How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost

How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

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For a nice and smooth ride, you have to choose and buy the right skateboard for you. After choosing the right features for you, the factor of price comes in and this is another important factor to be considered while you are buying a skateboard for you.

Usually an average good skateboard costs from $70 to $150. But it can vary with the features included. If you use a skateboard just for communication purposes, it won’t cost too much while performing various tricks requires a better skateboard with comparatively higher pricing.

So how does the price vary with different factors? Stick to this essay till the last for an in depth overview about skateboard costing.

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Want A Normal One For Roaming Only?

If you’re gonna get a skateboard for normal cruising purposes, then you do not have to go for a customized board actually. You can go for an average readymade one from the market. So, how much does a normal skateboard cost? The answer is, around $80 to $100.

The only modification you want to do is to change the graphics printed on the deck. Other customization factors are not necessary for one that is gonna be used for normal use. So you do not have to think about the cost too much.

You may have to repair or change different parts after a while. Those are going to be discussed in the upcoming sections.

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Want To Get A Really Good Readymade Skateboard?

Well, if you want one with which you can perform several tricks as well as cruising, then you have to spend quite a lot. It would take almost $170 to $200 for a high quality skateboard.

You have to pay a bit more if you are going to buy from an online shop. They ask for a high price to make a high benefit for them. Buying from a physical shop near your house would save you from the delivery charge you were gonna spend if you bought from an online shop.

Usually, those who want to have a decent quality skateboard, do not go for a complete one. There are two reasons behind it.

The first reason is, a complete skateboard costs more than the total price of the individual parts. And the second reason is, you have to buy those particular parts that are built in. If you want any kind of modification, you have to spend additionally and that may cost too much.

That’s why professional skateboarders prefer custom made skateboards instead of ready made complete skateboards.

Electric Skateboard Costing

Electric skateboard costs higher than a normal skateboard. To specify, you have to spend about 200 dollars to even 1000 dollars to get a good e-skateboard. Some popular skateboards charge around 2000 dollars as well.

You can ask why?

Well, the reason is mainly for the battery cells used for making this kind of skateboard. Besides, Other expensive parts like motor, deck, trucks and wheels (which are a bit different from the types used in ordinary ones) make e-skateboards ranges higher than the normal skateboards.

Thinking about buying a e-skateboard and worried about the price. Then, don’t! Have a look at the video below how an electric skateboard can be made within low cost.

Build Your Own Skateboard!

As I said earlier, you should build your skateboard all by yourself if you want to have features that will satisfy your taste. In order to get a custom made skateboard, you have to buy individual parts like the deck, wheels, etc, and then have to tie them together to get your dream skateboard.

You can tie all the different parts by yourself. Or you can fetch a specialist for the setup purpose. In the following sections, we are gonna see how much it would cost to make a custom skateboard.

Costing In Detail

Though some skateboarders buy complete skateboards, usually skateboard freaks customize boards for them with the features they want to see in their boards.

Besides, many parts of the skateboard are needed to be replaced quite often. So you have to have an idea about which part of a skateboard cost how much. We’re gonna see them in detail in the next sections.

Before starting to break down the pricing, some key points should be kept in the buyer’s mind. You can find different parts of skateboards at a very cheap price. But the majority of them are not really good and you need to replace those parts sooner. Premium quality parts may cost a bit more but they will last long.

You have to know the right parts for you as well as have to make a trade off between the parts and your budget. Let’s see the prices of different parts of a skateboard.

Skateboard Decks

You may find cheap decks for about $20 in the market but a deck that is quite good may cost around fifty bucks. Choosing the right deck for you is the primary factor you must consider. 

What are the ingredients of the deck, how many plies does the board has, how much concave the board is going to be are some of the basic questions that you have to ask yourself before choosing one.

If you are going to buy a skateboard deck that is used by professional players, you have to spend almost $150 just for the deck. Skateboards made with good material are going to last long and will not face cracks with little impact. 

Performing different tricks requires a good deck while an average quality deck is sufficient for regular communication purpose skateboarding.

Also, you have to spend some more money if you want to see eye catchy graphics depicted on the deck of your skateboard. Plain boards are cheaper than boards having cool graphics depicted.

Along with the material and design, you should consider the size, thickness of the board, and how the different plies are attached together to build the deck. These factors also bring change in the costing of decks.

Do Not Forget About The Griptape!

Grip Tapes are not only for a gripping purpose but also they make your skateboard cool and stylish. You can find different grip tapes with different graphic designs printed over them. A griptape can cost from five bucks to fifteen bucks. A quite good one may cost around $10.

Choose the color style according to your choice. You may find grip tapes that have matty colors as well as you may see some with glossy colors. These choices totally depend on your taste and aptitude.

Skateboard Trucks

The trucks should also be chosen carefully. Cheap trucks with lesser durability and longevity can be found in the market with around twenty five bucks. On the contrary, really good trucks (Titanium or hollow trucks) may cost up to seventy five or eighty bucks. The varying range is really wide as you see.

The recommendation is to buy trucks made by renowned brands as cheaper and less durable trucks may break during a ride and may cause a serious accident. 

For a decent and better quality truck, you have to spend around thirty five bucks from your wallet. That is gonna be sufficient for a regular skateboarder.

Skateboard Wheels

Okay, now you have a deck and trucks attached to it. Time to get wheels that will make your board roll on the street.

Probably the most confusing part that you have to purchase is the wheels. There are so many varieties in the price, anyone can get lost easily. Usually, the price starts from twenty bucks and can be up to fifty bucks.

The key thing that makes the difference is the materials that are used to make the wheels. Wheels made with cheap polyurethane will have flat spots easily while a better one lasts really long. Even a good wheel can last up to two years.

If you are a rookie, then you may start with cheaper ones. Those will last for almost six months.

Wheels have a great effect on performing different tricks. So this is a really crucial choice you have to make. Look closely before you buy one.

Bearings For Wheels

Bearings are gonna make your wheels roll on their axle. You can get quite good ones at only twenty bucks. But if you go for a really speedy ride, you may have to use ceramic bearings and have to spend around $100 to $200.

For bearings, care is the thing that is more important than quality. If you take proper care of your bearings, those can last up to several years. Clean them regularly and keep them dry. They will serve you for a long time.

On average, you do not have to spend a lot on bearings. Spend a little for spacers. They will increase the longevity of your bearings. The average cost of a spacer would be around two bucks only.

How Much To Build A Complete One?

To make a good and efficient customized skateboard, you have to have various parts that may cost around a hundred to a hundred and thirty bucks.

You can assemble the different parts by yourself. It’s fun and you can learn a lot from the whole assembling process. If you are making a customized skateboard for the first time then go to a skate shop near your house and let a specialist assemble it for you.

It would take a little money for the assembling purpose, but later you can do it by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair One?

Probably you can assume that this question is answered already. It depends on which part of the skateboard is to be repaired or replaced. If it is the bearings, then go for the costing of the bearing section stated above. Or if it is the wheels, then go for that section. The equation is pretty easy.

You should always remember a pro tip. Do not waste your time if you have any repairing issues. If you have to repair anything or have to change any part, then do it hastily. Any wrong equation can push you to an accident. So be careful about any sort of repairing issues.

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Now you know how much would one cost a good skateboard whether that skateboard is for regular ordinary use or for sports purposes. You can check other articles by us in order to learn about “how should you choose the right parts for your skateboard”. That can be a deck or a bearing or can be a wheel. Or, you can check out some quality firms here that make good rated skateboards.

Stay tuned for more useful articles like this or about skateboarding. Have a good day. See ya!

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