Best Skateboarding Wrist Guards

7 Best Skateboarding Wrist Guards In 2023 (Review, Guide & FAQs)

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Skateboarding is fun unless you get hurt at your hands, especially the wrists. But you can take some common steps and use protective gear to protect them.

If you want to get complete protection, all you need is a pair of best skateboard wrist guards. They will not only bear the impact but also distribute to other areas to reduce the ache.

Once you start scrolling more, you will get 7 best wrist guards in the market that we have listed just for you. We hope the list will help you in making a decision.

Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding Listed & Reviewed

  1. 187 Killer Pads
  2. Andux Ski Gloves HXHW-01
  3. Pro-Tec Street
  4. Demon Snow Flexmeter
  5. Triple 8 Saver Series
  6. Triple Eight Hired
  7. Hillbilly Wrist Guard

187 Killer Pads

187 Killer Pads have been designed with ballistic nylon and double stitching which means they are built to withstand severe impact and last long. They were specially designed for the Derby Skater. 

You will find the splint thicker than usual. It’s also closer at the base of the hand that makes sure the impact of force is directed to your arm rather than your wrist. So, we would call it one of the best skateboarding wrist guards in the market.

Another great thing about the wrist guards is that they offer an ideal balance between protection and movement. No matter how much you trip over, it will help you stay safe during the falls which can end up with injuries. 

With the angled design, they will contour to your hands and provide you the kind of snug fit you look for. Albeit they are not true to their sizes, so it will be better if you check the fitment beforehand.

The guards also work to increase longevity through reinforced holes and palm while offering overall coverage in both areas.

The comfort is adequate with a padded interior and due to this, you will get to enjoy all the cushioning.

However some of the users did not like the strength of Velcro straps, so that’s a small drawback for you. 


  • Double stitching offers double durability.
  • Great protection and coverage during potential falls.
  • Snug fit yet offers ease of movement.
  • Comfortable with enough pads.
  • Thicker splint directs impact to your arm.


  • The strength of the Velcro is low.
  • Not true to size.

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Andux Ski Gloves HXHW-01

HXHW-01 by Andux is a pair that focuses on protecting both of your hands and wrists as its splint extends to the wrist. The wrists guards feature 2 splints made of solid plastic material through which the shocks get absorbed while evening out the impact. 

The product has been made of durable material that is also shock-absorbing to add more protection. It contours to the hand ideally enough to prevent wrists from being bruised. 

Not just that, your hands and wrists will also love its comfort and support while it does the job of cushioning. 

The guards come with a hook and loop closure system that is easily adjustable to put the gloves on and off. The Velcro Strap offers a snug fit, but you may not like the strength. However, some users felt that it takes time to get used to the fitment, but you will enjoy its fitment.

However, the big plus is its flexibility. You can bend the guards freely without affecting your adventure. So, the brand has ensured optimum ease of movement. 


  • Material is shock-absorbing.
  • Splints protect hands and wrists from impact.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Easy to put and off.
  • Offers snug fit.


  • Velcro strength is weak.
  • Takes time to get used to it.

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Pro-Tec Street

It’s pro-tec, it’s might be common, but more importantly, it makes a solid comeback- it’s the best skateboarding wrist guards by Pro-tec. So, even if you encounter falls while you skate, the Street will absorb the shock, fight it and transfer it to your arms for preventing ache.

The wrist guards come with a removable bottom splint and have used ballistic nylon for the material. You will love it’s free of movement as it will not get in the way while you grab your board during tricks. Not only that, the durability and breathability of the material have also amazed all the skateboarders. 

Another great quality of the wrist guards is that it can protect your wrists greatly even if they are injured. Although the product lacks EVA foam to cushion the impact, it will work to relieve the pressure. 

It comes with only one splint and that is on the palm side. So, the protection will be higher in that particular area than the upper side. So, if you want extra protection, you can add another on the absent part. However, the Street offers a great balance during skateboarding which makes up for that con.

Its ease of adjustment is also a big plus. The Wrap straps are solid and offer a snug fit while you get better support and safety.


  • Durable and breathable.
  • Ease of movement.
  • It offers a great snug fit.
  • Very adjustable.
  • Protection is impressive.


  • No EVA foam to cushion the impact.
  • Comes with only a bottom splint.

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Demon Snow Flexmeter

The Flexmeter wrist guards don’t only protect the wrist but also the shoulder and arm. Its double design featuring two-sided rigid bracing ensures added protection. Not only that, but they also absorb the shock from the falls so you don’t have severe injuries.

The Flexmeter also does a great job of offering comfort to the front and back with the padded foam. While the back padded area will stabilize the shock, the front area will make the wrist slide so it can avert jamming. The softness of the pad also makes it a comfortable wear.

Since it is made of a mix of neoprene and polyethylene, you will find it durable and shock-absorbent. Besides, it also offers a great snug fit because of the hook and loop strap. Not only you will find it easy to wear but also easier to put on and off.

However, some of the users felt that it takes time to get used to while others felt that it makes the hand sweat. Other than that, it is a great pair to have.


  • Durable and solid.
  • Added protection with double-sided bracing.
  • Comfortable due to padding.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Easy to put on and off.


  • Takes time to get used to it.
  • It can make hands sweat.

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Triple 8 Saver Series

The Wristsavers by Triple 8 come in a light, durable package that makes it great for skateboarders of different levels of expertise. That is why they deserve to be the best skateboarding wrist guards in their industry. 

The wrist guards are made of nylon material that comes with a 4 ways stretchable mesh making it different from other rivals. The mesh won’t be taking up much room, it will work great for providing you with enough breathability, fitment, and movement. And that’s the best part of the product.

Although people were not impressed with the durability of the material, they were very happy with the comfort it offered. Talking about comfort, the guards also come with EVA foam so it can cushion any force the splints would take. If your wrists are weak, it will be great to have them. 

Not just that, you will also love its ease of putting on and off and the way it contours to your hands.

However, both the upper and bottom splints can be the weak link. Because they may not offer the kind of shock-absorption and protection you want. But, you can have them replaced for the required protection. 

That said, the wrist guards are able to give a high level of safety so you can enjoy your skateboarding without any worries. Its flexibility and snug fit are impressive while the protection is ensured for high impact. 


  • 4 ways stretchable mesh makes it breathable and flexible.
  • Comfortable with ample pads.
  • It offers great protection and coverage.
  • Snug fitment.
  • Easy to wear and make adjustments.


  • Not very durable.
  • Splints do not offer enough protection.

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Triple Eight Hired

Wrists protection that can fit like a glove- that is how Triple Eight Hired has been designed for you. Not only it offers great coverage for the wrists but also it can impress you with its snug fitment.

To ensure that ‘spot on’ fit, the wrist guards have been fabricated with a thicker neoprene strap where you will get a hook and loop closure system to make all the required adjustments. Although you will find it easier to put on the wrist guards with the inbuilt pull-on loop, it will be a bit hard to put them off.

However, the brand has ensured absolute comfort through its EVA foam. With shock-absorbing pads, the brand has layered it with double stitching so that it does not rip apart during potential falls. 

Having been made of top grain leather, the wrist guards offer great durability besides security. Albeit the material may start making your hands sweat more because of its thickness, but that should not discourage you.

The wrists guards come with splints both on the top and the bottom. The splints used solid material like ABS that is not only impact-resistant but also provides you with support and stability. 


  • Durable with double stitching. 
  • It offers great comfort through ample padding.
  • Easy to put on by pull-on loop.
  • Easy to adjust with hook and loop closure system.
  • Protection is ensured. 


  • Difficult to put off.
  • Leather can make your hand sweat

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Hillbilly Wrist Guard

You won’t be scared of falls anymore while skateboarding once you start wearing this great pair. The way they protect your wrists from the friction, we should definitely call them the best skateboarding wrist guards.

The brand has used robust goatskin material for the gear and double-stitched with durable nylon threads. It means, the guards will be thick, strong, and can endure almost anything.

It may not be very easy to slide on and off as per the users, but you will love its snug fit and complete coverage. Coming with convenient half-length fingers, you will get to enjoy great comfort as well as flexibility. 

Speaking of comfort, the brand has ensured the same by adding ample pad to the wrist guards.

As for the splint system, the guards have it on the palm side only but it will surely help protect your wrists and palms. Some of the users did feel the absence of upper splint, but that did not cause any issue.

To add more protection, the guards also have leather in the middle so it can keep your hands from the friction. 


  • Durable with double stitching. 
  • Snug fit as it contours to your hand with ease.
  • Offer optimum flexibility. 
  • Protection is superior.
  • Offers great comfort through ample padding.


  • A bit tough to put on and off.
  • It does not come with an upper splint. 

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The Buying Guide For Choosing Wrist Guards


The commonest wrist guards come in the form of fingerless gloves. As the name implies, they won’t be having sheaths or covering for fingers. Such a design offers great ventilation that helps keep hands cool while ensuring optimum fingertip sensitivity. Another type is more like the gloves where there will be covering for your fingers.

It does not matter which type you go for, make sure the wrists guards keep the wrists from bending to one side. You can go with the one having additional padding as well. 


The size of wrist guards is measured just like clothes. It basically comes ranging from Small to X-Large. While some of the wrist guards do not have options for adjustment, some of them do have.

If you go with the former, you need to measure your hands and then match it with the sizing of the product. 

If you go with the latter, then the measurement will not be a very important factor, since such guards can fit different shapes and sizes of hands. You can adjust them easily for a snug fit.

You just need to know that the wrong size can be a big problem. Too small will not give you flexibility and too large will slide off easily.


The most essential factor. Make sure the wrist guards offer enough safety. It can be ensured through the amount of padding as well as the splint. Padding will not only make the guards more comfortable but it can offer great cushioning as well.

Talking about splint, it is the hard plastic part that helps in protecting you when you trip over. The splint does not only absorb the shock but also directs it to the forearms so that your wrist does not encounter injuries. 

Albeit, plastic splints do not last long. So, if it bears a lot of heavy uses, it may deteriorate quickly.

You can also get yourself metal ones, but they will not deflect that much impact.

The best will be if you grab a pair that will come with removable splints. This way, you can easily have them replaced with the new ones. Also, make sure to get one that has splints on the upper and bottom for added protection.


The materials that ensure solid durability are Leather, Nylon, Neoprene, and Cordura. Not only do they last longer but also offer great resistance to the shock.

To ensure more durability, make sure that the wrist guards come with double stitching since it holds the threads together for a longer period. No matter how durable the fabric is, if the stitching is not done right, it will rip open quickly.


You should also make sure the guard comes with flexible design. It should provide you with overall support as well as a comfortable experience.

The more adjustable the pair will be, the more flexibility you will get to enjoy. The perfect one should contour to your hand while providing it with free of movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I wear wrist guards skateboarding?

Must! I should say. In skateboarding, falling is quite normal and chances are you may get injured on your arm frequently. So, wearing wrist guards is crucial. Especially, when you skate on concrete and at the same time you are a beginner, you should not take the risk of not wearing a pair of wrist guard.

Q: What type of guards should be avoided?

A: There are some guards that you should definitely avoid since they will give you nothing but the worst experiences. These guards have been highlighted below:

  • Cheap materials: The guards made of cheaper fabrics are not meant to last long. Not only will they wear out quickly after a couple of uses, but also they will feel uncomfortable and irritating. 
  • Overly specialized: Some models have been made just for a certain kind of use and skating. So, they may wear out quickly if you don’t use them as the producers intended. 

Q: Does the size of the splint matter?

A: Yes, the size of the splint matters. If your hands are bigger, then you should definitely avoid small-sized splints since they don’t absorb the amount of shock they are required to.

Q: Do wrist guards prevent fractures?

If you wear a high quality wrist guard and also be careful when falling, this protective equipment can save you from any serious fracture for sure.

Q: Are wrist guards dangerous?

Wearing only wrist guards is dangerous. Wrist guards only support your arms. Fraction risk on the shoulders still prevails. So, make sure to wear other protective equipment while skating.

All you need to know about Wrist Guards- Video 


Wrist guards can be the wisest way to protect your wrists from severe injuries even if they are already injured. Not only do they combat the shock, but also redistribute it so that you don’t feel pain. 

So, if you want to skateboard without any worries, then make sure you get the proper one from this best skateboard wrist guards review that can do its job sincerely.

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