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Best Skateboard Helmets 2023 [Cool & Lightest Ones Included]

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Skateboarding is an extreme sport where you might get hurt. You can get injured at any time and in any way.

If you want to avoid getting a brain injury, wear a helmet. You need to find one that is both safe and comfortable. The helmet should also be durable, lightweight and nice looking. This guide will teach you about choosing the best skateboard helmets. Don’t miss the light and cool recommendations as well.

No more long stories. Let’s focus on some top-rated skateboarding helmets which fulfill the criteria of being a handy one.


Good Skateboard Helmets 2022!

The following are some top selling helmets you can choose from. Anyone of those will confirm your style and preferences for sure. Later, we have talked about some light skateboard helmets with short features.

  1. Best Urban-Style Helmet: Triple Eight Skateboarding Helmets “Dual certified, Conehead line construction, absorb energy well, perfect for bikers and skateboarders”
  2. Best Multi-Sport Helmet: JBM Skateboard Helmet “Flexible and Suitable, comes with adjustable strap, impact resistant, perfect for all types of skaters”
  3. Best for High Impact: Pro-Tec Skate Helmet “ABS Shell, EPS Liner, Molded Liner Pads, 11 Vents for Cooling, Perfect Fit Helmet”
  4. Best Size Helmet: OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet “Multi sport use, Removable Liner, Long Lasting adjustment, Skin friendly Chin, Proper Vantilation, Shock absorbant and Durable”
  5. Best For Kids: Kamugo Skateboard Helmet “Shock Absorbing, Polystyrene Shell, Cool, Comfortable, Breathable, Best Gift Option”
  6. Best For Youth or Adults: MONATA Skateboard Helmet “High Density and Durable ABS Shell, EPS Foam, Well Ventilation, Easy and Precise Adjustable System, Micro Fiber Lining, Perfect for Commuting”

Top Skate Helmets Comparison Table

HelmetSizeRatingBest For
Triple Eight Skateboard & Bike HelmetXS/S fits 18.9 – 21.3”
S/M fits 21.7 – 22.8”
L/XL 23.2 – 24”
4.6/5.00Age 5 and Older.

Skateboarding, Roller Derby, Cycling
JBM Skateboard HelmetSmall: 
Medium: 19.7’’-22.8”
4.6/5.00Men, Women, Boys & Girls.

Cycling, Inline Skating, Skateboarding
Pro-Tec Helemtfits head 22.0-22.8”4.7/5.006 year old and Plus.

Outdoor Master Skate Helmet21.3-22.8” 4.6/5.00For all including Big Headers.

Skating, Cycling, BMX
Kamugo Skateboard HelmetSmall:
Medium: 21.3”-22.8”
4.6/5.002 to 14 year old.

Scooter, Skating, Skateboarding
Monata Skateboard HelmetMedium/Large4.7/5.00Beginners and for all.

Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Commuting

Skateboard Helmet Reviews

We have gained enough theoretical knowledge to choose a branded skateboard helmet. Also, check out how skate helmet is different to bike helmet. Now, let’s go to the market to see some top skateboard helmets that are popular as well!

Skate And Skateboarding Helmets By Triple Eight

Triple eight has brought this fantastic helmet which has 2 different sizes, small and medium. The only color available is matte. let’s see the details at a glance. It complies with the safety standard for helmets set by US CPSC for people having an age greater than five. It also complies with the skate safety standards set by ASTM. The standard is ASTM F-1492. 

Features of Triple Eight Helmet

  • Variety of size: There is every possible available size. From 18.9 inches to 61 inches-you can get any size according to your choice. The XS/S size fits 18.9 to 21.3 inches. S/M fits 21.7 to 22.8 inches. And the L/XL fits 23.2 to 24 inches.
  • Adjustability: The helmet has a tightening wheel attached to it, so you can adjust the size according to the measurement of your head.
  • Shell material: The helmet is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). So, you have guaranteed lightweight along with enough strength to withstand heavy impact.


  • This helmet includes fit pads which absorb the sweat of the rider and give him a comfortable feeling. There is a dial system (adjustable) attached to the helmet as well. The sweatsavers are removable.
  • You have a chin strap with a side release buckle. So any customization can be done to meet the fit according to your needs.
  • This helmet is dual certified. So you have both of the certifications from CPSC and ASTM. You can use it for both skateboarding and biking.


  • The price is quite high. So you have to spend a big amount of money to buy it.
  • There is no ventilation hole in this helmet. If you live in a hot weather area, maybe you will feel suffocated using this helmet.

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JBM Skateboard Helmet

If you are a real skateboarding freak, certainly you have heard the name of JBM international. The multi sports helmet is suitable for cycling, skateboarding, scooter, roller skate, inline skating, etc. The price is reasonable and you do not have to spend a lot to get this one.

Features of JBM

  • Availability of size: JBM international has brought this helmet in every possible available size. The small size fits 18.1 to 19.7 inches. Medium fits 19.7 to 22.8 inches. And the large one fits 20.9 to 23.2 inches. You have flexibility in size because there is an adjustable strap attached to these helmets.
  • Helmet for everyone: The straps are very flexible. This flexibility makes the helmet suitable for both men and women. 
  • Ventilation: These helmets have multiple vents. So the air circulation system is quite good and you do not have to think about hot weather. Also, the special aerodynamic design helps you to keep your speed up during your ride.
  • Resistivity: These helmets have such design that it can protect your head in multiple sports. The main building material of the shell is durable PVC and EPS. The EPS is used here to absorb the high impact of any collision.


  • The flexibility of size makes it versatile for people of any age.
  • Adjustable straps help you to get a better fit.
  • Do not put additional pressure on your head and lightweight.
  • Have multiple numbers of ventilation vents.


  • Some consumers reported that the straps are not so tightly attached to the helmet. So, at a little number of impacts, the straps got detached from the inside of the helmet.
  • Some reported that the padding inside the helmet is not so tight. So when the rider sweats too much, the gum attaching the padding loses its adhesivity, and the padding comes off from the helmet.

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Pro-Tec Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec dominates the skateboarding market for almost 45 years to provide you with cool and amazing sportswear. This cool, stylish helmet made by Pro-Tec is a favorite in many sports. The helmet has 11 open vents for good ventilation. It is tested to meet ASTM 1492/1447 for multiple impacts. It is brought in the market with 6 different sizes.

Features of Pro-Tec

  • Impact resistivity: This helmet is made of a ABS shell (high impact) with EPS liner (certified). This liner is used for multiple impact protection. It is tested and based on ASTM- F1492 certification.
  • Ventilation: There are 11 vents that will keep you cool during your ride.
  • Adjustable straps: There are adjustable length straps. Also, you will have a secure locking buckle with this helmet.
  • Color: This helmet comes with sexy matte colors.


  • This helmet is stylish and is made with high quality durable materials. So you do not have to think about your protection at all if you use this helmet.
  • Inside the helmet, compression modeled linear pads are attached for maximum comfort.
  • As you have the advantage of adjustable straps with this helmet, you do not have to think about retention.
  • In hot weather conditions, this is one of the best companions for your skateboarding you can think of.


  • If you like glossy colors for you, certainly this is not for you.
  • Some users complained about the inside padding. Though the number of complaints are negligible with respect to the total number of buyers.

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OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

OutdoorMaster has brought a helmet which is suitable for skateboarders of any age, and also suitable for any intense weather condition. It is a dual certified multi sports helmet. It also has a good ventilation system. You can get safety as well as comfort simultaneously with this amazing product built by OutdoorMaster.

Features of OutdoorMaster

  • Removable lining: One of the key features of this helmet is that if you ride on a sunny and warm day, you can remove the helmet’s inner lining with ease and can wash any sweat away.
  • Lifetime warranty: OutdoorMaster gives you a lifetime warranty and awesome customer care service for this skateboard and cycling helmet.
  • Shell material: This helmet is made of reinforced ABS shell and thickened EPS core which can absorb the shock of any degree at ease.
  • Color: You can get this helmet with matte colors. You can customize it and add your own designs over it to make according to your taste and aptitude.


  • You will have a well attached and long lasting adjustment dial along with this helmet. Also, the adjustable chin strap is available with it which is skin friendly and will maximize the comfort of the rider.
  • Extra removable lining is available for different head sizes. Also, it helps you to wash the sweat away.
  • The ventilation system is very efficient. This helmet has enough vents to give you a chilling feel during your ride.
  • Perfect for any age and any sex. Also available at every possible size.
  • Shock absorbing capability is quite high. So it ensures your total safety


  • Some of the consumers complained about the adhesive of the gum which attaches the padding with the helmet.

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Kamugo Skateboard Helmet

Kamugo brought helmets especially for ages between 3 and 8. These helmets have different colors, designs and are for both boys and girls. The available size is from 18.9 inches to 21.3 inches. This is an amazing gift for any child. The helmets come in a beautiful box and can easily make any children happy. It is a nice gift that can ensure the joy and protection of your children simultaneously.

Features of Kamungo

  • For selected age: The helmets made by Kamugo are specially made for children of age from 3 to 9. So, these are for your children, not for you.
  • Heavy construction: Bicycling or skateboarding-whatever the game is, Kamugo is always one of the best choices for your children. These helmets made by Kamugo are extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Versatility: Kamugo brought helmets that are suitable for many outdoor sports. For instance skating, skateboarding, bike riding, snowboarding, scooter, balance bike, etc.
  • Price: The price is very reasonable. You do not have to spend a lot in order to see the smile of a sports freak child.
  • Helmet for selected size: These helmets are suitable for toddlers and children. The available size varies from 48 cm to 54 cm.


  • Best helmet for children and toddlers. Ensures safety and good looking.
  • Comes with a variety of colors. You can choose any in accordance to your children’s preference.
  • CPSC certified. That means you are getting the certification of durability and robustness.
  • Made from ABS shell. So, shock resistivity is high.
  • Inside the helmet, you will get a thickened soft sponge. So these paddings give your children a comfortable ride.
  • 11 ventilation holes let the air pass through the helmet.


  • A little number of customers complained about the straps. They said that the positioning of the straps is not so good.

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MONATA Skateboard Helmet

Monata skateboard helmets are CPSC/CE certified. These stylish and cool looking matte color helmets are suitable for skating, cycling, scooter, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc. A lightweight and EPS made helmet gives you full protection against any kind of crush. Let’s look at the features first.

Features of Monata

  • Rigid construction: Monata has made helmets which are durable, and made with high density ABS shell. The shells are also equipped with EPS foam that gives you extra protection.
  • Certification: These helmets are tested under CPSC and have met CPSC/EN 1078 safety standards.
  • Adjustability: You can adjust them according to the size you need. A tightening wheel is attached at the back of the helmet that gives you precise and easy adjustability.
  • A higher level of comfort: These helmets are equipped with microfiber lining. That gives you high comfort at the forehead. The helmet also has a special kind of fabrics for moisture wicking. These special fabrics will pull your sweat away and will keep you dry.


  • Lightweight and usable for both males and females.
  • Comes with amazing matte colors.
  • 11 vents will keep you cool during any hot summer day.
  • Suitable for a lot of sports.
  • Have a sweat absorbing mechanism that gives you a higher degree of comfort.
  • Self and easy adjustability give an extra degree of freedom.
  • Provides you with maximum security.


  • Do not have glossy color.
  • Straps do not have longevity. According to some customers, within a short time, the straps came out of the helmet.
  • There were also complaints about the size of the helmet from some consumers.

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Wearing A Helmet? Why?!

You may wonder why you should wear an extra wire which may reduce your freedom during skateboarding. Some may tell you that skateboarding reduces your degree of freedom to a great extent, so don’t wear a helmet.

Yes, a helmet will reduce some degrees of freedom from you but remember the old proverb, “Safety first”. Skateboarding is listed as one of the most extreme sports and anytime you may face any accident during skateboarding. Severe brain damage, cracking skulls are some commonly faced accidents in skateboarding.

No other organ in your body is as important as the brain. No sane human can allow any sort of head injury at any cost. Then why avoiding helmets just to make yourself “cool”? Do not try to ride on a skateboard ever without a helmet. Remember the old proverb, an accident is the cry of a lifetime. Always wear a helmet while riding.

Which Factors to be Considered?

It is a must to wear a helmet during skateboarding. But you must not wear a helmet which weighs 2 kilograms. Or you must not wear a helmet which is two sizes bigger than your head. There are certain factors you have to consider while choosing a helmet for yourself in order to get a nice ride. Let’s see the factors (Buying Guide)at a glance.


Everyone has a different body structure and you have to keep it in your mind while buying a helmet. Your helmet should fit in your head nicely. If the helmet you are wearing puts pressure on the wrong points of your head, this helmet is obviously not for you. Try with a bigger one. But not too big that the helmet falls from your head with a little tilting.


What does a helmet do actually? It protects your head from any accident. The portions which are doing the work of protection are regarded as the “helmet.” The rest of the helmet is just weights on your head. The strap of the helmet needs to be fasten at first. Then try to pull the helmet from the back.

If the helmet is rolling out, be sure that this helmet is not for you. Try another one. You must always do this test and check for retention before purchasing a helmet.


A helmet is used to protect your head from injuries during an accident. Actually, the helmet absorbs the force which is produced in any crash and protects our skull. The inner cushioning is the most vital part of a helmet which absorbs the force.

It is to be ensured that the helmet you are going to purchase must have good cushions attached inside it. It is very necessary because these cushions are going to absorb the force applied in an accident. If the padding inside of a helmet is thin or the inner surface is quite flat, the helmet will not be able to protect your head from an accident.


You have to wear the helmet for the entire time of your ride. If the helmet weighs too much, you can not even move your head freely. Uncomfortable head movement may hamper your sight and may lead to accidents.

Heavyweight helmets cause neck pain. So the weight of the helmet you are going to purchase is also an important factor that you must consider while buying.


Ventilation is another important factor that has to be considered while you are choosing a helmet. A helmet without a proper ventilation system is quite like a burden for a rider. There should be enough holes in the helmet which are going to let the air enter and leave the helmet. The placement of the holes is to be at the correct positions.

Another thing that plays a role in ventilation is the structure of the helmet itself. A good helmet has such a shape that lets the air enter from the front. A congested helmet lessens the degree of comfort for the rider. The ventilation is also known as the breathability of the helmet.

Shell Material

To ensure protection and lightweight simultaneously, a helmet is to be made of suitable material. Usually, a helmet is made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). It is light and stiff. This styrofoam material can sustain under heavy collisions and is suitable to protect your head from being cracked.
You must choose the helmet which is the safest in the market. And the safety issues-durability, robustness entirely depends upon the material with which the shell is made. So, choosing the safest skateboard helmet is another key issue that has to be considered.


You are wearing a helmet to protect your head from injuries. Okay, fine. But, the mechanism which keeps the helmet attached to your head is the strap.

Without the strap, a helmet is nothing but a piece of plastic sitting on your head that has no least ability to save your head. If you crush into something and have a helmet on your head which does not have straps to stick to your head, no injuries can be avoided. So a strap is an essential part of a helmet.

Both the side straps and chin straps are important and you have to pay attention to each of them. The side straps create a shape which looks like  the english alphabet“V” under the skateboarder’s ears. Another strap is centered just under skateboarder’s chin  (it is named as chin strap). This strap fits with snug. The chin strap is adjustable and once adjusted, the helmet can not move in any direction. The chin strap is made from materials having a soft surface area in order to lessen the friction between your skin and the strap to give you a comfortable feel.

Lightest Skateboard Helmets

The helmet you are going to wear should be light. Otherwise, that thing would become a heavy burden and will spoil the amazing experience of your skateboard riding. How light a good skateboard is going to be? In the market, the popular lightest skateboard helmets weigh around one and a quarter pounds.

If you go for something quite expensive, you may find helmets which are light in weight and are very comfortable. Cheap ones will weigh a little more than these lightest ones. You can also find helmets that weigh almost 1.2 pounds. Though these will pull a big amount of money from your wallet.

You may think that heavier helmets are more durable than lighter ones. This is not entirely correct. Nowadays, honeycomb structures are used in helmets that make them lighter but strong enough to resist crushes.

Lightest Skate Helmet Collection

  • TSG Superlight Helmet: “10.56 Ounces weighted Helmet, can be treated as shock resistant, super light and stable helmet”
  • Pro-Tec The Bucky: “1.6 pound weight helmet, stylish, secured lock system, and comfortable”
  • Predator FR7 Helmet: “16 ounces helmet, EPS foam liner, simple, cool and standard one.”
  • Punisher Skateboard Helmet: “13 air cooling vents, quick release buckle, and light helmet.”

Cool Skateboard Helmets

Helmets are not only to save your skull from crushes but also can be fashion wear. Helmets with cool designs, amazing colors are also available. You can also customize the color, design of your helmet. Actually, many skateboarders do so. These helmets are called custom skateboard helmets.

If you watch skateboarding tournaments closely, you may see that the players do not wear any jerseys. So the only way to be stylish in looks is to wear cool protective gears or to draw cool designs under the deck of a skateboard. A helmet is a versatile tool here. It makes you fashionable as well as saves your head from injuries.

The color and style of the helmet is an important consideration. Are you looking for a helmet that is going to blend you in with your environment? Or are you looking for something bright and hilarious? Think about your choice. Your preference of color. A matte one? Or a glossy one? What color do you want for the straps? How do you prefer the ventilation holes to look?

While purchasing one for you, try to find a nice design along with safety measurements. Safety and fashion, 2 in one! Isn’t it cool?

Cool Helmet Recommendation

  • Punisher Jinx Helmet: “USA designed, Blue and Anime color make it a cool helmet for Teen boys”
  • Retrospec CM-1 Helmet: “Matt White, Matt Yellow, Orange and other varieties in color makes this stylish.”
  • Krash vector Helmet: “Complete Uncommon look, Krash helmet with Vector victor colors.”
  • Kids Scooter & Skate Helmet: “Combination of black, white and blue color and a star on the head make it another cool helmet for kids”

Skateboard Helmet With Lights

Many skaters prefer not to wear helmets because they think that they will look less cool or that their hair will get messed up. But, wearing a helmet with lights makes you more visible at night and can help drivers see you better when crossing the street.

LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet with LED is a helmet that can give you light on both front and back. Turn indicators and auto brake lights are helpful to the skaters. Overall super quality with excellent visibility at night.

If your kids is also skating along with you at night, Go Kids Bike Helmet with LED Lights could be a better choice.

The front and rear LED lights are 395 Lumens. There are 4 different modes: day, night, riding on the street, and riding on the road. All of which will help your kid to be seen at night or in the day if you wear a bike helmet that suits your style and look.

Skateboard Helmets for Hot Weather

If you live in a hot summer country, you must have a good ventilation system in your helmet. Otherwise, you will feel suffocated and bothered during your ride.

Usually, there are two types of helmets. One is with ventilation holes and the other is without ventilation holes. Ventilation holes let the air come in and go out from the helmet that gives you a comfortable feel on a hot summer day. But completely compact helmets will not give you this advantage of air circulation. Choose your helmet according to the weather of the area where you ride your skateboard usually.

Now let’s answer some questions which are often asked by the riders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use skateboard helmets?

Ans.: As skateboarding is a risky game, you have to protect your skull from any sort of cracks. So you need to wear a helmet to tackle any unwanted situation. However, while reading about helmet, you might be interested in other protective equipment like wrist guards or knee pads. Fortunately, we have complete guide for both of them as well. here are those as below:

What are the different certifications for skateboard helmets?

Ans.: There are three different certifications for skateboard helmets. They are the American Society for Testing Materials (also known as ASTM), the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (also known as CPSC), and Snell certification safety standards.

Why aren’t European skateboard helmets considered dual certified in the US?

Ans.: When we think about the European certification, that covers our skateboarding. But, in comparison with the ASTM test, the European certification requires an impact test which is to be much lower. So, the helmets passed through European certification only can be lower graded to pass the test of ASTM. So, they are not regarded as dual certified in the US.

Which certification is best for skateboarding helmets?

Ans.: If you see all of the popular certification standards, on average, the CPSC certification system has testing limits that are quite higher than that of other certification systems.

Can I wear a helmet that is oversized than my head?

Ans.: Well, the answer is “Yes”, and also “No”. If you have tightening wheels attached to your helmet, you can adjust that helmet to any required size. So, you can wear an oversize helmet that has tightening wheels. And if that is not present, the size is not flexible and the answer is now “No”.

Can Skateboarders should wear cheap skateboard helmets?

Ans: No. Cheap skateboard helmet won’t protect your head from any falls or collisions like a more expensive model will. These helmets will not be long-lasting as well. If you plan on being an avid skater for years to come, invest in a high-quality helmet to ensure your safety!

Video Tutorials On Skate Helmet

Last Words

At last, we have come to the ending of the whole story. We have seen brief details on the best skateboarding helmets. If you have already read this whole article, you have read a complete guide to buy your skateboard helmet that will save your skull in intense conditions. Specially, if you think of skating in the dark, you should not compromise of wearing a head cover (helmet).

You have also seen some of the top skateboard helmets from the market. What are you waiting for! Go and buy a cool and safe skateboard helmet from the market and go for a ride! See ya! Happy riding!

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