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Urtboo Pickleball Paddle (Check Out 7 Best Features)

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Urtboo pickleball paddle..

Enjoy more fun than before!

Another brilliant version for beginners is at your reach now. The Urtboo pickleball paddle is famous for power and control having state-of-the-art signature design and features. Besides, beginner paddle-seekers would love to grab this masterpiece.

My pickleball partner Ben bought this one last summer. Since then he has been using this with full confidence and command. Sometimes I have got a chance of using it for a while.

What makes me surprise is that the amount of spin this paddle produces on my shots. Precise reflex and lightweight play as the pivotal role of the Urtboo.

7 Best Features Of Urtboo Paddle


Premium graphite face is long-lasting enough to ensure plenty of pop around the court. Paddle surface is prepared by graphite and fiberglass composite. Great soft touch, power smash, and other hitting techniques are easier to maneuver with this paddle.

The Core

Like Hudef paddle, the Urtboo paddle also offers polypropylene honeycomb core. This solid nomex honeycomb core ensures toughness but calls for fantastic lightweight.

The Urtboo delivers the mix of power and control that we always aspire from a beginner paddle.

Sweet Spot

The wide-body shape coupled with little slimmer and longer hitting surface ensure effective stretch to reach the ball. Sweet spot right in the middle confirms a lot of pop off the paddle. You will feel the ball hitting the surface with good sound and endorse nice reflex out of the paddle.


The length of 15.7 inches and width of 8.26 inches of Urtboo pickleball paddle racket offers lightweight (7.8oz) characteristics. This weight helps in improving the accuracy and delicate touch shot.


Holding a paddle is just easier than before. You know why?

High-grade ultra-cushion grip proposes coziness and consistency for lengthening the duration of your playtime.

Paddle handle has 5.1 inches length and 4.25 inches circumference which are truly admirable for its supple and tacky feeling. The fatigue less play is quite evident due to the perforated sweat-absorbent formula.

Ergonomic grip accounts for a soft and non-slippery handle. This exclusive grip feature is just comparable to the Rally NX paddle that I read about on the website.

Quietest Paddle

Don’t make your neighbors complaining about the pickleball game.

Urtboo pickleball paddle review talks about an incredibly quiet paddle where the polymer core material confirms noiseless shot till the end. The authority permits the paddle to be used in the quiet zone in the neighborhood.

Edge Guard

A thin lip (edge guard) around the paddle’s face creates a shield against the possible damage from the ground hits. Therefore, this low profile edge guard makes a robust growth in the lifetime of the paddle core.

Having this edge guard you don’t get reluctant in releasing your best shot. Enjoy releasing your power on every hit.

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Merits & Demerits Of Urtboo


  • The professional look and intuitive design work as the trademark for Urtboo.
  • Feel the solid and tough feeling in your hand when you touch it.
  • The protective edge guard of the paddle is one of its kind to yield perfection.
  • Lightweight and relaxed maneuvering at the time of game accounts for stress-free match feeling.
  • The grip material, perforation, and architecture prevent the handle from getting slick from hand.


  • USAPA does not provide test approval to Urtboo for tournament play. But still, it is in the beginners’ top list.

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Check Out A Special Package

Urtboo pickleball paddle

Are you looking for a deal that serves is rewarding at a time?

Sounds good. Right?

A pickleball game equipment set includes two paddles with two neoprene paddle covers. The package also contains four solid outdoor pickleball balls, two sweat absorbers. You can get this offer on Amazon.

The nice-looking fiber covers give shelter to the paddle from potential scratch. These are thick and fit well on the paddles.

I hope you with your partner will have great pickleball time ahead in the Christmas or Thanksgiving day. You can get these abundant accessories to fulfill your wish at one go.

It is a supreme option for the novices who are pursuing practice paddles. I personally recommend them to buy the Urtboo Pickleball Paddle Set. The beginners will have a great time playing with this complete bundle.

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Concluding Remark

The two splendid and dynamic cosmetics make Urtboo paddle a unique collection for any pickleball player.

I am sure you know about the rules of pickleball, kitchen line issue and other strategies related to pickleball. But all of these will go in vain if you don’t have a perfect chum in your hand.

An Urtboo pickleball paddle will bridge the gap between your know-how and performance. The 7 best features that I mention simply take your performance to a new level.

Grab this wonderful piece of art and let the scoreboard move for you.

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