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Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle Review(Ultimate Choice)

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Are you looking for a better paddle? Prince pickleball paddles became much popular in recent days. Pro pickleball players and tennis players prefer prince rackets due to their innovative shape and longer handles.

Originally, Prince used to produce the best quality tennis racquets. In 2018, they entered into a partnership with Paddletek and started selling Paddletek paddles under their own brand “Prince”. That’s how Prince paddles came into existence.

One of the most popular models in the Prince paddle lineup is Response Pro. In this Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle Review, I am going to share all the features, pros, and cons this paddle offers. I will also talk about the specifications and other key FAQs before you decide to buy this paddle.

Top Pick: Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

After long research, I recommend Prince Response Pro is one of the greatest paddles in the Prince Paddle lineup.

The great sweet spot, responsive shape, and grip, larger surface area make this paddle super powerful and friendly for all levels of players.

A General Overview of Response Pro

It’s one of the most sought-after paddles among the pro pickleball players. On the other hand, the tennis players, who started pickleball recently, are picking this paddle due to its similarity to a tennis racquet (shape & size). And, they find it great!

What is for you in this paddle?

Well, with this round-shaped forgiving paddle, you will get a larger sweet spot that helps in consistent direction and placement of the ball.

We know that the thicker the polymer core of a paddle, the more power it can provide. With a thick polymer core, you will get that much power and control with this top-class paddle.

Not only that, the polymer core makes the paddle more responsive and allows you to adopt different hitting techniques– a dink shot or a power slam!

Another great feature of this paddle is the longer handle. With this, you can make such powerful shots that your opponent can’t imagine!

The design of the paddle is simply stunning. You will like its shape, edge, color, and the big “P” in the middle. Simone Jardim’s signature on the paddle’s face will provide a little more motivation. (Please note: Signature is on the blue and red versions only, the other two versions (purple and orange) don’t have the signature.)

So, if you are looking for a paddle that has everything to beat your opponent, choose this one without a second thought.

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Features of Response Pro

Polymer Core:

One of the best features of this paddle is the thick polymer core(9/16”). As I said above, paddles made with a thick polymer core can provide more powerful shots and smashes.

Fiberglass Face:

Featured with a Fiberglass Composite Face, This paddle offers more texture compared to graphite faced paddle. The textured surface ensures the accuracy of serve and spin.

Large Sweet Spot:

The circular shape and extra-large surface of the paddle ensure a huge sweet spot. It reduces noisy vibrations and imparts more energy into the ball when you hit.


Response Pro is a versatile paddle with its tennis oval shape.

The shape confirms the rounded sweet spot, which ensures more space on the paddle. It certainly aids in taking accurate shots throughout the game.

The bottom line is, If you are looking for a paddle with lots of power and control with fewer mishits, choose this paddle for its rounded shape and wider space.


There are two weight options available (light: 7.1-7.6 oz and standard: 7.7-8.1 oz) for this paddle. It helps in different styles of play. 

The interesting fact is that most of the weights of this paddle are located by its handle. Since the head is not heavy at all, it certainly helps the players to stay stable and flexible all the time. 

In an interview, Simone Jardim affirmed that she preferred a 7.5-ounce prince paddle which in fact felt lighter than that. 

To summarize,

For beginners: a Lighter one is better

For Pros: The standard weight variant is perfect. (it can vary for sure)


Perforated grip(4 ⅜”) and thin grip(4 ⅛”) are the two grip options available for Response Pro.

With any of these, you can hold the paddle tightly and it won’t fall off your hand due to slippage or sweating.


Longer Handle (5 ½”) is one of the different features of this paddle. The handle is mostly suitable for the long-handed players and helps in playing with a two-handed backhand or even forehand.

In short, If you are looking for a paddle that can help you with better grip, deep serve, and a powerful whip, this long-handled paddle is superb.

However, if you need a smaller handle of the same type of paddle, go for Spectram Pro. Its handle length is 5″, which is  ½” shorter than the Response Pro. (More below in FAQs).

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Pros Of Response Paddle

  • Round shaped paddle makes the sweet spot much larger, helps in longhand and forehand.
  • Longer handle helps to fit the hands well and aids to play two-handed backhand.
  • Fiberglass textured surface enhances great touch and allows you to spin the ball.
  • Thick Polymer core of the paddle allows taking more powerful shots
  • Easy to adopt continental grip and semi-western grip due to the wider grip of this paddle.
  • Elegant design with four color options- choose yours.
  • Light and standard- two weight options for different types of players.
  • Players can adapt the groundstrokes, dinks, third shot drops easily.
  • Tennis players’ ultimate choice.
  • The head is not made heavy and has fewer dead spots.
  • Helps in perfect serve and allows to play well at the kitchen line.
  • USA made paddle- guaranteed for a long duration.
  • USAPA authorized
  • Free delivery.


  • 100$ above price is somehow a disadvantage for many
  • Initially, might not be perfect for beginner players
  • No paddle cover is provided

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General FAQs

Is Selkirk Paddle An Alternative?

Before choosing this paddle, let’s compare it with the other similar paddles.

As I have already analyzed and reviewed the Selkirk paddles, I know the Selkirk amped paddles have the most similar characteristics of the Response Pro paddle.

  • To be more specific, Selkirk Epic, Maxima, Invicta have the longer handles (i.e. longer than 5”)
  • Both these brands have a similar shape looks almost like a tennis racket
  • Fiberglass face is another feature on which both Selkirk and Response matches.

To get more insights on this, check out my detailed review on Selkirk.

How Is Prince Spectrum Pro?

Prince Spectrum Pro Paddle

Spectrum Pro is almost similar to Response Pro paddle having all the best features. The only difference is the shorter handle length (5.00”).

If you play with a one-hand grip, then Spectrum Pro is a perfect alternative to Response Pro. Most of the females, who play single-handed, can choose this paddle due to its ability of flexible touch and control.

Video Review

Final Verdict- Play like Prince

So, this was my detailed Prince Response Pro Pickleball paddle Review. I hope you now have a clear idea about the ins and outs of this paddle. Though this paddle is not the only choice in the market, it can be an excellent option for the pro pickleball players and the tennis players who have just started this weirdly named racket sport.

To summarize, If you are struggling with your performance and looking for a paddle that can take you to the next level, then I’ll definitely recommend giving Response pro a try.

Grab it and start playing like a Prince!

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