.

Cone bushings are perfect for multiple skating styles, including cruising. The durometer rating defines the hardness of bushings. However, harder bushings have a fast speed but are troublesome while controlling. Hence, if you are a novice, consider softer bushings. 

4. Is durability important in longboards?

How would you feel after purchasing an item only to live for an incredibly shorter period than expected? To be sincere, I would be disappointed. Still, in the long run, such predicaments can turn out to be expensive. With that said, every part of a longboard should be of heavy strength.

5. What is the best skateboard for cruising?

A cruising skateboard ought to have fast speed. Correspondingly, their balance needs to be at a higher level, which is promised by a wider base Read through the best skateboards for cruising in this piece to get more details.

6. What is a cruiser skateboard for?

If you look for more speed and thrill, go for a cruiser skateboard. However, longboards are ideal for long distances and for wider turns.

6. What size cruiser skateboard should I get?

If you are a beginner, a board size between 28” to 46” would be a better choice for a cruising skateboard. But, you can choose a smaller one when you are confident enough and treat yourself as an intermediate or pro-level skateboarder.

7. Are normal skateboards be used for cruising?

Some people say that it cannot be done, while others swear by it. In order to find out for ourselves, we decided to do a little experiment. We took two skateboards – one was a regular skateboard, while the other was a longboard – and tried to cruise on them both. The results were surprising. But, normally regular skateboarders may want a goofy stance or regular stance to cruise around.


Imagine a fast-speed cruising skateboard that ensures you maintain balance. What about a skateboard that will allow you to learn most tricks and skate safely?

You can get such skateboards by reading this piece. It highlights not only the best skateboards for cruising but also detailed buyers’ questions and answers to common questions on skateboards.

So, stay cool riding a cruiser skateboard and get benefited from the advantages of skateboarding.

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